Putin has destroyed 10 years old U.S. plan for Syria!Whole Syrian conflict in 11 minutes!

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Comments "Putin has destroyed 10 years old U.S. plan for Syria!Whole Syrian conflict in 11 minutes!":

Author: JoJosida
Respect to Russia...
Author: Shaktisho
Russia only save the world..
Author: Golkree
Allahu 😭😭 Thank you Russia for protecting my fellow brothers and sisters in Syria.. May God gives protection to those who are willing to help them.. Long live President Putin!!!
Author: Moogubei
Love russia from india
Author: Fenrilar
This epic video made my eyes wet.BORZZIKMAN you're amazing and your channel is a gift for all people of this world!
Author: Tokazahn
Protecting Syria from becoming next Libya thanks to warrior Putin .
Author: Fet
Love Russia from India
Author: Groshakar
If it wasnt for Putin Syria would resemble Libya, shame on America and my country UK for the lies, deception and murder of innocents. God help the Syrian people to recover, I curse my evil government and wish for their demise.
Author: Megul
I'm Syrian and still able to live in Syria thanks to Russia .. thank you Russia for saving my country and my people
Author: Arashilmaran
I am Australian national with Indian ethnic background. I love and respect Russia.
Author: Tygogrel
Great video my friend... ❤️ From India
Author: Mooguhn
Thank you Russia, for helping smash a terrorist group the west helped create.
Author: Fautilar
The US has lost all credibility worldwide!
Author: Faulabar
The day will come when half of the world will stand with Russia.
Author: Meztira
Take a bow Mr.Putin.You save a country from evil forces of USA Saudi Arabia Israel and of course from terrorist rule.
Author: Kagashakar
Love and respect from India to Russian army,people and president putin.
Author: Fenritaur
I love Russian military, God bless you to all and God bless you The Present of Russia Putin this is Powerful of Russia.
Author: Sazuru
Mr.Putin will be Remembered as one of the best president of 21st century in the world.
Author: Tumuro
I am from the UK and I say long live Russia
Author: Vudolar
Russia we are always with u, everybody here in India knows who helped us during our worst times, we all know here who is our real friend and foe....... Have always been fan of putin...... Great respect from an Indian......
Author: Tojagrel
Assad was elected by the people of Syria. The Syrian people do not need the U.S or Israel to tell them who their leaders should be.
Author: Telkree
When Russia destroyed thousands of ISIS oil trucks in Syria in a single bombing campaign it blew my mind and I denied it at first. I couldn't believe the West was allowing ISIS to trade oil for years.


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