Chris Berman makes fun of Al Michaels

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Author: Kajilrajas
0:25 Peter Griffin
Author: Tygoshicage
Or as we call it in Chicago the Eastern Sports Programming Network.
Author: Nimuro
Author: Mim
They laugh out of nervousness of their superior acting like a fucktard. But if you say I'll give it to you then Al, I'm sure you can't wait you fuckhead." That wasn't kidding around. He was serious.
Author: Tojalkis
wow i didn't know he cursed! i thought he only used whoop! lol
Author: Duzshura
@raelraven2 Amen
Author: Tashakar
All you speculating haters. Gesh! If you had a life, maybe you wouldn't get so angry about some guy who shouldn't be upsetting you if you did. Who cares what he says or does. He's just a sportscaster. If we took videos of you at your job, just imagine the trash you say we could dump back on you. Hypocrites. Gesh!
Author: Fenrira
Chris Berman is even fatter in real life and a bigger douchebag.
Author: Gardami
@raelraven2 That's why it's EastSPN. How could you call yourself the "world wide leader in sports" when you pretend like there are no sports on the west coast (in the U.S). I'm so glad that for the second year in a row, the Yankees and Red Sox aren't in the playoffs because now EastSPN has to figure out what to talk about.
Author: Temuro
Berman is a freakin' clown. I'm sure Al Michaels is a jerk, but everyone at ESPN acts like their sh*t doesn't stink. Not only that, they also claim to be "the world wide leader in sports" but in fact are the most provincial network around--they think the whole world revolves around New York, Boston, and UConn.
Author: Zolojinn
Actually, I think this is quite friendly, the people in the back are laughing and Berman doesn't really seem serious
Author: Tygoshicage
@psx2514 Oh dont worry, theyll figure it out. For example, since Theo Epstein is now GM of the Cubs from the Red Sox, they managed to talk about the Red Sox regular season collapse for 10 fucking minutes under the banner "Theo Epstein goes to the Cubs". Rather than talking about this implication on the Cubs organization they managed to ramble something irrelevant about the fucking Red Sox, because who cares about the Cubs, the world revolves around Boston and New York
Author: Kazrasho
@psx2514 not really if their not talkin about the yankees or red sox its the cowboys or heat right now. i've always thought they only really care about coastal teams, east or west
Author: Faugrel
Berman is such an asshole. He thinks he's bigger than ESPN and the game itself. If he left there tomorrow the network and NFL Countdown wouldn't miss a beat.
Author: Fekora
No one seems to have mentioned the fact that this video is edited to just show him saying bad things about Al. It could all have been taken out of context. He could have been just joking around (even though other videos have shown on how Chris can be a dick at times). I'm just saying take this for what it's worth. It's an edited video, I would rather sit through an un-edited version to see the context of it all. That's just my opinion.
Author: Shagor
Al Michaels and Chris Berman. You'd have to search far and wide to find two more annoying people in all of sports history. At least you could laugh at Cossell. These two are ego driven assholes who have always been over-rated.
Author: Arashigami
@ndc18 Yeah, I used to hear Don Imus of "Imus in the morning" on WFAN in N.Y. occasionally refer to Michaels as a weasel, and he made mention that he pushed Boomer out. Boomer's wiki page also mentions that ABC released him mainly because of the conflict of interest that the two had (Michaels and Esiason)..
Author: Nikonris
i didn't see u niggas calling it "Eastspn" when the Packers won the superbowl or the Lakers were in the finals
Author: Meztizragore
@ThailandKyle really?
Author: Malmaran
Al Michaels has 10 times the class as this fat old baby
Author: Shanos
Thank goodness Chris Berman made Al Michaels gone from the same company as ABC to NBC and that was 10 years ago folks! You're the man Boomer!


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