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Author: Gunris
I've been meditating about relationships for a long time, now. Yesterday, I received a clear understanding about relationship goals. (The goal of a relationship is to share experiences with mutual appreciation. Everything that happens is the journey to reaching that goal.) That is what I understood yesterday. I am also keeping in mind that the journey is not the destination. We may never reach the destination so it is the journey that makes things worth while.
Author: Shaktirn
Love this but I don't know how to forgive and leave it there
Author: Kajishicage
Thank you Iyanla! 🙏
Author: Megal
Sorry to hear about your sisters passing
Author: Fenrizilkree
I am so grateful and thankful that the answers I seek show up and come to me.. Thank you Ms. Iyanla Vanzant for allowing The Light to shine in and through you; thereby bringing us closer to our higher abundant selves.
Author: Shashicage
Thank you! Just in time! :-*
Author: Nikolar
what a great video! Thank you, Iyanla. :)
Author: Kilabar
What on earth is that intro ? Your show deserves something much better.
Author: Malajind
I just love her and her wisdom. Greetings from Germany 😘 🙌🏻
Author: Tarisar
Very enlightening... Thanks a lot...
Author: Guzshura
I thank you Iyanla Im working on myself and this is a great tool for Selffull healing At The Appointed time Confirmation
Author: Zulkigami
Thank you Miss Iyanla
Author: Goltikazahn
WOW!!!! You Betta Say it Miss V!!! CHANGED MY LIFE IN SECONDS💯💯💯
Author: Shamuro
You are such a blessing.Thank you so much❤
Author: Moogugor
woooow i love you!!
Author: Vok
Thank you sweet and lovely lady, as always🌈🌺
Author: Nijin
I tend to feel inspired when I listen to her.
Author: Yogami
Iyanla God bless u. U speak to my soul. My spiritual teacher from distance. Great Video. keep up the good work -God's Work"
Author: Tule
Thank you Iyanla Vanzant for sharing your gifts.
Author: Kern
OUR LOVE HAS CONDITIONS! We have to learn to love people for who they are and not who we want them to be.
Author: Yozshule
This was so right on time!!! Thanks so much .... I just had a big falling out with my daughter yesterday....
Author: Nezahn
Thank you! Spot on. I expect others to see change in me while I keep them in the same positions by judgment.
Author: Arashishakar
I love "acts of faith"
Author: Mauzshura
love it
Author: Gagor
Author: Meztizilkree
Author: Nelabar
Great message!!
Author: Tarisar
Thank you for this video iyanla it really helped me understand what relationships are and how to set limits and boundaries. You are a great life coach.
Author: Taurn
I need more from Iyanla! lol Thanks a lot
Author: Tenris
Excellent message!! Looking forward to more videos! Going to watch this again
Author: Shakticage
I give them a chance to be different and they slide back into their old ways. I feel like she doesn't even deserve a place in my life.
Author: Zum
Thank you Iyanla for your work and sharing of your wisdom, thank you for making it available to us here. I am very grateful to you and for you.
Author: Arashitilar
Thank you so much this is confirmation of what I need to fix and grow in myself
Author: Kazrabei
Loving this series. Please keep them coming.
Author: Kajimuro
thank you for this channel. how exciting and generous of you! :)
Author: Mezikus
im not holding a grudge, well i dont think i am anymore. At the end of the day ive chose to keep my distance with no hate in my heart. if she wants to reach out to me then ill communicate but im not doing it first. our dad doesnt even care,just keeps us all seperate.
Author: Kazrakree
I understand so much better.
Author: Turn
The title alone states to the world if one is white or european this book is not suitable for them.
Author: Mam
Author: Tejind
MAN, that is a HARD pill to swallow! You always know what to say, Iyanla! I am so thankful for you! 🙏🏽
Author: Kagalar
Hello with positive energies, to all. Although some of the advice given on this episode, is insightful, it doesn't apply to all life-long relationships. I do have much respect for Ms. Iyanla Vanzant & I'll continue to listen to her teachings.
Author: Temuro
I have forgiven. However, I don't know if staying in contact with a person who has inflicted abuse on me should stay in my life. For emotional and physical safety.
Author: Tygogami
Thank you for this!
Author: Mibar
if you chose not to have children with your partner but your soul has allowed them as part of your life and family is it a lifetime relationship? i ask because there is no blood connection shared at any level.
Author: Shazuru
Pertinent- I am having massive lifetime relationship issues
Author: Merg
awesome truths 🙏 thank you
Author: Tull
Iyanla, you've saved my soul here and there in the past couple of years. Thank you those moments. May you enjoy and benefit from all your efforts towards contributing to our lives.
Author: Akinogar
Look at the Process of Life in motion! I literally just prayed and asked God for confirmation to reach out to a "lifer." After finishing "TRUST" last night I subscribed to Inner Visions and today while preparing to listen to "Breakdown to the Breakthrough" I found your YourTube channel. Thank you for this word, it provided clarity!
Author: Tale
You are such a blessing.Thank you so much❤
Author: Garisar
Thank you for this series, I'am listening!!
Author: Zulushakar
I'd say to keep your hair natural? You'll make it way bigger than Oprah even with it naturally I honestly think. I love your natural hair. At least you'll make it in the real world and not just the material word ahaaaaaaaa :p
Author: Vot
You are such a blessing to the world❤
Author: Meztirg
I have for the most part disconnected from all my lifetime relationships because the relationships seem worthless i dont talk with my parents or children i dont know how to resolve the many problems that we have does this mean my soul is stuck?
Author: Nikogami
💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗Thank you beautiful lady!
Author: Tokus
Iyanla you are a blessing. Thanks for your message.
Author: Shakakree
Amazing insight.... thank you.. brilliant... thank you... great for me... and great message to spread healing onto the universe ... I am so grateful for you on so many levels..<3
Author: Voodooramar
love these videos. keep the good info coming.
Author: Akigis
Author: Kazimi
I love you
Author: Samujin
You are such a blessing.Thank you so much❤
Author: Arashizil
I don't know where to begin I'm truly broken in so many ways that I can't count the ways I can't count the pieces I don't know how to find the pieces I searched the world over no matter how broken people stories are I yet haven't seen no story like my only if a person been adopted and don't know their parents at all 0 then there's a chance a story may have a little bitty history together well I want to start by saying I'm 52 years old I'm a graduate of 1981 but I came out in 1982 six months later my physi education teacher some people call it PE well she didn't pass me so that's why I came back 6 months later to get my diploma we're moving the story along I am the youngest of the 3rd generation I was often teased or been mistreated because I was the youngest but I was strong bright intelligent little girl I struggle literally all my life trying to be friends or being accepted by family friends classmates church members neighborhood cetera and here's my story well I I first went to Birmingham Alabama stay with a nice Ida ree Williams just north of Ensley and Fairfield Birmingham and I stayed there for about three months and then I went to Chicago Illinois say what a sister named Mary Ann January then continue my travels to Detroit Michigan moved in with another sister Ida Pritchett well I got there stay there for about three months again her children treated me so badly I was seventeen and a half years old my birthday will be July 28th and I will be turning 18 what my sister Ida used to babysit a young lady named Rita baird daughter she have a daughter named reshana and my sister used to babysit reshana so everytime Rita come I will be crying and sad and I told him my story how I being treated I was staying in Highland Park Michigan she slipped me her number and told me if you continue to be treated bad you can always come and stay with me I know I don't know you and you don't know me but you're welcome to come and stay with me and my family so the teasing the mistreated kept going on so I called her Rita and she came and pick me up but I'm yet still broken want to be loved want to give love and I have a big heart and I love helping people I love being friends but I just with all the wrong people from 16 to 52 make me go huh and listen to the R Spot give me motivation will power an accepted things that I cannot change and I'm doing my very best to change I'm a mother of seven two daughters and five Sons and neither one of them call me now I'm not a big fan of holidays and as for my religions reason but at the same time they do not pick up the phone for no apparent reason no matter rain, snow, sunny Wind blowing happy, sad birth of the grandchildren birthdays they don't visit that don't call they don't check on me I lost custody of them and they all been back in my life from 1990 and they're back 2012 and I talked to them very little they still hold grudges I understand they are angry and they're mad and they're bitter but remember I'm broken I never had a real family I'm her family to family and relatives but nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody there for me and I hear all things people say to me how strong I am what amazing woman you are I go out my way to help many people as I possibly can because I am a loving person and I have love in my heart but the R Spot is it showing me another way to look at life I noticed it when people don't see personal and family around you or you're not in a steady relationship or you're not married or your kids and things are not in your life or your parents are not around people seems to work over me try try try but they're never success so I'm just sharing this with you get it off my chest and it's so hard to deal with situations another the baby daddies never pay child support never help me with the children they all got Facebook they don't know it's me on Facebook not a picture not a quote not a happy Sabbath Zero I don't know why I'm telling my story I don't know and I'm really scared now to really reach out to friends or so call friends I had a friend for 34 years and I thought she was my friend but she's not Tonya Louise McCutchen I thought she least liked it me you know but she told me some things about a month ago and call me a backstabber now who could I possibly stabbed with it wasn't her family none of her relationships a husband not her daughter now I had an affair with somebody that she knows but it wasn't nothing and he end up talking to her and she just found out a month ago that I slept with him more than one time and all the sudden now I'm a backstabber wow so I've been through struggles but most importantly everybody keeps giving me compliments on me my personality I look I dress I take care of myself you keep telling me I'm a good woman your kids will be around one day you know I got five grandchildren and don't seem either one but I don't know maybe I feel like blah blah blah today it's my story there's some people out here just straighten lonely I don't know if I ever was fine a husband a best friend and my financial get better I love traveling but I don't have the money to do it I wish I had some real really really really good friend but I don't but I'm trying to keep listening to the the R Spot and maybe it keep motivating me to get better and stronger Within Myself and learned to take the blame and not blame others for everything sometimes we have to look inside of ourselves and know that we are somebody know that we all love know that we are beautiful know that you're strong notice that you are outgoing and you're trustworthy so some of these people that mistreated me all these years they never really got the chance to know me for me God bless each and every reader
Author: Tell
Theme song got to go
Author: Yozshusida
Author: Micage
I noticed Ms. Iyanla Vanzant is not responding to the posts......
Author: Maurn
Lyanla your book acts of faith(for coloured people)your words not mine.
Author: Zule
she is a great teacher!!?.❤👍
Author: Gagore
i love and adore my brother. I just don't like him right now lol.
Author: Maull
I had to come back. W my ears wide open yan yan #Loveyoubeloved 💕💕
Author: Dogar
I need Iyanla in my life. I need to just sit with her.
Author: Volkis
change that theme song ugh
Author: Kajar
Love you. I hope to send you a praise report one day
Author: Tygogore
Oh my goodness, you are back mama Iyanla! Soooooo happy! I really missed you uploading here! Welcome back mama! Love you sooooo much! Hugs!
Author: Arajar
She went through so many openings - that’s so funny. I love it
Author: Mazura
You are such a blessing.Thank you so much❤
Author: Fekora
IYANLAAAAAA!!! IM SCREAMING... THANK YOUUU right now. You're saving my life. Thank you sister. I love you!
Author: Golkree
Hi This Was  a very good episode I'm working so hard on excepting others as they are and being excepted as I am, Allowing others without living in judgement.. Forgiveness always come into play.. I've had Iyanla Forgiveness Ecorse for  SERVERAL  months  and still haven't stared it yet.. I'm not sure why I'm in Fear.....I'm a work in progress
Author: Vizragore
You're awesome and great! You're way better than Oprah! Said from New Zealand. My names Naomi not Geoff, just using my Broz phone because my screen is broken. You're a real life living Angel\Enlightened One. Nice to meet you. <3
Author: Samuktilar
you say people come into our lives for a reason, season or lifetime. My understanding is it's all for a reason. In interested in understanding better why you put reason on its own category.
Author: Mazil
Iyanla, thank you for doing this series. It is an answer to prayers. Peace, Light, Love, and Blessings.
Author: Tygor
omg.... this message touched my soul. Lord knows Im the queen of holding grudges.
Author: Jum
Now THAT was a good message!  Been waiting my whole life to hear that!  Amen, Iyanla!  You've been helping me heal since my 20s!  <3
Author: Felabar
Excellent- I like the song
Author: Muzilkree
She is the best
Author: Nesida
13:15 - we see them as the people they have always been but expect them to see us for who we are now! This just struck me, it is so true for my life
Author: Vikasa
Wow: I finally understand forgiveness as you explain it. I was already onto acceptance, but could not understand forgiveness till now. Thank You - no wonder OWN gave you an opportunity to have a show!
Author: Nir
This was so uplifting. Thank you.
Author: Zolor
love this! love you Iyanla - the new theme song - its a NO! lol still LOVE you and LOVE your content xxxxxxxxxxx
Author: Yorr
Its 2:47 am and this is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you!
Author: Zular
Why is it so hard to forgive one's self?
Author: Vimuro
You should put these in a playlist so that when we miss we can watch them back to back
Author: Vudokree
I tried to send a question to the gmail at the end of the show and got an automatic response about some kind of closed registration. Can we still ask questions?
Author: Kigazahn
Love the theme song!!! Love u, Iyanla & all ur wisdom & knowledge!! TEACH!!
Author: Kakree
Author: Kejora
Omg!! My exact problem is with my SISTER she hit it right on the head.
Author: Mazugore
I really need this today. it helped me accept one of my principle lifetime relationships decision without judgment or expectation.I feel so much lighter. I am glad to learn these lessons through this challenge.I am grateful
Author: Vosho
An Eye Opener Thanks Iyanla
Author: Mikazil
salvation is in the name of Jesus Christ, if you let him come into your life you will be saved
Author: Mazujinn
OMG, Iyanla, I wanted to ask you the exact same thing, I am sooo amazed that this message came through for me in perfect timing!
Author: Tusida
I need to watch this one daily! I struggle here and I am having several lifetime relationships that are breaking down...
Author: Grozilkree
Your message came with perfect timing!!!! Namaste....Iris
Author: Akikree
So happy to see this
Author: Yozshutaur
Thank you my Spiritual Mother Iyanla. I know this is for me! I emailed you and this definitely answers my questions. I'm going through my process of healing and you mam have definitely been a blessing 😘


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