Man Wants 2 Attackers In Road Rage Incident To Pay His Medical Bills

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Comments "Man Wants 2 Attackers In Road Rage Incident To Pay His Medical Bills":

Author: Voodoojas
How can you catch blurs? That could be anyone!
Author: Aranris
I dont want to think wrong, but did you blurr their faces?
Author: Kazill
They spared his life. Such an ingrate.
Author: Arashirr
Should kept driving
Author: Nikogul
Ohh no you didn’t... people won’t attack you for no darn reason... not saying it’s justified but don’t say you just went around and they just started attacking you. You probably cussed them out thinking you’re a bad ass but you got the worst end of it... stop lying bro
Author: Daijin
Why is it blurred out 🤔
Author: Goltikree
He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. - Chinese proverb
Author: Moogugul
We need to see the full footage of what happen before the fight. You never know this man could of been the instigator. Just maybe he knew he can tick those ppl off making them to cuase harm so he can get a lawsuit for money. Scammer maybe idk.
Author: Kazrar
WTF. So you are asking for help in finding them, but you are blurring their faces to protect their identities? Who the hell is in charge of this station?
Author: Mikalmaran
Why would you guys blur it? What’s the point of making the video if you don’t put there faces!!!! Someone should be fired for this segment
Author: Arashura
Crystal 😍
Author: Mezigul
The man came to you looking for help to catch the attackers and you blur out the suspects faces so no one can identify them and call in with info to help the police catch them. 🙄 Yes please use this man's pain to make your $
Author: Kajilar
Author: Vudotaxe
Why did he leave the Saftey of his vehicle?,,,it’s like he caught a beating just to film ,,,DONT ever get out of the boat 👉🏼
Author: Grozil
why did you cover there faces, criminals have no rights. dont you guys give out life sentences for basically everything?hard to catch a criminal if the media is afraid to identify them, maybe it would flush the lil rats out of the hole there hiding under to compolains there rights were violated!!!sad sad. hope this guy can recover and arms himself to the teeth. quick lil shot witha tazer would of made that guy pe his pants so quick! stay safe ammerica,
Author: Voodoojin
hes gonna probably wait a little longer to get justice since their faces got blurred lol
Author: Zulkile
Yeah hippy . They'll solve this crime right after they close Biggie and Tupac
Author: Mejinn
Last time i was confronted on the road i told the other driver "im sorry it was my mistake (although it was not)" and other driver replied "oh nevermind, you have a good day now." Dont was your energy, learn to diffuse the situation.
Author: Fegal
Should have bought a 9mm instead of a go pro
Author: Zurr
Author: Akinotilar
Author: Tygorn
You should of lock your car door


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