Okay Japan it is your turn

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Author: Meztinos
Author: Gur
IF J pan is doing this, Why should the USA be Protecting J pan for FREE or Protecting them at all?
Author: Kazil
Thank you.
Author: Talabar
Interesting. Very interesting :-)
Author: Kagazahn
Tony, I have a few questions.
Author: Fekazahn
Pachinko in Japan is existing between legal game and illegal gamble. Pachinko is giving Japanese local police much profit as legal donation. Wake up, Japan and Japanese police! Stop the pachinko. It is the same as drugs.
Author: Kigakinos
There are said to be 700 thousand of gamble-holic people in Japan.
Author: Dakazahn
What would be your solution for the current tensions in East Asia with North Korea?
Author: Gale
funny ending Tony!
Author: Malakasa
In this video, the Banner written ' USA committed a war crime' .But I don't agree the banner. The war criminal nation is Japan.
Author: Mautilar
North and South, Korea is harmful to the world.
Author: Dujin
Yes Texas Oyaji we have section them!!! Also have you heard about Korean schools in Japan??? Their classes have Kim Jong Un's family pictures on their walls in Japan!!!!And the Japanese government actually gives tax money to those schools. It's terrible!!!Also the racist Koreans and Chinese built a prostitute statue in San Francisco. And they are trying to include the Filipino women as well. Little do they know that many Filipino women now are upset with Koreans because they mistreat the Filipino women now in the Philippines when they have their English learning tourism there.
Author: Aragore
The only solution is the Korean War.
Author: Kera
I'm shocked to learn that. If that's true, the Japanese government is unforgivable for allowing that to happen, and the Japanese media for not reporting it. They've been betraying the Japanese people and the rest of the free world.
Author: Kazrabar
What is your opinion on article 9?
Author: Yosho
it is impossible according to the Japanese constitution to get rid off Pachinko business.
Author: Arashicage
Thanks Tony.
Author: Kegrel
Please send this video to the US government,then tell Japan unless you guys stop pachinko business,we do not protect you or stop business with Japan.
Author: Tojarisar
NBC News' web site discussed this issue in August. Over a billion dollars !
Author: Kigul
I have a proof video.
Author: Kibar
it can be possible if USA forces Japan to ban pachinko industry. there are lots of japanese citizens gathering signatures to request US congress to treat this issue.
Author: Kigashura
hello Tony, Some Japanese still think that USA committed a war crime
Author: Grojin
See, What do you think about it?


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