Trump Outsmarts Ben Shapiro & Dan Crenshaw + Koch Brothers Go Democrat?

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Comments "Trump Outsmarts Ben Shapiro & Dan Crenshaw + Koch Brothers Go Democrat?":

Author: Tojall
Thank you much for this, he is the Best President we ever have💖✌😎
Author: Shalkree
The moral of the story, “don’t be a Romney”.😂
Author: Daihn
Down with the MSM!! We need truthful and unbias journalists, NOT activists.
Author: Akit
That's why they have to get rid of Youtube: American people are listening to a new set of talking heads that are not controlled.
Author: Kajidal
Love what you do, keep rocking dude ✊🏼
Author: Brajas
Leftist elites are shutting down peaceful political opposition
Author: Mikadal
When we see people like Crenshaw and Shapiro, whom the mainstream media holds up as conservative heroes, yet they constantly stand against Trump when he takes action on the most important issues, we need to understand that these folks are CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.
Author: Dirisar
The Koch Brothers need to ask the Bush Family how well backing Demonrats against Trump worked for them (hint: IT DIDN’T)
Author: Tegami
TRUMP is a TITAN! So many RINOS & TURN COATS! They would not dare to go against a Marine Drill Sargent! Do they? TRUMP's Semper Fidelis to America! Go Trump 2020 & Beyond!
Author: Taujin
That picture of Ben Shapiro & Dan Crenshaw 100% confirms that they are going to star in the reboot of Brokeback Mountain.
Author: Kizilkree
They don't get it, nobody can go up against The Don , and not get their card pulled 💯🙏💖💖
Author: Nekazahn
Trump is so dumb he keeps being right on everything and proving everyone wrong. Lol
Author: Maukree
I dont like soros or the koch bros. The fact that none of them like trump makes me like him even more.
Author: Kejind
Idk about you guys, but I didn't vote Republican although I am one on paper, I voted TRUMP!
Author: Dikree
Sup An0maly? Good content. You're underrated on yt
Author: Tygozil
When you think you are smarter than your opponent. You get out smarted.
Author: Tolmaran
Imagine what a great country America would be if only both sides would listen and work with our president instead of trying to demonize each other and thwart our presidents efforts.
Author: Nisar
These Republicans need to understand that.
Author: Akinotilar
Trump 2020.
Author: Shagis
Pop-up is a positive touch to your craft. Good stuff
Author: Gom
Keep up the good work Anomaly!!
Author: Niramar
America has been dumbed down for so long by the politicians and MSM that they can't comprehend the true genius of president Trump.
Author: Kisar
Donald J Trump for President again!
Author: Gugal
The difference is that the Koch Brothers are for the Koch Brothers, President Trump is working to Make America, and it's people, Great Again!
Author: Dill
Your videos have only gotten better since you took a break from your phone. Keep up the good work, God bless you brother.
Author: Marr
Fair dues to Ben Shapiro for taking 100% accountability for being wrong in that tweet. Praise where praise IS due.


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