Toyota / Lexus melting dashboard repairs delayed

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Author: Fenrizahn
My 2005 IS300 has the sticky/melting dash. Only 23,000 miles. Just finished calling Lexus 11/30/17. They said sorry your car isn't listed in recall. I requested to push case further to the next level. I was told don't expect anything to change. It is clear Lexus/ Toyota are trying to slip away from repairing the defective vehicles. I have lost all confidence in Toyota/ Lexus.  Also in the video(yes it is a IS300) you see a dash cover that someone said was glued down, no it isn't. That is the surface of the dashboard stuck to the cover
Author: Goltikus
yeaaa thats not an is250 thats an is300 the reason its not covered? different generation
Author: Mujas
I got some carbon fiber vinyl. Covered the sticky parts of my dash, just the front above the glovebox and the sides of the console were sticky. Easy to do, looks great.
Author: Brakora
If she would have put a sun visor she wouldn't have this problem and this dosent mean the car is unreliable my 2004 is 300 is still driving in 2018.
Author: Akinokazahn
The side for air bag between door window and the front driver glass is open too they wouldnt fix it either.
Author: Mumi
Solara model year are covered I can’t see
Author: Nikole
that's an is300. idiots. 250's weren't made till 2006.
Author: Yozshurisar
I ended up putting a single turbo in mine, then did it become quick(er).
Author: Kajikazahn
I bought my is300 used in 2009, Lexus sent me a check of $29 for a class action law suit in 2013, but it didn't say what it was for. I think it might be for this.
Author: Nasida
They make a beautiful product like your hairdo?
Author: Akijora
but we still have the radio
Author: Shaktilar
Lexus Toyota is replacing melting dash boards for free but not for labor....Labor is 3-4 hours to replace for $1800.00 plus tax
Author: Zuzuru
investment lol
Author: Guzragore
This is awful. Is the cause heat from the engine or exterior factors such as atmospheric heat and humidity interacting with cleaning product chemicals?
Author: Megul
Hello news people. That lady's car is a Lexus IS 300 not a IS 250.
Author: Voodoogul
get a dashmat
Author: Yosho
As for what everyone else said, yes, she said IS250. Fail.
Author: Meztik
IS300's are quick? LOL no.
Author: Mejinn
Even my husbands toyota Camry 2007 its sticky and toyota wouldnt do a recall.
Author: Zulkilkree
I wonder how happy people are now with their Japanese "quality cars". The perceived quality is there but there's always something that happens like oh idk more recalls than cars they've manufacturered. Bad safety recalls and deteriorating interiors.
Author: Vudobar
lol I have an 01' no sticky dash here
Author: Dounos
She really said is250.....


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