Alienware Aurora R4 ALX Unboxing / First Look!

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Comments "Alienware Aurora R4 ALX Unboxing / First Look!":

Author: Nizuru
I must be the only one in the world who doesn't hate alienware.
Author: Faegar
This is so overpriced
Author: Taushicage
I hope it comes with the bird.
Author: Yole
Did the bird come with the purchase?
Author: Kirn
BIRD! <3
Author: Bragar
Author: Gorg
Ship me the computer (including the bird)
Author: Zulura
Dude... clean your room XD
Author: Takus
Hey man, it would be great if I could get that keyboard :)
Author: Arabar
that birds comes in within package ??
Author: Zulkitilar
pleezzz sent it to mee in need a mouse and a keyboard XD
Author: Nimi
fml i still have a 2002 xp pc
Author: Mikanos
(my reaction to your bird)
Author: Kazrataxe
I bought an Alienware Aurora 45 ALX and it did not come with the bird!
Author: Tazragore
i saw a freaking ketchup bottle in the middle of the room hahahah
Author: Ninris
I am looking at these desktops and idk what 2 ger
Author: Akinogal
hey ill give 50 bucks for the keyboard and 20 for shipping
Author: Tuzuru
*Is the bird included?
Author: Meztilkree
Nice butterfly
Author: Banos
Author: Goltiktilar
wtf does anybody see that bird
Author: Fejind
I am not expert, but i dnt think this is how u make a Review or unboxing :p
Author: Zologis
Your bird is awsome😎


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