Yelp Must Reveal The Identity of Anonymous Reviewers

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Author: Vozahn
Despite its press release, Yelp is not really pushing for absolute anonymity. It claims that in the case of these 7 (who didn't just express opinions but made clear claims of facts), the Dendrite standard is to be met. The court disagreed stating that Virginia statute must be met and that Yelp must respond to the subpoena to identify these 7 to the court.
Author: Mujar
Wtf? Slander and lies need to be protected - and have been - under the first amendment. An educated person can see what is fallacious or not, but if a government or society censors speech that they disagree with, then we are a dictatorship.
Author: Gardabei
DISCLAIMER: I Yelp and use my full real name, give specifics of my visit on all reviews- good or bad, and respond to business feedback to my reviews- sometimes in person.
Author: Mar
The video does not accurately explain the case. I like all the comments below from people who I bet did not read the brief by the court or know the specifics of this case. But people can complain if they don't have a business or a reputation to protect.
Author: Tauran
it is still not too crazy for me.
Author: Daibar
We cannot go this route, as a country or society. Check out Australia's libel and slander laws, and their effects, for why.
Author: Kazralkis
Can definitely see both sides of the issue on this one. Tough call.


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