Lurking Dangers Following Florence Robert Griswold

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Author: Mezirg
Isn't this the same interview from last week?
Author: Fera
CDC = Centers for Disease Creation
Author: Yolkree
Just asking...
Author: Bazragore
Bill Gates is a disease. He needs to be erradicated like Polio and Smallpox used to be.
Author: Gajind
Feel free to bring your thoughts/facts to my query.
Author: Fek
I had to comment about HAM radios, as I'm listening to the show I'm studying for the first test. I bought several handheld units, so I can communicate with my kids/family. I thought exactly what Bob said most people do, I can just use it when I need it. Although I had mine in a Faraday cage. I did sit down to program them ahead of time with local frequencies, law enforcement, repeaters etc. I figured out right away that isn't a good plan. I'm an automation and robotic systems designer, so I have an above average knowledge of electrical systems, electronics, etc. In my arrogance I thought "it can't be that difficult" I'll figure it out when the time comes.I'm telling you these radios are not easy to operate! Get one, but plan on and execute the plan to get a license!!!
Author: Moshakar
can't eat gold you all will die i have tons of food seed of all kind .....
Author: Kale
Author: Zoloshicage
If you are getting gold for afterwards, get seeds for growing your own food for afterwards too. But growing your own food like so many other things required practice.
Author: Taushura
Will be checking out the Ham radio, & I need to get my license👍
Author: Tashicage
I can tell you that having night vision and a communication is a top priority. Something that I’m also interested in is water purifiers. It’s going to be a necessity along with food. Keep plenty of tarps and duct tape and nylon cord. And have a good knife and can opener. Make sure that you have a well stocked first aid kit too. Keep boots a map and a compass. These are all essential survival tools.
Author: Moogut
Globalists are considered the elite rich/wealthy...
Author: Gazahn
I have been thinking about stocking up on Tattler Lids for canning and having a few extra canner seals because just think, if things go south how people will be unable to keep food from spoiling plus canning can be done with wood power, and food is life. That equipment will be much better than gold in my opinion.
Author: Brabei
Yeah! I remember that. I know where you got that from. Dave.
Author: Dizil
Dave shut up dude
Author: Gazil
Iran is said to have the largest stockpile of bioagents, and they are here in the states... think i heard that here with paul martin
Author: Masho
I think the honey must be raw for it to work as a disinfectant
Author: Nikoran
I didn't see any information anywhere that ammonium chloride is a disinfectant.
Author: Doulrajas
Remember, nothing is official till it's been officially denied.
Author: Zubei
Just a thought...
Author: Vudogrel
Author: Basar
Author: Gardajinn
why would they want to greatly and vastly reduce their ‘customers’?
Author: Yolar
Profit and greed are considered their driving force.
Author: Tule
About honey as an anti infective for wounds. It should be RAW honey. After it has been pasturised it won't be as effective as it needs to be and you could still run into problems...
Author: Kigal
It takes people, to buy ‘their stuff’...


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