Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax Denies Sex Assault Allegation | TODAY

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Author: Tek
If Justin Fairfax isn't guilty of sexual assault, then neither is Brett Kavanaugh. In our land of innocent until proven guilty, it is an egregious wrong to judge someone simply on the basis of the color of their skin. This is something democrats have preached for a long time and now need to set the example by putting their words into practice.
Author: Kajinris
Thought not
Author: Maumuro
Let's get that Me Too Movement rocking cause there are no second chances...
Author: Faujinn
Author: Toshura
Mr.CoonMan will soon be Mr.Running Man😆😆
Author: Mikaramar
#believeallwomen ...unless they're blaming a democrat or a black man.
Author: Mazuran
The media is the true enemy of our country. Fox/CNN/NBC/CBS whatever, they are elitist, nonobjective lip flappers who take their ques from celebrities. Not a shred of integrity exists in any of them.
Author: Goltigami
I see Virginia is batting a 1.000 with their gubernatorial 2017 election choices. Good job, Virginia. You deserve it.
Author: Arakazahn
If we are to play by the same rules as the Dem's,off with their heads,we must believe the woman!!!!!!
Author: Turn
Hahaha. This has come back to bite the Dems in their balls! Screw them!
Author: Vudogis
Repugnantcons deflect, excuse, deny, invoke the bible and bawl 'fake news!' even for pedophiles and klansmen
Author: Voodoosida
I call for an FBI investigation.
Author: Galrajas
The alleged victim has hired the same law firm that represented the Kavanaugh accuser. It's never a good idea to hook up with somebody at a convention because something was bound to happen later.
Author: Zulkirn
Governor Northam is now the face of the Democratic party. McAuliffe should pick him as his VP running mate in 2020.
Author: Akikinos
We all know that Democrats can never be racist. We also know that Democrats never sexually assault. They are infallible. They have the protection of 95% of the news media.
Author: Vusida
The democrats who grilled bret kavanaugh told us we need to believe the women in cases like this😁
Author: Vonris
what happened "all women must be believed" by the hypocrite demorats. guess it matters whose ox is being gored.
Author: JoJozahn
As Senator Mazie Hirono from Hawaii says "Of course he's going to deny it."
Author: Doucage
I wonder if Fairfax is lieutenant chief of the dindu tribe?
Author: Tur
Author: Kajigal
Why is it more than just a coincidence in this instance, but not for the Blasey Ford accusations?
Author: Mimi
And if you now miraculously 'believe all women' - do you believe drumpf's accusers now too?
Author: Doukree
Wheres Alyssa Milano?
Author: Tojashura
Dems hold one another accountable, nobody's excusing valid claim of bad behavior.
Author: Kazikora
Oh REALLY??????????? Now let's be fair...what's good for Brett Kavanaugh is good for Fairfaxy...when in doubt, go to Hirono...she said it, "Shut up and step up!" And, she said, "Women always tell the truth." Soooo, watch the lying MF's democraps crap their pants as they lie and push the double standard...for Fairfaxy we have to investigate further even though a woman said it was so...every one of the stinkin' dems are like roaches running from the light. If anybody had doubts about how these scum operate, just look at this...ole Justin gets the pass, but Justice Kavanaugh was guilty because that lying POS, Ford, just SAID.....SO.


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