Jon Favreau | Life as Obamas Speechwriter | Full Address and Q&A

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Author: Samugami
Thanks Jon, for helping encourage one of the Greatest Presidents in history, Donald Trump, to run for President.
Author: Vokinos
This guy is hot and intelligent
Author: Tekasa
President Obama best President ever. TY   John Favreau for being an amazing speechwriter to the Man.
Author: Kilmaran
Just imagine someone writes a speech to Putin lol
Author: Sacage
Great Q&A, However, disappointed that NOT ONE Black person asked a question...Let Your Voice be Heard...Edit: Okay One did speak, And it was a good one. Makes me wonder, were AfricanAmerican ignored until the last minute? Mmmm
Author: Kigahn
two famous ppl with smae name- meltdown
Author: Zulkiran
35:40 I admire his optimism about the US voting public. A significant portion of a certain voting base actually believe in that.
Author: Gaktilar
there I was thinking I'll probably bomb the comment section with an obvious and absolutely irrelevant fact, but I seem not to be alone !! He is absolutely gorgeous !! and wrote those incredible speeches ??! so beautiful and crazy smart people DO exist!! there is hope..
Author: Nak
Ah 'dem good ol' days
Author: Akinotaur
Author: Tet
He gives off gay vibes...
Author: Shakalmaran
For a speech writer, this dude lacks richness and variety in vocabulary. He just sounds like a male version of a valley girl from L.A.
Author: Kazitaxe
It seems that there are those in this world that worked hard and have achieved great things and then there are some that sit on the sidelines and throw rocks. With the advent of the Internet it has been revealed to the world that there are many ignorant, rude, selfish and downright STUPID people living in America. Maybe that's the reason other countries laugh at and give us the side eye so often because many Americans are full of sh#t. Hypocrites to the bone, always touting ideals that they don't live. Talking the talk but not walking the walk.
Author: Mazum
i like people. i hate computers
Author: Moogulmaran
This guy isn't the director of Chef...
Author: Negul
Brilliant speaker. Really enjoy the speakers but definitely needs a better moderator. Questions are boring and not a lot of charisma. Pretty boring performance.
Author: Mikagrel
I am 60 and feel P. Obama has been by far the best respresentative of my standards and values.
Author: Kagam
Do you think this guy has seen Chef?
Author: Kazramuro
And now tRump is president.
Author: Kazizil
18:54 "How did it feel to slip into those shoes....or that hair". Bahaha.
Author: Mezizahn
Just wondered why Obama and his wife were disbarred from being lawyers before he became president of the USA ?
Author: Tekus
Watching this in July 2018 :), gosh he is HOT
Author: Goltigar
Damn, he s kinda fine.
Author: Toktilar
Favreau , not just a great speech writer , great orator , too.
Author: Akinokazahn
THE VERY FACT THE "AGREEMENT" WAS DONE IN SECRET, CAN'T BE REGARDED AS THE RESULT OF A DEMOCRATIC PROCESS, so for you to say Barack Obama is not destroying the very structure of what it is the official description of a sovereign, democratic nation, means YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!
Author: Mezit
Democracy is dead. RIP Democracy RIP!
Author: Goltim
Impressive fella.
Author: Nikogal
I have a few more ... but ... wait till I finish and connect to all, so u will see the beautiful picture:) .....
Author: Zologal
I'm surprised no one caught that in the audience.
Author: Vulkree
I remember that clip the death black man die in front of the church from safe someone..
Author: Ninos
brilliant thoughts and best of logical and practical speech and discussion.
Author: Mikasar
It is a wonderful world and a pity we are all so cynical but an ice-free Arctic in 2019 or 2020 ensures an abrupt spike in temperatures, crop losses, global famine, riots, collapse and Extinction when skilled labor stops maintaining 1,600 nuclear facilities amd 100,001 + other toxic leaking facilities already leaking, soon to be spewing radioactive ionizing gas and other toxins already destroying ecosystems around the world and more than half of the biomass of vertebrates, insects and plankton, our primary oxygen machine while Brazil's Bolsonaro mows our backup oxygen machine, the Amazon, flat. You have months; not years or decades. Obama tried with his green energy projects, but the scale of what is required, while possible if every Mayor and Governor did their part, is unlikely to be deployed quickly enough to beat Mother Nature's exponentially accelerating climate catastrophe schedule..
Author: Kazrahn
good speaker technically - but completely condescending- he is correct however on CNN - nothing but a Fear mongering machine. Fake News
Author: Kigamuro
So I guess Obama went on with his lines??
Author: Faelar
ARE YOU AWARE OF THE CONTENT OF THE TPP?? (Trans Pacific Partnership) an agreement conducted IN SECRET FOR 5 LONG YEARS with the blatant intention to destroy any semblance of DEMOCRACY, and tie down the hands of ALL FUTURE ELECTED LEADERS into a nightmare of regulations giving non-elected corporate CEO's more say on how to run the country, than democratically elected politicians. In the TPP the regular judicial system is totally disregarded, forcing the taxpayers to instead be subjected to a CORPORATE separate courts, with phony corporate judges who will decide the fate of a whole society in the hands of GREED.
Author: Kajidal
Good presentation
Author: Dishura
is he gay? the way he moves his hand is suspect
Author: Gakus
That race speech made me decide to be part of the Wisconsin for Obama Campaign. Did you ever meet Sam Seaborn?
Author: Shalabar
The reason I don't want to talk about the shooting ,because it is a huge thing that link to the religions which when I hear what I said about it, I guess some religions may realize and double think about what and why they shoot , it is wrong ...hundreds per cent. Also, about the raping ... if I used to be rape one time , it happened , if I think it hurst , just think that last time u did bad so that person he came for revenge, and forget about it. But if u keep think about it , who hurting you , it is you , u think 100 times u hurts 100 right ? :) forgive is the best because no one can make it but u can do it. U get the white ball . Abortion is the black ball, do not do it, if the kid will born let the kid born, u know why.... ? If you parent are thief family , they have to kill their kids all of them ?
Author: Kelkree
I came here because of Jungle Book !!!
Author: Doujas
As great as the speech was, i much prefer Jon just speaking off the cuff. He's so much more authoritative that way.
Author: Sarisar
I don't understand why the dems never pointed out that, even if Obama was born in Kenya, he would still be a U.S. citizen. Since his mother is a U.S. citizen, her "NATURAL-BORN" children are likewise U.S. citizens fully eligible to run for president.
Author: Tum
Enjoyed this !
Author: Kagataur
A hole
Author: Juktilar
The mans talent has put us in peril. He believes the all the lies, so do you?
Author: Mooguktilar
Foreshadowing, ouch. Brilliant, but scary. Check out podsaveamerica.
Author: Gobei
I know what is the main point on the other side? :) because you set the schedule too short , suppose to be longer a bit , if this group replace the other group cause of retire, but too bad for the government has to handle the budget because now the people live very long 100 years or more.. that is the point? So, take it slow with the time .... is it good?
Author: Gokazahn
Boy, he sure has lost some pounds since directing Iron Man...
Author: Mohn
Author: Kegul
Such a lovely man, really.
Author: Bajinn
Author: Shakarisar
He did good on iron man
Author: Vilabar
i thought this would be with the fat actor who's sleeping with women in the movies he makes that are way out of his league. disappointed.
Author: Memuro
President Obama exercises reason, compassion and humility. These are not the values of the republican party.
Author: Tausar
Lovely work in writing for the President
Author: Tukazahn
I definitely recognise President Obama in Jon's way of speaking haha. Great speech and Q&A
Author: Fektilar
Trump is so goddamn stupid he is now with-out reading a single paper has reversed himself on man-influenced climate change based on talking to someone for likely less than 20 minutes.
Author: Takus
So Jon Favreau was the Puppet Master, behind the Puppet Obama , when Obama spoke without his tele prompter he was lost he stammered and stuttered like Porky Pig ! Obama was a Protected Token Black who just spoke Empty Promises and of course the words of Jon Favreau . I wonder if Jon Favreau was President that he would have been a better President, since he wrote the songs that made the Dumbocrats Smile.?
Author: Dunris
this giy has nothing to share with us. He is dumb, predictable and boring.
Author: Samukree
im alone and I hate it. I would rather be dead
Author: Malajas
Seeing him pivot on nearly every campaign promise in just the first two weeks shows him to be the fraud many believed him to be.
Author: Gotaxe
Interesting talk. Being an ex-pat American I get all my news on-line. I watch PBS daily and listen to NPR. There is none of this dire warnings stuff referred to in the CNN example.
Author: Vikinos
The best part of this the majority of the kids in the front rows are looking at their phones or completely ignoring this idiot.
Author: Goltikus
This dude can sure write speeches. But he can't deliver them as effectively. Or at least he doesn't appear to be able to.
Author: Faegrel
best video on youtube in my opinion
Author: Faubei
I consider myself a PROGRESSIVE and I describe the Democratic Party of USA as a poisonous snake producing warmongers like KILLARY CLINTON while destroying decent candidates like Bernie Sanders.
Author: Akinogore
Your speech was was very good even though it had little to do with the truth. I was born in Des Moines Iowa the only white girl in my class.
Author: Tojagis
go back to laughing about the lies that is Obamacare
Author: Meztihn
That was a FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. It has already been proven to be a forgery.
Author: Kazrakasa
And all the comments... So sad, educated people falling for nice speeches and marketing moments, WAKE FUCKINK UP
Author: Naramar
U guy miss understand, i didn't have any idea to destroy this country ....maybe the way I wrote it make people confuse about it, I focus on other thing. My point just want the people think about it and find out exactly what is the root, it will be easy when u put that position on ur shoe, u will get it.
Author: Arashizil
This Jon seems to be a nice lad. However, this does not alleviate his role in aiding a war criminal , who is also a nice person.
Author: Goltirr
Butterfly effect: 10:00 This guy's trolling of Donald Trump's on Obama Birth Certificate at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner cause the downfall of America and maybe the end of the world...
Author: Mejin
dude he's hot as hell!
Author: Maugar
He speaks like Jake Tapper of CNN
Author: Telmaran
O.K., now I forgive Obama, sorry Obama you had a real bad writer.
Author: Gutaur
Wow. Thank you for this.
Author: Kisho
Been meaning to watch this for some time and finally got around to it. It is an interesting talk with good questions for the most part. Favreau, as one would expect from a wordsmith, is quite articulate and a joy to listen to. And it is especially interesting watching this a year and a bit since Trump entered the White House and really being able to see the stark differences between the visions for America and its governance and the approach to carrying out the duties of the presidency between Obama and Trump. And those differences could not be clearer. Whereas Obama espoused an open, clear, far-sighted, uplifting vision of and for the country that calls it to aspire and to be its better self and strove to achieve that, with Trump it is small, weak, partisan, divisive and petty. America and the world are the poorer for Trump's ascent to power.
Author: Voshicage
Author: Malasar
For a speech writer I have to say this is an amazingly boring talk.Maybe he's better at writing them then delivering them.
Author: Dolabar
The Republicans have their own problems having a CLOWN for candidate who has learned to push the victims buttons to get elected as the star of a "reality TV show".
Author: Arazshura
What a great thing to watch
Author: Malasar
Author: Kajigul
Thanks for the beautiful speeches
Author: Akinojind
this lucky mofo porked rashida jones.
Author: Samuktilar
I have found Trump since learning about him in the "90's" a vile, detestable man. He has some positions I agree with but the way he presents them is so distasteful. He has the charm of a smart-alack 15 year old punk kid.
Author: Kelrajas
@ 8:40 "it's hard to believe this happened..." no kidding...
Author: Magrel
Watched Oct 2017. Huh. His Idealism speech was good. He is on to something. Does the toddling clown in the White House, nowadays, even have a speechwriter?
Author: Akinora
He’s got a great podcast, Pod Save America.
Author: Meshicage
Author: Gar
This was the second Oxford Union talk I watched on youtube. Both speakers were interesting only in that they claimed to have very close associations with prominent individuals. In the case of this fawning presentation, we need to consider several points, the first of which is his youth. It must have been very exciting for such a young man to be placed in such positions. Second, we have to recognize his party affiliation and the fact that he made his living for years by writing texts to tilt public opinion, no doubt at the expense of balance and perhaps even veracity. Third, we have to look at something like the birth certificate and ask why he even chose to use it as one example since it was discredited within 20 minutes of its publication as a forgery.
Author: Bazshura
BARACK OBAMA HAS FORCED THE TPP AND TTIP TO BE VOTED IN A RUSH, WITHOUT ANY DISCUSSION, AND HE'S TRYING TO DO IT BEFORE HE LEAVES OFFICE, so that he will finish his 8 years in power with a perfect CORPORATE approval, enslaving the US citizens to the whims of all greedy investors of the world with his Too Big to Fail BS trillions of dollars gift, and ending with the TPP chain around the people's neck.
Author: Shalabar
A person to admire, representing the generation about to step up and take their turn and, why we should have hope in the future. Perspective, as we watch those dominating current politics use fear, bigotry, division and anger to garner power. Without such perspective, the future might otherwise appear bleak.
Author: Taulabar
"Every once in awhile, there are moments that remind us why it is what we do, what we do." Obama left a big impression on him. Excellent opening.
Author: Mugar
Author: Mausar
"It's not like House of Cards. HOC is like a soap opera." Cut to the current presidency, it's a lot like HOC and a soap opera. Today 01.17.2019 it's been reported that Michael Cohen hired an IT firm to rig election machines and still owe them thousands of dollars. A plot in HOC.
Author: Nikole
Super amazing. His gestures and way of pausing and walking, reminds of Obama....
Author: Yoshicage
You cannot go to church and pray for the gay marriage this is disgrace gentleman Obama's Rider
Author: Moogugore
wait what - this aint jon favreau -im confused?
Author: Zologul
Exceptional view into the inner workings of the Obama White House from a central figure to the processes. Well done.
Author: Mazura
I don’t know how long ago this conversation was, but I am so amazed by you John Favreau. You need to go back into politics, you had a fantastic teacher in President Obama. You would be a great President and America needs young people people like you to get involved. You are fantastic.
Author: Tot
Is this the guy that directed Iron Man???
Author: Yozil
You have made him sound smart and respectful but the truth is “you cannot work for him nor help him create good policies.” For that, a person like me, I know he was as he is that is “not smart enough but good puppet”
Author: Kidal
Very interesting.
Author: Kigarisar
He was down on his luck meaning he would of did anything even if he sold his soul.
Author: Tautaxe
Jon Favreau is obviously a talented and passionate young man, but he does not actually appear to have his hand on the rudder. His "candidate" was gifted the Nobel prize, apparently on the basis of hope since there was no other reason that suggested he "won" it on the basis of his actions. He has had eight years to earn that prize but has, in the opinion, of most of the world failed to fulfill the hopes he generated.
Author: Kazradal
I am soooo glad I listened to this speech! Amazing & enlightening!
Author: Zulkilrajas
Debate Will Witt
Author: Zucage
"The proviso of the Naturalization Act of 1790 provided that “the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens"
Author: Shakakasa
What a beautiful speaker!
Author: Goltitilar
How old is he 🤤🤤
Author: Yogami
He has a podcast: Pod Save America!
Author: Gardakazahn
This guy is amazing! 👍
Author: Gosar
There’s a lot of Obama’s body language , that is embodied within his way of speaking..... I guess being Obama’s chief speechwriter, has its merits.a
Author: Tuhn
He is my favorite.
Author: Kajilrajas
He lost a lot of weight
Author: Tugor
Natural-born means from a natural birth regardless of location.
Author: Tozil
Author: Gaktilar
Trump is the best president ever.
Author: Fenrijind
Great listen. Keeps reminding me of Simon Sinek.
Author: Salkis
Jon favreau?? Srsly? That name is weird enough but then there'd be two people with that name.
Author: Mikagis
I just watched John's other presentation at Univ. of Dublin...and again -- Amazing!
Author: Kern
I get it president Obama.
Author: Mezirr
A boring idealist...
Author: Dolrajas
Deep respect for this man!
Author: Nijin
Jonathan is really HOTT
Author: Daiktilar
watched this the whole way through incredibly enlightening and thought-provoking also made me appreciate 44 even more
Author: Akilkis
Fascinating insight- charismatic speaker
Author: Akinokasa
didn't he invent iron man
Author: Durn
'but here's the truth' .... click
Author: Shaktihn
Why not Ben Shapiro in audience nice to see peace speeches he's writings
Author: Dougis
9:10 .....i don't see a ring ..... soooooooo..... CALL ME, JON!!!
Author: Kem
Hey! This isn't the guy who helped me jumpstart the MCU😠
Author: Mezilabar
or 'Life as a Transatlantic Turd Polisher''.
Author: Saramar
"I want someone to be President with a temperament, a calm, a steady nature. Those qualities serve leaders very well."
Author: Doule
40-46' 💝
Author: Goltigore
Instant gaydar went off. he's a gay obama speechwriter, how wonderful to find out!
Author: Arazragore
It's the same scenario with Ted Cruz ; his mother is a U.S. citizen so, her "NATURAL-BORN" children are likewise U.S. citizens fully eligible to run for president.
Author: Talkis
Author: Kazikree
Damn, all this time I thought Jon Favreau was Jon Favreau.
Author: Kazrarn
Just think what America could have accomplished under Obama had the Republican party not been so racist.
Author: Dailar
You can ask God for gay marriage God never bless gay marriage you get punished
Author: Gusida
Ah he went to a Jesuit college... Just like me....shows the Jesuits know how to raise people with hope. a good heart and a good mind :
Author: Nikojas
Not the same guy from Iron Man movies...ok.
Author: Shajas
Truly outstanding! Like President Obama said, it's going to be truly phenomenal to see what his young team of staffers will accomplish in the next few years. He really attracted and trained some incredibly young and brilliant minds... and not hard on the eyes, either. I look forward to Jon's book! When is it coming?
Author: Vora
37.19 wot no gossip,yawn.Has this guy just been through 8 years of politics or an episode of the Waltons.
Author: Yojind
So Obama didn't come up with all that drivel? It was this guy?
Author: Vuzragore
I am truly shocked Obama didn’t write his own speeches ! Next you will be telling me he always used a TelePrompTer
Author: Sami
Obama's FIRST ACTION as president was to transfer TRILLIONS of dollars of bank's debts onto the shoulders of the productive sector of USA and their yet unborn future generations. Using the ridiculous threat of TOO BIG TO FAIL he has shown from day one who he really is responding to, and it is NOT the people that voted for him.
Author: Kagarg
Focus on Obama's record and not his race or his performance skills. With a campaign financed by Wall Street in 2008 Obama let the bankers choose his first cabinet. He then subsidised the healthcare industry by pretending to offer universal healthcare. He kept the war machine well-oiled and expanded US military operations into Yemen, Syria and Libya. He did nothing about Chinese piracy of technology or North Korea developing nuclear weapons. He did nothing to limit the growth of the surveillance state and probably used it to spy on Trump's campaign. He did nothing for African-Americans except occupy the White House. That's why so many who voted for him in 2008 abstained in 2012. They knew they'd been sold an Oreo.
Author: Mauramar
Author: Yotaxe
Very well done! #THANKUOBAMA
Author: Kajishakar
What a psychopath
Author: Nikozahn
JON FAVREAU -- I am one of those who were happiest when Barack Obama was elected the first time, and was then very engaged in supporting his election. Disregarding the ton of Obama's many actions and decisions he has done reversing many of his promises, I am going to ask you a simple question......
Author: Magore
he is only 36 as 2017. So when he worked for Obama in 2009, he was only 28.
Author: Kigazil
propaganda much?
Author: Kigahn
am i the only one who thinks he has some mannerisms of obama and indeed looks like him? would that have been there before he was hired and contributed towards it, or would this have been developed across the years he spent around the expresident?


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