GAMING NEWS: Assassins Creed Unity Uber PC Specs Revealed

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Author: Mazushicage
I think the extra power is due to the PC version not being cut down to 900p 30fps, but it's still a lot. I'll still manage the game, but not nearly with as much extra capacity as I usually do.
Author: Meztira
Why would ACU ask these specs, if the consoles (specially the XBONE) are far worse? Is it because the graphics are better? Or is it unoptimised?
Author: Mern
GTX 760 
Author: Golkree
Intel i5 2320 3.0 ghz
Author: Faekora
please answer as music is called at the beginning where your nickname is displayed ?
Author: Kelkis
Think this game will utilize SLI and i can run it? cuz if it doesn't utilize it well, im probably like alot of you right now with not being able to run it.
Author: Mojinn
can it run this game
Author: Gushura
8gb kingston hyperX fury ram
Author: Gugal
Sapphire Amd R9 270X 2GB OC EDITION
Author: Mezikasa
My Pc Specs
Author: Mazujar
GTX 780 3gb (cause it's on sale)
Author: Kigabar
Will my specs work
Author: Milkis
Intel Core i5 4440 3.1ghz
Author: Gulkree
How am I supposed to play unity if its minimum requirements are 6gb?
Author: Shazuru
Will it work on a 4440 core i5 with 3.10 GHZ and an Nvidia GTX 740 with 4 gb vram
Author: Kajizragore
is this game have come from  future as 2020 but i am surprised that there is no Dx 13 or 14 because game in 2020s should have this requirement as minimum
Author: Vudocage
And I have 8 gb ram
Author: Mikarisar
gtx 660's (non Ti) in SLI
Author: Meztirn
ok, what do you all think.
Author: Zolorisar
Author: Dair
GTX 750 Ti
Author: Moshakar
i have a i7 4790k
Author: Diktilar
For CPU I am considering between an i5 4k CPU and an i7 4k. I can afford both plus the RAM and whatnot. I am going to by the PC parts in stages so I can afford it better. What specs do you think I should get? The GTX 780 right now is on sale for 260 pounds right now and save 300 quid. Many thanks in advance!
Author: Malagrel
Or is it a marketing thing to get stupid people to buy new hardware for nothing?
Author: Dourg
R9 270X
Author: Daitaxe
I mean the name of the music in the beginning of the name you can simply write a wheeled :)
Author: Zumi
The three cards I am considering are as follows:
Author: Dosar
as referred to in the beginning of the track ?
Author: Jur
I got 4gb.That wasn't even good enough for black flag. Any suggestions?
Author: Netaur
Brains of developers are going insane. 
Author: Vugrel
как трек называется в самом начале видео я про песню?
Author: Sacage
Your cool like pewdiepie
Author: Monris
hello rampage pc proccessor is amd a10 5800k ,...ram 8 gb and graphics card is sapphire R7 240 1gb gddr5,128 bit....assasin's creed unity performance is very low and bad...........what should i change and my fps gets around 5 to 10 fps....too bad..very low frame rates..........i'm very worried should i change the graphics card or update the ram or update the proccessor?............please give me a solution..........
Author: Yorr
64 bit win 7
Author: Majin
8 gigs ram


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