Turkey wins NATO support for anti-terror operations

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Comments "Turkey wins NATO support for anti-terror operations":

Author: Kagagrel
That means, turban wearing crises actors, great.
Author: Kataur
That's all the world needs, now Turkey's going to start staging fake news media terror events.
Author: Takasa
Wow was it really that easy?
Author: Dazragore
Isis kills a bunch of people in Turkey and turkeys solution is to kill kurds in iraq and Syria who are fighting isis.
Author: Goltikinos
The PKK is as big a threat to Turkey as ISIS is.  Over the past 30 years PKK terrorist attacks are responsible for some 40,000 deaths.  This is why the PKK is considered a terrorist organization by both NATO, US, UN and Turkey.
Author: Vidal
...the final countdown!


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