Whats a Delta 3D Printer, a Delta Go Review

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Author: Vulabar
looks like it could easily be made into a much larger printer. by just putting it in a larger frame. just add larger links to the frame. not a bad gizmo! great video . I want one. looks like it could work in outer space!
Author: Gugul
This is 3D Printer Cool New Way
Author: Mauzragore
4:57 What jumpscare!
Author: Junos
Thanks for the sort-of shout out? ;)
Author: Kakora
350.00 bucks with no heated bed.. No thanks.. Great video though.
Author: Faezahn
Funny video as always, but I had terrible luck reviewing this printer and just ended up sending it back because there are much better machines for $500. Let's just say it's not how I'd want to be introduced to 3D printing :\
Author: Shakamuro
I have never in my entire life laughed this good! Love your style of video making and editing, keep it up!
Author: Vijin
Author: JoJogrel
This printer is incredible. Great video and great review on the printer! We'll have to look into buying one for the channel
Author: Vujin
intense googling
Author: Meztikazahn
saying cool stuff
Author: Doran
electroCUTE can really play music well.
Author: Guhn
forgets something
Author: Tebei
“Between the million of us” lol
Author: Tahn
Damn your hand moved fast
Author: Akinomuro
5:00 cries on the inside laughs at the outside
Author: Kagaktilar
Author: Faugor
Looks like a neat toy. I can't wait to see what you can make with it.
Author: Arashim
can you make FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER with that printer?
Author: Mugar
printer and laugh
Author: Yozshuzuru
Why don't we use that 3d printer to print more and give those ones away?
Author: Goltizilkree
5 minutes later burns finger hits on
Author: Tautaur
Please make that into a shirt, "Only print things for others that you don't mind them printing for you."
Author: Zolole
and says stuff like a expert
Author: Fegar
Author: Tejar
You should've reprinted the boat at default speed to show the difference in quality.


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