How to Solo Terramorphous in UVHM with Salvador (Gunzerker)

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Author: Gashura
He already did a Mechromancer vs Terramorphous video. :)
Author: Zunris
Did you do a mechro vs Dragons tutorial?
Author: Taugore
Terramorphous is such a fun fight, I wish so badly that he had more/better drops so that I could have a reason to farm him... Nice video, as always.
Author: Kigajin
Dude! love your videos..... SUB
Author: Ararn
Okay cool man! Finally got Gaige to lvl 61, so was looking for tutorials and skill trees. Will check out your video!
Author: Goltishicage
Why the hell would u take the point out of NKLOK?
Author: Mibei
awesome video :)
Author: Goltihn
Money shot with grog ha gay.
Author: Akinolabar
Just a quick suggestion, (and sorry because I don't know what the skill names are, lol :P) take the 5 out of the left tree, top right skill, and then put those 5 in Keep it Piping Hot, because you have the skill where you start the Gunzerk cooldown while in Gunzerk, so you will always get that extra bonus with Keep it Piping How WHILE Gunzerking! :D
Author: Kar
Can you please show it with the Mechromancer?
Author: Gumi
Hey Bob you care to dupe the interfacer when you get back on?
Author: Bara
You should do how to solo pyro pete with krieg


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