Swedish ambassador in Israel summoned over recognition of Palestine

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Author: Mikara
Why did Obama and Kerry offer the Palestinians $4 billion to negotiate peace with the Israelis when the US knew that Israel would not revert back to the 1967 border? If the US is sincere about creating an independent Palestinian state then all they need to do to bring Israel to the negotiating table is cut off the annual $3 billion gift that the US gives Israel and stop supporting its military operations.
Author: Vusar
Wake up Europe , are all blind but Sweden ? 
Author: Samulabar
Bravo Sweden ,forhaving the moral courage to do the righteous thing in the face of so much pressure from Zionist run US and the Zionist puppets in the EU oligarchy. It's such ashame that the German government is so morally bankrupt that it could not lead the EU nations in putting to an end the Israeli genocide against the poor people of Palestine !
Author: Faubei
WELL DONE SWEDEN!!! Buck the trend, be all you can be.......
Author: Mikarisar
Is time to boycott the apartheid regime of Israel, like it was done before with the south africa, the palestinians also have right of free mobility not be in a open air prision.
Author: Zulukora
For those that think this is a wrong move from stockholm. Please do realize israel have had decades on them to settle this. But isnt doing anything. They had their chance. Their own fault for not settling it. People are only so patient after empty promises for so many decades before they stop believing it. Besides, this whole settlement on property that isnt israels in the first place is only increasing the tension. Heh, warned even by US and UN about it. Israels Foreign minister said its abit more complex then assembling ikea furniture. Absolutely true. And since israels government seems incapable of assembling ikea furniture even if they had over 60 years on them, they should stop, now, it will never happen. You will never assemble that furniture. =P
Author: Fekora
Yay Sweden!
Author: Kazrarisar
I support the Kingdom of Jerusalem in their quest against those jihads.
Author: Golar
Author: Yolar
Continue with the status quo of the occupation (illegal by international law) also don't contribute to the pace, also the west bank live in peace with Israel since a lot of years and nothing is changed.
Author: Yozilkree
The tares are removed and burned, before the wheat are gathered to The Barns
Author: Dazil
Instead of State of Palestine, Israel's legitimacy should be questioned.
Author: Kisar
Author: Dasida
The death of the three Israeli youth was tragic. But the revenge killing of a Palestinian youth is not only tragic but reminds us that Israel has no intention of acknowledging a free Palestinian state and is using the incident to divide Hamas and Pres. Abbas. The raiding of Palestinian homes in retaliation for the killings does not justify the beating and jailing of innocent people. Where is the evidence? Where is the UN, Pres. Obama, and the world media? Does democracy really exist in the US when it sends Israel $3 billion a year to inflect unrelenting massacre on the Palestinian population?
Author: Shadal
•!!!!!!shake vipers!!!!!!•
Author: Kigak
22 of the 42 have passed
Author: Kazrakinos
Author: Sanos
Big mistake
Author: Goltihn
This undesirable and custom-made state is established by United Kingdom and it's sponsor country US in 1948.  With imposition and a fait accompli, Israhell reigns as the troublemaker of the Middle East.. Of course State of Palestine will recognized by all UN members including US, EU and Israel. Soon or later,  it's an undeniable fact !!


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