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Author: Nikojinn
Hi, Samantha. My name is Rudy. We ttc for two very, very long years and were blessed with our daughter. But this September, I was surprised by a little Lovebug. And sadly, it's story is very similar to your baby's story. And let me tell you, the pain was horrible but the emotional pain was a million times worse. That baby WILL always be my second baby. You aren't alone at all. And your rainbow will come! I'm actually 6 weeks pregnant now (screw infertility) but I am scared out of my mind. And yes, fur babies are literally a God-send. And praise God for hope and His grace. You are a mommy. ❤️
Author: Akinole
Thank you, it s really hard for me going exactly through the same, feels like i m not alone, support. God bless
Author: Gazil
thank you I am honored to you
Author: Jugore
Samantha, thank you so much for sharing. I'm so sorry times have been so hard for you. I love your attitude though through it all. You are an encouragement to me! My husband and I just recently had a miscarriage as well. It is very hard, but like you, we have hope for the future. Bless you and thank you so much for letting the Lord use your story to touch my heart! ❤️
Author: Kagakazahn
You are going to make such a great mommy some day! You are so strong and you're right- your body was doing what was necessary in that situation, and when the time is right things will happen as they are meant to. Best of luck to you and your husband.
Author: Mazugar
I just want to hug you! sorry for your loss! Your rainbow baby will come.
Author: Doulabar
This video has given me hope! I have had 2 miscarriages & im still on my journey to hopefully one day getting my rainbow 🌈 baby! Situations like these are not easy at all trust me I know!! You just have to keep positive & trust in God. Good things will come your way! Sorry for your loss
Author: Voodoosida
This was very helpful..thanks
Author: Shaktitaxe
Thank you for this video, I may be going through a miscarriage now, as DR said yesterday he didn't see a heartbeat. I should be around 8 weeks, but measuring 6 weeks one day, I'll go see him again Tuesday, and im just praying for a heartbeat, but we will see. This video has helped.
Author: Nashura
First of all sorry for your loss .. I have a question from any expert that my wife is 18th week pregnant and she was feeling regular movement of baby but yesterday she did not feel any movement , is it normal or may i consult with doctor ??2nd my wife is feeling cramps and streches since 12th week of pregnancy , is it common or not ??
Author: Gardazuru
Thank you, I know this is older but I miscarried at 7 weeks about two months ago.
Author: Gataur
Thank you so much for making this video, I have also recently experienced a miscarriage at 7 weeks and know the emotional pain that comes along with it! I am so sorry for you loss and I wish you and your husband nothing but the best of luck!
Author: Shaktijin
I went through this too. My heart goes out to you. God bless you xx
Author: Faejin
Awe this is so heartbreaking. Your a strong beautiful women. I wish you all the best in the future. Thank you for your story. Bless you and your family in the future. Much love
Author: Ket
Thank you for sharing your story with me , I'm having a very hard time dealing with my lost of my baby :( I miscarried at 6 weeks didn't even make it to my first prenatal appointment :'( they didn't hear my baby's heart beat
Author: Kigrel
I went to the doctor the day before Thanksgiving to find out the gender of our sweet baby, I went through the whole appointment and everything was fine... then at the end they went to find the heart beat, but it wasn't there. My heart broke as I sat there with my boyfriend wishing it was all just a bad dream. It has been very tough, but your video was such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.
Author: Fenrigal
You mentioned about your friend quote "Miscarriage is the beginning of becoming a mother", that really touched my heart.
Author: Moogurg
You have such a positive outlook, I have had several miscarriages and the pain is agonizing emotionally. I think that when a miscarriage happens it is because the baby was not not healthy and wasn't meant to be and it is God's knew and chose to take that baby to heaven where it will flourish and become one of his angels. I believe we will see those babies when we join them in heaven and they will know we are their mother.
Author: Fezil
u really helped alot i just lost my baby at 7 weeks u really help me heal thank you so much
Author: Arashilrajas
Hey Samantha, I'm Jessica and I am so sorry for your lost. I'm going through that as I speak today😭it's very painful to ever experience that. I pray that you and your husband have another chance at enjoying a beautiful bundle of joy again, May God bless you and your husband. Thanks for this video
Author: Gakus
Author: Faurisar
You will be a great mom someday. Trust in God and he will bless you & your hubby with a child.
Author: Tern
thank you so much this video really help me .
Author: Fenrigal
Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry for what happened... sending you lots of love and good energy ❤️️🙏☀️
Author: Mole
It is very encouraging to see that you are positive for the future even though you have those bad days sometimes. Thank you for sharing. God is in control.
Author: Mazukasa
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Author: Doshura
I miscarried my first baby two months ago at 6 weeks and I feel your pain it's been the most devastating thing and the hardest thing I've ever been through. My heart goes out to you. Sending you a big hug. Alizée
Author: Viramar
God this helps me so much right now. Thank you Samantha. Stay strong Lady ❤️
Author: Tahn
Hello, My Name is Mia, i am 17, I am around 6/7 weeks pregnant, about 2 week ago, I started bleeding quite heavily and I am still bleeding now, the day I started bleeding was the 5th of march I went to the hospital they booked me for an ultrasound a few days after on the Tuesday, I had my ultra sound I thought I was around 7 or 8 weeks but it showed that my baby was only around 5 weeks, I have had cramping and sore boobs but yesterday morning I woke up and it felt like as if I wasn't pregnant my cramps, sore boobs had disappeared, I have another ultrasound on this Monday on the 21st because although my baby was where is was suppose to be they couldn't detect a heartbeat around my 5 weeks ultrasound, may i ask how long did your bleeding last?
Author: Barr
im going through this as we speak.
Author: Ararg
I find these videos so therapeutic .. I was close to 8 weeks when I miscarried and these videos and connecting with other women helps so much to just let go and understand
Author: Vusho
wow this really was me just one week ago in the hospital now for a check up. 😔😔😢😢😢😢💔
Author: Daiktilar
I’ve just gone through this babe,, I had no cramps but the bleeding was so similar. My YouTube family and channel have been amazingly supportive and this video has been great. I’ve had a miscarriage before but it was all so different this time. There is nothing apparently that we’ve done it is just not meant to be I guess and that’s tough. I do hang on to the fact it makes you a little more fertile and it does make you even more maternal xx❤️
Author: Voodoogal
I'm sorry for your loss. God bless you. I'm hoping you are blessed with another pregnancy very soon.
Author: Voodooran
first of all sorry for the loss. ...THE TITLE of the video SAYS 7weeks the beginning of the video says 7 months: which one is correct ??? stay strong and God will give you a better time!
Author: Nira
I just had misscarge today 8 weeks no heart pep
Author: Salabar
I took a ClearBlue test 3 weeks ago and it was like within 30 seconds it came back positive. The next day I took another test with the lines, and I received two lines and it went from there, I was really sure I was pregnant. I told my boyfriend and he was over the moon, happy and excited. I am at the moment 7 weeks, that's what brought me here. So sorry you had a miscarriage, hopefully mine will be all right.
Author: Meztijind
someone I know... recently had a miscarriage at 7 weeks I believe...she is really struggling...would you be willing to talk to her?
Author: Tacage
Thank you for this video!
Author: Vushakar
My heart goes out to you, you are such a beautiful person inside and out. I know this video was made some time ago now and I can only hope that you're pregnant or maybe you have a child by now because you totally deserve one. You are going to be an amazing mother. Right now I am 6.5 weeks just so hoping my pregnancy goes well and this video made me feel so many different things but your relationship with Christ and the Psalms reference you pointed out are so calming and encouraging and I thank you for that. God bless xox
Author: Brajas
im 29 years with an 8 year old and i just had my 3rd miscarriage and im so confused as to way this is keep happening to me. i just had a miscarriage 5 days ago and was told i had no signs of my fetal Pole.but was not bleeding or anything until one day later
Author: Moogurr
I just had miscarriage yesterday, its my first. 10 days ago i was misdiagnose with blighted ovum and they already prepared me for d and c and suddenly when the dr did uts they saw my baby and a heartbeat. i had hopes again and the day before my m/c i just saw my baby heartbeat again. Im still devastated and i dobt know how to move on.
Author: Daigami
I just has a miscarage on wensday was soppose to be 12 weeks along. Was bleeding and had to go to the er. The next day baby came put and was on my pad. I looked at it my heart broke. When to my obg and he said it was. I'm so devastated I'm scared to get pregnant again. I'm praying to God he can heal my soul.
Author: Jull
God bless you for sharing this.
Author: Nikorisar
I'm 7 weeks and I'm so scared
Author: Megul
I swear this is exactly my story, the time the ER timing and waiting everything!
Author: Tygolrajas
Thank you for posting this. I have a new viewpoint and I don't feel so alone anymore.
Author: Dogis
Thank you so very much I went through the same thing every pain your going through I hope that God blesses you with your own but it's in his timing not ours
Author: Kim
I follow you on Insta and I just wanted to say you are beautiful <3 Prayers and blessings to you <3
Author: Kakazahn
Wow... ((hugs))
Author: Samur
I'm sorry for you and your Husbands lost... Samantha
Author: Mor
Any new updates? I’m going through this at the moment. It’s hard.
Author: Akir
Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm 41 years old and 7 weeks pregnant. I've been bleeding on and off with no cramps for 6 days and this evening everything has intensified. It is clear to me that what I am experiencing is the end of my pregnancy. I am miscarrying. I am devastated. When I found out I was pregnant I was scared and overjoyed because I realized, at my age & relationship status, that this is, probably, my only chance at ever becoming a mother. I immediately fell in love with this child. I am sitting at home, alone, trying to navigate the loss of so much & your story is helping me stay grounded. What is meant to be, will be & I have to give it up to God. You reminded me that just being able to experience this level of love and to carry my precious child for this short time is a blessing in itself. Thank you for being open, vulnerable, authentic, and compassionate in your delivery of your experience. I'm so grateful for you in this moment. Really, there are no words but thank you.
Author: Dashakar
You have pcos I have the same I just miscarried for my second pregnancy I thought this one was gonna be fine like my heart is so broken and I'm so angry
Author: Kazrakus
why is the title 7 weeks, but at the beginning of video it says 7 months
Author: Arashilabar
Hi Sam I just saw ur video and honestly I was crying with you :( God has the right time for you :) being a mother is not easy but I know the moment you become one you will feel you want to protect them from everything :) don't feel guilty because Gods time is perfect and it is ok to cry .. Remember God gives his soldiers the hardest battles because he knows they can't handle it :) :) big hug to both of you :)
Author: Shakazilkree
Can relate to every word. Thank you. x
Author: Zulurisar
Author: Nikozragore
hey im 17 about to be 18 in a few days i just had a miscarriage today 8 weeks pregnant , i really wanted this i wanted to be a better mom then my mom was to me . i havent gone to the doctors or anything but i know i had a miscarriag because the sack come out . my mom and dad doesnt even know i was pregnant none of my friends know my boyfriend doesnt even care . thank you for sharing your story maybe it was the best for my baby .
Author: Zucage
So brave of you to make this video and help other women out there.
Author: Kazimi
i swear i feel your pain , i just recently had a miscarriage 2 months ago 😭.
Author: Modal
Thank you for sharing your story <3 Sending love healing and prayers to you!
Author: Goltiran
Oh, honey. I have been thru this 3 times. It's so hard. Emotional and physical. I'm pregnant now and nervous because I haven't had a successful pregnancy yet. My prayers to you in hopes you heal. I still have hurtful days. God is good and always on time.
Author: Kazramuro
I just had a miscarriage yesterday. The most physically and emotionally painful thing I have ever gone through. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have been searching all day to see if anyone has felt the way I have been feeling. You are so brave and wonderful. I will watch your video whenever I feel sadness. I wish you nothing but the best. xo
Author: Sacage
Thank you so much for sharing! I’m experiencing this right now and I’m still pretty heartbroken. I miscarried at 7 weeks pregnant also. It’s really nice hearing that other ppl are experiencing this also, because I keep feeling like it’s just me and everyone else around me has perfect pregnancies. God bless🙏🏽
Author: Sharan
thank you so much for sharing your heart and experience, it really helped me some to move on. I had a miscarriage few months ago and still grieving. Your video gave me hope. God bless you!
Author: Gajar
Thanks for sharing. My husband and I recently lost our first due to miscarriage. It was literally the hardest thing in the world to go through! You and your husband are in my prayers! My brother showed me a song that really helped me, "Didn't I Walk on the Water".
Author: Faezragore
I got pregnant April 10th 2015 and lost our girl June 7th, 2015. We just got pregnant with our rainbow baby July 25th. we now have a happy, healthy baby boy who is 9 months old!! Sending baby dust your way mama!
Author: Nekinos
As you said you were looking through youtube for guidance and support and that's exactly what im doing right now! Im currently having very bad cramps and bleeding, and i know exactly what is happening! Even though yesterday my baby was still here, and i have to wait for two weeks for another scan. You touched me, and gave me hope for the future. Thank you for your words! xxxxx
Author: Faukinos
So sorry 😔
Author: Migore
I have been through the same thing, I am almost 24 now and my first miscarriage was when I was 18, I believe I was only 5 weeks along but I didn't know I was pregnant with either one of my miscarriages. I believe my miscarriage happened because of the stress my step mom was putting on me (she told me she knew I was pregnant, but continued to stress me out) I was at school at the time of my first miscarriage and messaged her telling her that I was bleeding very bad and having pains that were 10+ worse than my normal period, She picked me up from school and took me to see a doctor and the doctor confirmed that I had indeed had a miscarriage but my pregnancy hormones were still normal, after a few hours they continued to decline. A year later when I was 19 I had got on the depo provera shot from planned parenthood, they tested me first to make sure I wasn't pregnant, the nurse told me it came up negative but due to the timing of my last period it was too early to tell if I was or not so she said I should wait 2 weeks and come back and will test again, they didn't make me wait 2 weeks and gave me the shot anyways, I really didn't think I was pregnant at the time so I went ahead and got the shot on Nov. 29th, as the weeks went on I started to put on some weight but I thought at the time it was because of the shot since I had heard that it could make some women gain weight, My breast were sore and much bigger and my lower stomach had gotten a little bigger and same with everything else. My best friend even noticed by saying "dang girl, your boobs are getting big". So around late Jan I was with some friends and started having extreme pains and was already bleeding and though the bleeding was due to me getting my period, well after about 4 hours of this pain, all of a sudden the pains completely stopped but I didn't realize it. When I got home I went to the bathroom and there sitting in my pad was what looked like blood like skin and I knew at that moment that I had just had a miscarriage, I went to my room and called my best friend whom lived very close telling her that I needed her to come over, so she did and when she got there I was crying so much I could barely talk, I just pointed to the trash can where my pad was, she asked to see it and when she did she started to cry herself and held me as we cried together. All she could say was "I am so sorry", One thing I regret is that I didn't bury it. To this day I can't stop thinking about my babies but it helps to know that they are in a better place and no more harm will come to them. I went through a bad stage after both miscarriages, I had thoughts of suicide because in my mind at the time I felt that having children was my one role in my life and if I couldn't have children then what was the point in living, I also wanted to be with my babies in heaven, I thank god I didn't go through with it because I wouldn't of met the man of my dreams. He is so sweet and understanding of my situation. Days when I have melt downs, he is there and holds my hand and the look he gives me lets me know he truly loves and cares for me. He tells me I am a strong women, even when I don't feel like it. Every mothers day he buys me flowers and takes me out, my children's father is so different, One mothers day I asked him if he had anything planned for me and he replied with "why, you're not a mom" that hurt me more than anything to hear the man that I had been pregnant by twice say those words to me when I had been through 2 miscarriages with him and he acted as if he didn't care at all. Good thing we aren't together anymore and now I've got this great man whom is so strong and caring and sensitive of my situation. He tells me "I will always be a mom and my babies know how good I would've been to them and that they will watch over me until we are reunited again" I am so thankful to have him by my side to help me stay strong and keep bad thoughts out of my head. It still gets to me and makes me cry when I think about my babies, some days I don't even think about it but certain days it makes me break down and cry. Sometimes I do think about what did I do wrong, and could I of prevented this, it's my fault, I should've known I was pregnant. Anytime I see a pregnant women or a women with babies it makes me very sad. I know now that it wasn't meant to be and I hope to have some babies with the wonderful man I am with now. I wish the best of luck to you and any other women who's had a miscarriage or lost any child. The pain doesn't go away.
Author: Tanos
I wouldn't never mind if I had miscarriage, legal abortion is such a problem in my land.
Author: Tuktilar
I can relate I miscarried on Wednesday and had a d&c on Thursday I was 12wks but the baby had stop growing at seven weeks or eight this is my first and I'm so physically and emotionally drain but I'll be fine trying to stay strong so I can raise my three year old son
Author: Bakora
Thank you for sharing your story. About a year ago I experienced miscarriage at 7weeks.
Author: Daile
I been misscarried three time, the last one was twins, it’s so painful and I know how you , that’ s bad egg, that why, be strong and keep trying next time ❤️👍🏼
Author: Nasar
God bless & hope we both get out rainbow babies soon!
Author: Kagakree
Hi Samantha my name is Amy. First I want to say sorry for your loss. & I want to thank you for your comforting words speaking about god. I suffered my second loss at 7 weeks the baby stopped growing (my first loss the baby stopped growing at 7 weeks as well) but I had to have medical intervention (D&C ) with both miscarriges cause my body didn't recognize something was wrong. Had my first D&C at 9 weeks & my recent one at 13 weeks. Since my latest D&C is still so fresh (March 29) I'm having a hard time losing 2 babies. But I know my faith is the only thing that will get me thru this. Thank you for sharing your story & helping others know they aren't alone
Author: Bakora
I had a miscarriage a few days ago (6.5w) and I feel completely crushed. I can definitely relate to what you went through.
Author: Tygogore
i love that you mentioned the Lord. .. i have 2 children but was ttc and am pregnant with my third child .this pregnancy has been so different im bleeding but not heavily hcg numbers have went down. watching your video actually made me cry about this for the first time. haven't been formally diagnose but scared of the results come thanks for the video
Author: Doukazahn
So sorry for your loss I’m going through this now and it is the worst. I am lucky to have a 6yr old son so this is my second pregnancy and I never thought it would happen to be. Thank you Dr sharing your story.
Author: Goltill
why would u want to go through the Morning Sickness and throwing up ?. I too went through a Miscarriage with my 1st Baby and it was horrible and it never goes away the feeling of loosing your 1st Child with this Baby at 7 weeks I'm having a lot of sickness I know the pain you are going through Samantha
Author: Faezshura
pregnancy and I had miscarriage
Author: Daimi
thanks for sharing your story.
Author: Goltigul
I was 7 weeks and 3 days and I miscarried today....
Author: Nikogis
I feel u how hard it is.
Author: Tozshura
You're amazing. I'm so happy that you're such a strong woman and was able to share your story with all of us. When you got emotional, I got emotional as well. God is so good and only gives the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers! Excited to hear the rest of your journey <3
Author: Zolora
Thank you for making this video as I'm sure it wasn't easy. I recently found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant and at first I had a lot of symptoms. However yesterday I started spotting and the prego symptoms stopped...and I'm bleeding today... :,(. I'll go see my dr but it's so sad and scary. Thank you the reassurance that I need to leave it all in Goda hands and that some things are out of our control. Much love to you ❤️
Author: Kazrarr
This is so emotional. I had to pass through this too and I share the same emotions and feelings as you do. I had miscarriage at 4 weeks, didn`t even had the chance to hear a heartbeat. Life was so unfair to me, one night I just woke up in horrible cramps and I had to watch helplessly the baby leaving my body. I cry always when I have to mention that case.. wishing you the best of luck.. <3
Author: Gashura
Thank you so much for this , I went through this last month . There is nothing different you could have done to prevent it . 😘 wish you the best
Author: Grogore
Im so sorry for your loss. I just had a miscarriage 2 days ago and was sent for a D&C, sorry for asking this but how long do you bleed for after a womb cleanse. I have no one i can talk to.
Author: Maushicage
thank you for sharing your experience. I had a loss a few weeks ago and your video really helped me. I'm sorry for your loss god bless you and your husband.
Author: Yosho
You're so strong, prayers💟
Author: Zulutaur
Thank you for sharing!! God bless you!! You inspire me!
Author: Muzilkree
Author: Manris
Thank you so much for this video. At this moment I'm going thru this and the pain is horrible it lasts so long and I can't even sleep it keeps me up but the emotional pain is 1000 times worse.Im praying for you and your family
Author: JoJojin
it happen to me four years ago and know I have two more an another one on the way it killed me that day to when it happen took me while to realize and come to the reality it happen to me but thank you I will always remember her I was 5 months
Author: Gajinn
I had miscarriage too just recently and it’s hard 😞 #7weekspregnant
Author: Kagajin
Samantha - how brave and loving of you to share your story with the world. This will definitely help someone and how giving of you to open up to help another. Hugs to you, your husband, and family ❤️
Author: Moogusho
And you are not crazy, I wanted symptoms too.
Author: Dobar
Thank you for sharing your story. I think it's going to help me.
Author: Kazram
thank you for you video I am actually going through my second mc now! I'm waiting on the bleeding to start I have already started spotting and it's getting heavier, my dr did confirm my mc yesterday. I completely understand the wanting the symptoms! I am the same way, I loved my symptoms I had even though tough at times the scary part to me was not having them. your video did help thinking of it just being the beginning thank you for that. my husband told me something similar last night but it coming from someone who went through it, for some reason, made see it more. not sure where to go from here though, waiting game I mean. I'm trying to balance work but it's hard to go to work with this going on and thinking it can start getting bad at any minute but being home and in my thoughts do not help as well. my first mc was natural and I was 5weeks this time I'm 7weeks and scared, sad, confused, angry at times, and oddly enough I feel alone. my husband is here for me all the time but the process feels so lonely. I was up all night crying I don't know what to do with myself this time. the first time it wasn't a waiting game. it happened so fast and sudden and didn't know what was happening til it happened. this time I know what's is happening and waiting for it to happen hurts a lot and I have actually shut myself off in a way. I got up this morning looking for a video or something and saw yours and just Thank you for making this. I still feel horrible but your did help.



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