Opioids In Court & War Crime Prisoner: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

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Author: Najin
china is laughing at us now, they slipped those oploids into our medicines knowing we would rip ourselves apart, in warfare, greed is your friend against your enemies
Author: Arashit
ANDREW YANG might not win 2020. He will be a force to reckon with once the robots get smarter, i.e. 2024 or 2028
Author: Nigore
David Cross, I could not agree with you more.. corpses are B-O-R-I-N-G!.
Author: Zukazahn
As a veteran, I am completely opposed to pardoning people who committed war crimes!
Author: Meztishakar
Author: Aragar
Obama pardons defectors is USA military
Author: Akirisar
Author: Vudonris
"its not left or right at this point" - Wish everyone had this mindset..btw, anyone remember him from small soldiers hahah?
Author: Dacage
He is getting a coverage at least. It is more than other 20+ candidates that just exists.
Author: Samuzragore
very cool usa, very cool
Author: Moogulrajas
Trump pardons USA soldiers
Author: Zolomuro
God Bless the Miller family
Author: Kikazahn
I don't know why other candidates wasting our time and not paying attention to his policies.
Author: Gardarisar
Watch more full episodes of VICE News Tonight here - http://bit.ly/2JZwg5E
Author: Vushicage
Then who is responsible for wrong drone attacks?
Author: Kagahn
I just think it's rediculous that a cop in America can kill a man with his hands in his pockets and headphones in because a cop "feared for his life". However a Marine conducting a raid in Afghanistan better make sure that he's actually being engaged before returning fire. This is utterly insane, I would say that our police need held to a higher standard, our military certainly is.
Author: Shaktikus
Author: Kagalkis
Andrew Yang looks like a great candidate to solve the problems of the 21st century.
Author: Zulukora
Gallagher's crimes were reported by other Navy SEALs.
Author: Dabei
The Real Question, is:. What in hell are we accomplishing in Afghanistan?
Author: Tojara
these pardons r wild
Author: Zulkikree
14:26 Andrew Yang, the next president! #yang2020 #UBI #1000aMonth
Author: JoJogami
Good order and discipline. Talk to enlisted not officers to get the real story about the military.
Author: Toramar
yeah lets pardon war criminals but not pot dealers
Author: JoJodal
Yang 2020!!!


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