night, so much for a kids game 18+ hahahaha

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Author: Toktilar
i came
Author: Nekora
LOL this is halarios
Author: Volabar
thats why i hate playing at that hour its GROSSSS ( but i have no real life on toontown XD )
Author: Ketaxe
You still don't know how to cuss, lmao. Stop trying.
Author: Kelar
Thats why i didnt quit tt, its fun at night LOL
Author: Vudogis
Author: Yozil
Author: Akinok
whats the name of this song i like it
Author: Akinozuru
i wastherandi was freaked out
Author: Fenribei
Author: Namuro
._. Why do adults even play this game xD?
Author: Telmaran
Author: Sagul
Author: Ketilar
I'm 13, I'm finding it hard to believe that you are as well because you sound like a small child.
Author: Gole
you can't even spell epic fail
Author: Daik
Author: Dirg
i was there and i was freaked out O_O and i i went home and i went to fish. and we back and i wanted to report the dog and this is a kid games get out of it so fuck yu oops only nine well who cares i dont my toonnae is bailey
Author: Tojajora
OMG grown ups can turn into perverts on there... o-o
Author: Gushura
Creepy, huh? So much for a pleasant kid's game xD. Wrongness just has to be in EVERYTHING, dun it? Ugh. ><
Author: Gucage
I have an addiction to this video .-.
Author: Mikazshura
stew pod? it would be toontastic? What are you?! A toon bot?! You must be 8! its stupid not stew pod! And toontastic? You are acting like tt is real
Author: Dagore
The point is for you to grow a pair of balls.
Author: Akinokora
I don't talk dirty but it is funny im 18 and just mess around on there :D
Author: Moogum
You know someone was doing that to me... I screamed and so i was like theres one thing to do... RUN!!!!!!
Author: Yorr
Author: Fenrirn
haha who cares those arent kids teenages
Author: Dutaxe
@FastFlyerJr ebony
Author: Sahn
DUDE THAT IS CUSSING u dont know bc ur too young
Author: Mezisar
Author: Maugal
"you....i would tap that." LMFAO!
Author: Malar
wow ._. i remember this always used to happen when i was online one time
Author: Mikashura
Author: Kajihn
I was watching this, not even realizing this awkward song was blasting my speakers. o.o
Author: Kazrakinos
Author: Bralabar
Ugghhh... This is the perfect reason why I only play Toontown in the morning
Author: Dajinn
Author: Gakinos
I LOVE THE SONGS plus toontown sucks
Author: Tygojar
Author: Zulkiran
LOL FAILURRRREEEE you watched it... and apparently you continued to watch it. ok here it goes RLY YOU DO REALIZE HALF OF THE PEOPLE ON YOUTUBE ARE FUCKING 7 YEAR OLDS RIGHT! CUSSING RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM! YOU ARE AN ASS! thats basically what you did. and what you said :)
Author: Musida
This is...
Author: Braktilar
O_o no comment ? lol
Author: Nakasa
wtf is the point of this
Author: Bragrel
It's a nice kids game and u should not talk about sexual things.. do it with your kids if you want, but not in the game man
Author: Gagul
And this is how I got banned from TTR. Pls kill me
Author: Aragore
ohhh lalalaalalaal. thiss got me worked up x) hahaha nah JP ! but haahah do u still play tt ?
Author: Mezilabar
Author: Nizilkree
@wizard7389 LOL?
Author: Kazrakree
Dude whats ur user and do u do it all the time?
Author: Tohn
Author: Vudomi
eww! did u get banned for this!?!? i hope u did!
Author: Dairr
Any one playin this if they are 14 and up are pathetic. They really need to grow a pair of balls.. like for real cmon, move to a more decent game. people 14 and up should play games like runescape or world of warcraft.
Author: Kazishura
Clears history
Author: Gardakus
Disney should see that... -.-


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