Jimmy Savile audio recording 1975 molesting young girl

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Author: Megal
No coverage of "Doctor Who" producers who hit on teen males at sci-fi conventions. The bbc left it to the tabloid press to cover that story. They look after their own.
Author: Mirisar
He is the devils cum ...he is back down with satan bouncin on his cock ,pure evil man
Author: Shacage
The dog saw through the cunt.
Author: Dugul
yeah and a good friend of the royal british family...go figure
Author: Mikakazahn
The dog should have bit the cunt.
Author: Shaktik
I'm glad he's resting in hell!
Author: Fenrijind
Author: Yozshutaxe
because of money my friend , everything is ok as long as they have money , the bbc have a lot to answer for how many other sick men have the known about and coverd up it makes me sick, all we ever here about is these rich men fraught with scandel politicians are the same scandel scandel scandel they dont give a fuck about this countrys real problems all they give a fuck about is the next best way the can get there jollys off
Author: Tagore
Jane age 15
Author: Faezragore
fair play jimmy u fooled the english now they hate a dead man how stupid are the english now ha ha ha rip jimmy
Author: Shakagor
fucking pervert ugly as fuck.
Author: Moogukazahn
How the hell was he not exposed sooner? The evidence of his weird behaviour is here...
Author: Kem
They can take the grave stones away but I wonder how many times his graves been pissed on up to now?
Author: Vitilar
What malignant odious piece of [email protected]#t so much so that a dog recognised he was.
Author: Vijinn
Jim'll Fuckk ya!!
Author: Gojin
jimmy fixed alot of young people back then that is how he got his name jimmy fix it lol R.I.P
Author: Didal
And winner of the shittest troll of the year goes to...
Author: Dilar
he is English right?
Author: Kenos
I always thought there was something creepy about him. I think the same of Bruce Forsyth too. Time will tell. Showbiz attracts a lot of perverts and shits.
Author: Gokazahn
He hid in plain sight
Author: Gazilkree
Dear Jim could you fix it for me to kick you fucking face in.
Author: Dosho
what a bully what a bastard how the hell did he getaway with what he did over the years


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