Lt. Gov Dan Forest explains voter fraud scheme

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Author: Samuran
That's a hell of a lot of work to do and not know what a fake ID is.... The reason why this doesn't happen very often is because when the same name is recorded as voting twice (or a person is told they already voted) an investigation is automatically triggered. Then there is a record of it. If this was done on a large scale every election there would be hundreds if not thousands of recorded instances in each state.
Author: Nimi
We all know that Republicans want to make it hard for people to vote, because when turnout is high, they lose. This is a ludicrous video, suggesting that someone would involve many people in a criminal conspiracy, just on the off-chance it would change the outcome of an election. What a joke...
Author: Mazukree
Anyone who does this should get 20 years hard time.
Author: Makinos
Gosh, I have no idea how we could possibly prosecute someone who printed out the names and addresses of voters and then paid hundreds of people to go and impersonate those voters on election day...
Author: Meztishakar
Lt Gov Forest is a Piece of Crap, a lying trump kissass.


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