Pro-Life African Woman Wrecks BBC News Anchor In Abortion Debate (REACTION)

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Comments "Pro-Life African Woman Wrecks BBC News Anchor In Abortion Debate (REACTION)":

Author: Grokazahn
Many years ago, a lady from Africa asked our congregation, "Why does the West want to kill our babies, when all we want to do is keep them alive?"
Author: Araramar
The African lady owned that interview! The other lady had to cut to break because she couldn’t sway that strong woman.
Author: Nilar
Please explain to me how birth control is a basic human right? To my knowledge, the most fundamental human rights were life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Author: Mazuramar
Wow that Nigerian lady is so intelligent and articulate. Sure showed that host who was boss
Author: Akira
Nailed it when she said.. "My lifeline out of poverty was education, it was not contraception".
Author: Doushicage
African Americans really need to wake up to what the Democratic party has done to them and their ancestors. They need to wake up quick!
Author: Kezragore
I need water, host here take a contraceptive, no idiot i want food and water, no no have a contraceptive 😒
Author: Zulkilrajas
Author: Gugrel
Just waiting for the African lady to start saying, "Why are you so stupid?? What it so hard about what I am saying??!"
Author: Negami
Love how that interviewer just kept talking over Ms. Ekeocha and even worse, talking down to her. Basically saying, "African women are too stupid and ignorant and helpless to know what they want and need." How insulting! It was so satisfying to see Ms. Ekeocha stand up for herself and her people! She's absolutely right, that this interviewer was talking about forcing Western ideals onto African women, rather than shutting up long enough to listen and learn about what African women want and need.
Author: Akijora
The black girl rules 😁😂 education is the 🔑
Author: Moogutaxe
Beauty, brains and morality. That is what I see in this lovely African woman.
Author: Tuzshura
It's absurd to fight for the right to life, but completely normal to fight for the right to murder other human beings...
Author: Shakak
Youre correct. Margaret Sanger is a monster
Author: Nebei
That pro-life woman stands 50 ft. tall compared to the BBC Newsanchor
Author: Akikazahn
"Basic human rights"? How about the right to life? I figured that was basic enough.
Author: Samushakar
Author: Kigadal
The cost of contraceptives for one thousand women for ONE MONTH could dig a well to give water to a village! A REAL basic human right!
Author: Kazrahn
I have seen the Nigerian lady on Catholic channels. She's a very intelligent and well-spoken lady.
Author: Vogami
It seems to me that perhaps Africa's greatest need is government that represents the citizens and protects the rights of those same citizens. Aid sent to countries where there is a rogue government is generally a waste of aid. The aid never reaches those in need.
Author: Kajibar
This is a part of the agenda to decrease Black population worldwide.
Author: Vokora
European lady telling an African woman what Africans need. Lol


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