Kim Jong Un departs for meeting with Singapore PM

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Comments "Kim Jong Un departs for meeting with Singapore PM":

Author: Nelkree
Funded by American government 🤔
Author: Voodoolmaran
Yet he can't pay his hotel bill...... Sad
Author: Maucage
They should give each of his bodyguards those little shriner cars to ride in
Author: Zushicage
Author: Tygotaxe
rocket man never give up
Author: Mutaxe
lose some weight!
Author: Kazrami
These Bodyguards are keeping it in Shape. Rocket Man should do the same.
Author: Tygoshicage
Men in black
Author: Nisida
Trump dream fantasy bodyguards, haha. sad to have humiliation job like that.
Author: Yosar
This is laughable
Author: Akinogami
Author: Narisar
All of them wearing bulletproof vest inside and I wonder what kind of weapons they are carrying on them.
Author: Tukus
North Korean National Football Team training exercise.
Author: Nar
The current super hot and humid weather of Sg will kill all these running bodyguards.
Author: Samukree
Isolated lol
Author: Mikashicage
thanks for meeting lets see what happen both of them are cunning & clever don't thrust
Author: Dojin
Trump is a Boss. Nobody knew how to deal with N.Korea
Author: Mezinris
Cin jin
Author: Aralar
And they are running with Kevlar vests .....impressive
Author: Vudokree
Don’t worry Trumpski supporters. Trump is on your dime of taxes, negotiating his New hotel in North Korea. Bravo!!!
Author: Tat
ha ha ha ha....THAT is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen! fat boy should be running next to the car!


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