Boarding a space station! - STAR CITIZEN - Multi-Crew Combat!

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Author: Bakazahn
Crash is the only weak point of this excellent game
Author: Brarr
7:30 Craz: Whats serious mode?
Author: Gardarisar
Author: Tekasa
i've been looking into getting this game and this video of pure gameplay with friends is really pushing that urge ;P
Author: Nezahn
Loving this so much. Want to see more ships though then just the connie, though I understand they cost money.
Author: Gunris
as much as i enjoy stuff like this. In this game its actually pointless.
Author: Brajar
I love the music you chose for your videos
Author: Mull
I didn't know levski wasn't a death trap anymore
Author: Zum
Will anyone actually wake up and realise that watching headless chooks racing around does not make for good video production. Bloody annoying and unwatchable.. Thumbs down..
Author: Yozshukasa
Really nice gameplay Jack. You have earned a very good rest : D. Can't wait till next ep.
Author: Shakalrajas
Kudos to you and your team. While the silly banter is fun, I love how there's respect when you call for seriousness.
Author: Muzuru
Do any of you guys have a 'WALK' button or is it amusing to you that racing around like headless clowns is actually beneficial to people watching?
Author: Gardajar
Author: Tygoll
Author: Nekasa
I enjoyed Eve on line ...this look a hell of a lot better hoping they can get it finnished one Day. Been enjoying you videos thanks
Author: Mauzil
Jack do you have a Discord to talk on about and idea?
Author: Bagar
Can you actually buy ships with in-game money yet or is it still pay-to-win?
Author: Tudal
still good video tho. enjoy you team gameplay.
Author: Meztigis
Hey Jack why dont u play hellion
Author: Fauzilkree
If the Game would support this kind of Gameplay it would even be better. its kinda somewhat pointless to pretend to be this tactical. The AI in this game dosnt work like 99% at all the other 1% if your really lucky, they notice you and need 2 mins to actually try to shoot back.
Author: Sabar
Hmm, betting Cpt Jack is wishing they had a 'vent cockpit' option...useful feature?
Author: Tojanris
9:50 T-posing to show he is superior to everyone else on the space station
Author: Vubar
Hey Jack what is the computer requirements for this game
Author: JoJogal
Welcome to the frontier the place of uncontrollable lacks and server crashes! LOL. Keep up the the great work Jack
Author: Gardarn
What ship they are using? It seems a bit bigger than Aurora.
Author: Vozahn
Make a series star citizen
Author: Terisar
Wait so is this game actually out yet

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