Napolitano: Declassifying FISA documents a bit of a gamble

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Comments "Napolitano: Declassifying FISA documents a bit of a gamble":

Author: Saktilar
Judge is out of touch. The Deep State is the target. Trump has proven that he is up to the task and usually 10 steps ahead of the rest.
Author: Narr
Red wave coming in November snowflakes!
Author: Akinozshura
judge doesn't have a clue
Author: Juk
When is the judge moving over to cnn he is definitely a negative democrat
Author: Nar
Didn't Napolitano argue against these fisa courts and secret tribunals? The FBI and DOJ need to be brought to justice for this treason, and we need a serious debate about these unconstitutional courts and surveillance systems.
Author: Mumuro
wow Nappy is just full out shill now and a fool ~ now comes the pain
Author: Yozshull
Release all the Documents not just those 20 pages. After 50 years of politics I’ve seen the Good, the Bad, and the Plain Ugly. Total Corruption of an American Government I have never seen. I only saw that when I worked in Argentina and Chile, and they were known as Banana Republics. Correct me if I’m wrong Judge.
Author: Faulmaran
I'm sick and tired of this 'judge.' He's a closet never-Trumper, not to mention, he's wrong 75% of the time.
Author: Bat
Gamble? House and Senate Republicans haven’t seen it? What an idiot!
Author: Togal
You know that members of Congress will release all of this information! You know the deep state is stressing today! It is time to see what actually happened! We also need the names that were redacted from Page\Strzok's texts! You are going to see how the Russia investigation started and it is going to be a major blow to Mueller and the deep state!
Author: Malarn
Stupid statement Judge. America knows of the FBI attempt to crock Trumps Presidency, now release everything so America can see how Top Law Enforcement And Corrupt Judges run this country.
Author: Moogugar
You are another democrat spy Neapolitano. Your negativity and cover up for your democrat friends is just unbelievable.
Author: Tam
Trump has seen them all...and he's loaded for Bear. F' FISA We the People want to Know!!!
Author: Goltikora
Judge Napolitano seems to bring no resolution to anything . His comments seemed almost non-sensical today.
Author: Balmaran
Judge nap can be a bit of a twat sometimes, like Ben never trumping Shapiro, sometimes he’s ok but sometimes he’s just a swamp monster.
Author: Dougal
Liberalism is a mental illness
Author: Vubei
Why is the fisa court not doing anything about being lied too. obviously they're just as corrupt close them down.
Author: Dukazahn
"Ongoing criminal investigation"...what is the predicate crime being investigated? Transparency is the bane of the corrupt state. I'm tired of being viewed as too small to know. If it was up to the leftist legacy media, I never would. I never thought that we'd be competing with the old Soviet Union and Pravda for effective state production and control of information.
Author: Mugami
Let the games begin..
Author: JoJocage
Trump has seen everything don't kid yourself judge.
Author: Naramar
Judge is gone and flipped to the dark side!!


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