Polarstar Loadout Banshee Rifle Plate Carrier

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Author: Dailar
Also how much does your exact gun now cost?
Author: Dikree
Well that's just a little bit out of my price range. Lol. I'll just Nagpur mine up to make it cool.
Author: Moogutilar
Would the hydration carrier be to big for a JPC even if I did the zip tie mod
Author: Namuro
Hi, my friend, what kind of cylinder bag is this? tks
Author: Kagazshura
all of the airsoft community is jealous lol great setup by the way
Author: Kagul
Author: Mazukora
Banshee for sure. The condor is 500D cordura, but I've seen the stitching, and the banshee wins hands down. btw, on asgi, the banshee multicam is cheaper the cyclone multicam lulz
Author: Nitaxe
just curious how long is your air rig line?
Author: Zulule
Which do you recommend? banshee or condor cyclone?
Author: Musida
The cyclone is not cordura. They purposely switched from cordura to nylon because its lighter. Just sayin
Author: Samukree
Where did you get the plate carrier?
Author: Vikora
Sick setup man!
Author: Gokora
Great Setup!
Author: Meztikasa
Ummm gun alone w/out tank and air regulator, maybe about $800 give or take....
Author: Manris
Shoulda kept the eotech
Author: Vudozahn
Dude your gun is so awesome. All I have I a lancer tactical m4. :(
Author: Faegal
Yes and even in ur pistol grip.


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