Patty Maginnis for 435th District Court - Part I

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Author: Gozilkree
NO QUESTIONS NO PLATS NO NAMES REQUIRED ..... Land Developments NO Questions ...... It's WHY the MARCOS Regime and SWISS and DUBAI and SAUDI Investers are behind LOTS of TEXAS LAND SWINDLES. Unrecorded / Clandestine / BLACK OP ..... Secretive Land Scamming ....... BELIEVE IT. EPI CENTER Houston and Lake Conroe RED FLAGS and UNRECORDED  ...... Gee Golly WHiz HUH .......
Author: Akishura
The  Secretive World of  NO  RECORDINGS  and  Land  Scams.
Author: Fenrira
See  The  SWISS  BANKERS  of  1300 Main Street  Houston.   YES  from  Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Nigeria  and  England  ......    The  REAL  OWNERS  behind    Western Banks   Houston.    Jim and  Nelda  Blair  1300  Main Street  Houston     BELIEVE  IT
Author: Mazil
Montgomery County  Should be  COMPLETELY  AUDITTED.  Torrengos  /  Kings  Colony  and the other  650  Like It  are  a  GIANT  CRIME  SCENE.
Author: Shadal
11:35 AM (1 minute ago)
Author: Kagis
Laundering  and  Hiding  Looting  HUDREDS OF BILLIONS  .......    Daisy Chains  Flipping  and  BLACK OP,  UNRECORDED  Land  Transactions
Author: Gozragore
Land Development  Scamming     CLINTON  STYLE
Author: Mezirr
to cdominguez, mona, tipline
Author: Dojin
Author: Vudosho
The  REALITY  IS  ......  Lots  more  than  the  County  Books  need  a  FULL  Scrutiny .....  TONS  MORE.TAMMANY HALL ...... SECRET LAND DEALINGS Bank Looting and Campaign Financing   MONEY LAUNDERING
Author: Maushura
NO  RECORDINGS   simply means   NO   Personal Identifiers  and  the  Financial  Interests and Responsible  Parties  are  SHROUDED  in   NO  RECORDS.
Author: Kizragore
Maybe Explain the  ZURICH  /    ZUGG  Switzerland  Banksters  behind the  CURTAINS  at  Pinewood  Village ......   They also own  Purple  Capital,  Westgate  Investments  and  RLG  Holdings,  KPMG,  Bearing Point  and  YUP  the  Carlyle  Group  and were making HUGE   Loans to the  Clintons  Campaign  Manager  ......   Texas  Land  Commissioner  Gary  Mauro.    OH  and  the  Bank  President  former  FBI  Agent  Bank  Regulator  HARREAL  BLACKSHEAR.
Author: Zulkirr
WESTERN   NATIONAL  BANKSTERS   1300  Main  Houston,   Jim and  Nelda's  Address


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