WOT: E 50 [322], TVP T 50/51 [GEREF], medium tanks city fun, WORLD OF TANKS

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Comments "WOT: E 50 [322], TVP T 50/51 [GEREF], medium tanks city fun, WORLD OF TANKS":

Author: Sale
Author: Yozshulkree
EU, steks007
Author: Goltimuro
EU aldemashkee100
Author: Shaktikus
EU Rise_of_Phoenix
Author: Tajin
Top-tier mayhem! Love it!
Author: Nek
Author: Shajind
NA Alligon_Sniper
Author: Meztiktilar
EU 1 EgzekutoRS
Author: Faugul
Wow, 2 great replays. The E50 was extremely aggressive at the start. Within 2 minutes he was well into enemy territory dealing damage. The TVP was every bit as good. Both players were performing the support role well. Kudos to both players.
Author: Voodoorisar
Author: Shakahn
EU nagonok21 thx to you
Author: Goltirisar
Author: Brashakar
EU Borkoski31
Author: Tygole
EU AnacondaB
Author: Kagagami
worst caernavon in history
Author: Mashakar
Hämnas team killer är en rättighet. Nej, en skyldighet!
Author: Gogore
Played correctly clippers are beasts on city maps :P
Author: Tolmaran
Author: Golticage
meds are ruling this game :)
Author: Shaktigal
Top tier, not all that impressive
Author: Kajijora
The sheer fact that these types of games even happen proves that the player base of WoT is 90% unskilled mouth breathers. If this game were in any way skill balanced as opposed to being balanced based on tier of tank..this type of outcome wouldnt happen. Gameplay in general would be improved. Can you really call yourself skilled when all you did was kill a bunch of window lickers?
Author: Kazikazahn


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