Remember Sobukwe! - South Africa

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Author: Vugore
May the Spirits of all Astute Lembede Students live long with us and may the Souls of all Delinquent Lembede Students who are in purgatory be prayed for so that they may resurrect as Astute Spirits from Delinquent Souls.  . 
Author: Arashirisar
Lets stop hallucinating and search for truth and stop relying propaganda issued to us by controlled media, however...........let us say; 
Author: Faeshicage
Here is the man the apartheid regime feared most, the man the African child was prohibited to quote then, and is still prohibited to quote today in a democratic South Africa, he lived as a threat and a stumbling block to the unjust system of apartheid and today his ideals are a threat and are stumbling block to the fake democracy. His Spirit will remain in the land until the course is achieved.
Author: Golticage
May the Spirit of Anton Lembede dwell among Us as it was with Robert Sobukwe.
Author: Nitaur
Thanks to Sobukwe for your persuasion for Anton Lembede Enlightenment and to set landmark for Lembede Day. Honor to Nkruma for his inauguration postponement to respect his great teacher's birthday and defied the British wishes to zorefy Anton Lembede. Thanks to modesty of Tambo to uphold the Spirit of the Congress Youth League at home and in exile. Respect to Hani for his undying Spirit that has always venerated Lembede as the Greatest African Teacher and finally to Biko and SASO to declare 21 March as Lembede Day and Freedom Day. 
Author: Kazrar
14:10 "We believe in one race only- the Human race". Mangaliso Sobukwe.
Author: Shaktitilar
R.Mangaliso Sobukwe is one of my revolutionary heros.
Author: Mezinos
I like the fact that all quotes about Sobukwe uses "K" for Afrika not "C".
Author: Kigashura
L:eaders like Sobhukwe come once in a lifetime. Let us always remember
Author: Vudokazahn
Respect, Honor and Remember our Heroes, RIP
Author: Nejar
With respect to all delinquents who did'nt follow Lembede, when you staged your Pass Law protest on 26 March 1960 in the backyard in Orlando West, the Pass Law was already defeated by Sobukwe and Kgosana, and now, look what you have done to Mother Africa, you have mis-educated the African Child.
Author: Gardat
Africa and humanity in general will be incomplete discussions without the mention of Sobukwe.
Author: Dailabar
One of less credited heroes
Author: Tudal
Great leader Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe child of Afrika
Author: Mataur
We believe in ONE race only... The human race... WOW What a leader.
Author: Dashakar
I came here because of CIC Julius Malema as he paid tribute to this legend at the #EFFTURNS4 celebrations in Durban. The hardest thing I am still going through right now is deciding whether the history I was taught in school for 3 years was not distorted. And very angry at the possibility that it may have been. Anyway, Great Documentary Mama Sobukwe is such a sweetheart and a beauty, I Love Her.
Author: Brarisar
I learnt a lot from this video - thank you. Great documentary and keeps the interest up and very informative.
Author: Kezshura
He was definitely poisoned by the regime.
Author: Zulkinos
Undoubtedly, Sobukwe was a true leader.
Author: Nikinos
why is he not in the schools curriculum? why is it only Mandela?
Author: Tezil
"True leadership demands complete subjugation of self, absolute honesty, integrity and uprightness of character, courage and fearlessness and above all, a consuming love for one's people"- Robert Sobukwe.
Author: Gronos
What was Peter to Paul? The same can be asked: What was Lembede to Sobukwe or What was Sisulu to Mandela?
Author: Kedal
No Justice No Peace!!!
Author: Yok
May his soul Rest in peace, he is without a peer after his death in 28 Feb 1978. His honest and couregious leadership is missed by the world globally
Author: Maulmaran
It is not surprising that, when the triumph has been finally achieved, there would always be unsung heroes. and the story of Robert Sobukwe endorses that. But, for those who are concerned about their own history, the legacy of Robert Sobukwe lives on. This was was really a life well lived! RIP Sir!
Author: Shaktilar
Robert sobukwe's name is never mentioned during the commemoration os sharp-vile massacre!!!!!!!!
Author: Nikolabar
Why is the world so oblivion, Anton Lemebede as the teacher to Nkruma, Tambo, Nyerere, Sobukwe, Mandela you name them all and the Father of African Nationalism has been erased from African History, however his students are being recognised by the world for his Ideals. This is "The Greatest Fallacy of Our Lifetime" that reminds me of the Holy scriptures whereby the Acts of the Apostles is articulated everyday while the Gospel is a selective teach. What a poetic justice! The house without foundation. 
Author: Goltisar
Pick & praise your own Leaders and heroes. See film:Sobukwe;A Great Soul by far a true hero.


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