Minecraft - Mindcrack UHC 17 Ep 04 - Get #REKT Pause & Anderz!!! (PvP)

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Comments "Minecraft - Mindcrack UHC 17 Ep 04 - Get #REKT Pause & Anderz!!! (PvP)":

Author: Shashicage
Drops wheat and walks away, then comes back "there's some wheat... someones been here!" Facepalm  
Author: Nirn
-GenerikB 2014
Author: Gahn
I didn't realize I was holding my breath until that li'l guy had his way with you :/
Author: Meztikora
Couple seconds later "And cactus doesn't grow faster on sand" WUT MY LIFE IS A LIE
Author: Braktilar
"cactus doesn't grow faster on sand"
Author: Zolozuru
Lol I literally cried laughing when you got mauled by the baby zombie xD
Author: Gulabar
Of course cactus doesn't go faster on sand. It doesn't grow anywhere else so there is no comparison. But  cool that pause is dead tho GG!
Author: Brazragore
Some days you're the hunter, other days you're the prey. Good luck next time, pal.
Author: Faet
Uhc bootcamp season 2 confirmed? :P
Author: Vudokora
HAHAHA you right about : cactus dont grow faster on sand because thats the only source they grow on! love your vids ;) keep it up
Author: Goltilkree
-Generikb, 2014.
Author: Vorn
its shorter because he took a bathroom break
Author: Faucage
Your officially out of the B Team! facepalm
Author: Taunris
-GennyB 2014
Author: Zolokree
"and cactus doesn't grow faster on sand. Now you know."
Author: Goltisar
Bummer GB.  GG tho!  If Nebris hadn't been a prick and popped you for 3 hearts, you may have survived that zombie.
Author: Tataur
"cactus doesn't grow faster on sand"? You mean sugar cane Genny
Author: Nikocage
Well, only 13 minutes....
Author: Jukinos
Author: Malagore
it only grows on sand XD I think he meant sugarcane but I can't be sure
Author: Dusho
I've heard it "Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug."
Author: Zujora
"Cactus doesn't grow faster on sand."
Author: Kikazahn
always enjoyable GennyB regardless of outcome :)
Author: Kajizahn
You shoulda made the video 20 minutes
Author: Vulkis
Only a 13 minute episode? Genny must of killed everyone else! #HighHopes   #ComeOnGennyB  
Author: Gara
Next time add 7 minutes of some kind of filler so that people can't tell if you died.


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