Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact PSP - Final Mission | Sasuke (Taka)

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Author: Maukora
@1387dejuan To unlock this mission, you must complete ALL the other extra missions
Author: Gagami
99 LEVEL FaNtAsTic
Author: Feramar
@tazunakun3 i didn't equip any awakening card on Sasuke ("Taka")
Author: Samugor
Read "Uploader Comments"
Author: Tojall
and it's faster to get enemies with only his "Chidori Sharp Spear"
Author: Fenrizuru
You have to unlock Super Hard Mode (forgot how to unlock it) but you CAN start over by going all the way back to the beginning and play everything in Super Hard Mode if you like. =P
Author: Gajora
Well :D im downloading this game!
Author: Dall
That's his awakening when there's no other awakening card equipped on him (as in if he doesn't have Susano'o Mode equipped then it's only his Mangekyo Sharingan Mode)
Author: Voodoomi
my saske level is 23 only LOL hhhhhhuuuuu i want saske been a 1000 LOL i cant do that and naruto is level 22 only ... i want naruto been 100000000000000000000000 LOL all people cant do that that was so hard to do that ho do 1000 and 100000000000000000000000? no one cant do that ??
Author: Voodoorg
Am I making this look too easy? Well it also depends on what episode the character you chose for this is... Since all of my characters right now are at level 99, it's not that hard... Well once you get to the 6 Paths of Pain, if you get ALL of them to come at you, now THAT'S a challenge. But I tend to do it the easy way by just taking them out one by one.
Author: Baramar
ill find time searching for save games :D
Author: Gat
To unlock this, you literally have to complete every Extra Missions that were available
Author: Kazrashura
now! or if it wont maybe
Author: Nikotaur
how do you unlock this
Author: Kigacage
I didn't feel like it =P
Author: Zulujora
@MrDan9099 i hate sasuke now he tried to kill sakura and karin he left suigetsu and jugo behind in the dust to die just to fight danzo what the hell did madara do to him sasuke's fallen so low
Author: Samujar
Author: Fejinn
It's not in Story Mode
Author: Zulkigis
Technically, I defeated every extra missions in Super Hard Mode and I unlocked this mission =P
Author: Zuluk
Finish all the other extra missions in the Extra Missions mode...
Author: Shakajinn
How can u open the last mission in extra mode...cause i already finish the story mode..100%
Author: Mora
I don't care.
Author: Dougore
you'll unlock this mission if you do so
Author: Kigaktilar
naruto ultimate ninja impack is so cool i dont know ho do that .. that is so relly nice right? LOL
Author: Aragore
should have put mangekyo shringan card on sasuke taka. you would have gotten amatarasu for sasuke.
Author: Akinozilkree
It's real, don't worry about it
Author: Yozshusida
I'll make another upload with Amaterasu when I have time xP
Author: Fenrisho
vards? do you mean "cards?"
Author: Modal
The mission is there in the game and you must fulfill the conditions that I listed above to unlock it
Author: JoJolar
And besides, if this is fake, why is there video on here? I'm not great in hacking games and make up stuff like that o.O
Author: Goltihn
lol yeah it's nice but it wouldn't be much of challenge now would it? =)
Author: Mulrajas
extra misson is so esey to get just finish misson if you dont have i dont know to you?? now??
Author: Grolkis
is this mission a good way to level up your characters?
Author: Maura
you dont use any vards?
Author: Malanris
yeah i mean cards ^^ and i think you should try the quick chakra revovery, its nice
Author: Akishicage
I just wanted to make Sasuke's ATK higher
Author: Arashikinos
Good for you.
Author: Moogurr
Recording lags the PSP A LOT and as you can see, I used Sasuke's Ultimate Jutsu way too much. I was actually a lot better and had a much better time with Sasuke ("Taka") than what you have now. Also, Sage Mode Naruto is too OP in this game so I don't really care if you have a better record time than I had in this video. I still beat your record with Sasuke ("Taka") by about 14 seconds and almost a whole minute with Sage Naruto.
Author: Kashicage
Also, I don't record anymore because my previous PC died a while back and so my current computer can't handle recording PSP games anymore so I can't upload more videos.
Author: Virr
Как ходи
Author: Zolorg
i Played tht game a year ago but! it wont load at the 5 kage summit part!
Author: Moogugal
Author: Arashilmaran
So... Have you tried this mission on Super Hard Mode? Because that's what my video shows xD
Author: Migul
@blaketech248 lol yeah i know but i didn't feel like putting it xD
Author: Tygoramar
Derp, you do know how old this video is right? lol
Author: Doum
if so, yes i am using cards but only the ones that strengthen his abilities. (STR, CHK, DEF, etc.)
Author: Kazilkree
So i deleted it a year ago now i will download it back! and ill try if it will work


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