Israeli soldier shoots Palestinian - BBC News

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Author: Togis
๐Ÿ˜ Fuck Israei
Author: Tojagore
It's called target practice.
Author: Yojora
If I am informed correctly all of these people were told to stay back a certain distance from the fence or they would be shot. Soldiers are under orders and are obligated to follow them. So it seems to me they were shot because they wouldn't listen to the orders that were given them. So then who is to blame?
Author: Tojagar
Good Job IDF keep up the good work.
Author: Negami
2017 and your telling people now. When you going to mention Israel bombing a Syrian airbase, or there lackys doing the chemical bomb in Syria (staged I might add, some special chemical bombs over there which only target women and kids and a well placed camara and some water does the trick) an blaming Syria nad you BBC are the globalists mouthpiece (for Zionists) trying to tell people it was Assad. You don't do reporting what so ever your just a pure propaganda outfit leeching off of the tax payer. you disgust me.
Author: Mera
Somehow this video is more convincing than Islamic State's one about chemical weapons where they practically water board children?
Author: Narr
Dear BBC cheif (cheap) Editor,
Author: Malasida
Bunch of savages fighting a holy war. What's new?
Author: Kar
They didn't shout "a son of *****" BBC lying once again. This was a good shot though the Jihadi SOB deserved it
Author: Najas
real terrorist is ๐Ÿ‘‰ ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ
Author: Zulkikus
Attempted murder
Author: Moogugore
They were probably harassing the soldiers throwing projectiles at them. This is what they wonโ€™t tell you these Palestinian provoke the soldiers
Author: Mejora
IF I take my AR15 and murder a kid throwing rocks at my fence
Author: Sajinn
The real terorist is israel.
Author: Juzshura
BBC, how can we trust you if you sensor the most important information in this Clip
Author: Fezragore
How stupid are they? I have no sympathy for them whatsoever..they get what they deserve.
Author: Zuramar
Don't cause trouble and you won't get it in return!
Author: Kakinos
God gonna burn all Israelian on day
Author: Mikadal
The IDF is revolting, it doesn't even hide its atrocities but cheers them on!
Author: Jusar
This is strange...
Author: Fenricage
Or a child murder
Author: Arashigul
he entered a no go zone, the soldiers warned him to get out with a megaphone
Author: Vizilkree
It's one thing to assassinate a dangerous person... but to laugh and cheer about it makes them seem inhumane.
Author: Nikinos
Good job by Israeli
Author: Tojarg
I can't help but see the similarity to Schindler's List balcony scene... German shooting Jewish inmate for fun....
Author: Taktilar
Was this filmed on a potato?
Author: Vurisar
BBC you are legit cancer, how about you show the whole clip and not just the edited out version that suits your political agenda? I mean, if Mexico told the US that they are going to cross the border and murder everyone Iโ€™m sure they would react much, much worse so stop being a bunch of hypocrites and tell people the truth for a change. This is fake news!
Author: Feran
Israel is doing with Palestinians what the Nazis did with them in the past
Author: Goltidal
I don't trust you BBC. You show only what you want showed.
Author: Tom
Happy ending
Author: Tojajas
Truly Israel is doing Satan's bidding.
Author: Brakora
So this is where tax payers money goes..
Author: Dajas
Meanwhile, in Syria....... Nobody cares. Hypocrites! LOL
Author: Vudolrajas
Author: Mezikora
Nice 1-0
Author: Vudojas
Why did we stop Hitler?
Author: Magrel
I stand by Israel. Love from India.
Author: Vurisar
he cries and they go away
Author: Gurn
Hitler predicted this
Author: Meztizahn
wow what a video
Author: Nikojind
The enjoyment expressed is the thing that is so disturbing. How sick must one be to consider the death of another person acceptable, or even pleasurable? A:,
Author: Zushakar
Fuckkkkkkkkk Israei
Author: Malaran
and yet Israeli soldiers equipment payed for with courtesy of tax payers money.
Author: Zolora
La tierra prometida serรก su tumba. Sionistas les escupo la cara cuando los veo en mi ciudad.
Author: Mikagul
Just another sign of day of judgment, happily killing killing killing. What they hide is worse then this. Everyone will go back to Allah/ god as we all die , and he will judge us all. Keep strong Muslims Palestinians, the life is just temporary, we are only on transit on this earth, if you try to have bit more sabr/ patience Allah will give you, your rewards, and give u justice, there is no justice except Allah/god justice
Author: Nikokree
How can they say the were targeting a leader of a riot when theirs evidence here that they tried to kill a child...I donโ€™t even need to say an unarmed child
Author: Taule
These army can't let terrorist alive.. good shot
Author: JoJosho
He didn't shoot to kill him and he didn't shoot a kid they just pointed out that there is a kid there. In the army if there are protesters that are putting our citizens in danger or if u already shot pepper gas grenade and it didn't help to scare them away you get an approval to shoot from the knee down. That's why he said on 0:30 that he keeps ducking so that's why he can't shoot him because they know we can't shoot to kill. And over all the translation is close to what they say but not completely. Also he didn't said I can't shoot because the fence he said I can't see where I'm shooting because the fence. It's so funny how u can twist a video like that. And yes I served in the army in a combat unit.
Author: Moogujind
And for anyone who don't know how evil the Jews are watch the documentary on the USS Liberty. The Jews purposely bomb a US ship killing 100s of US soldiers. They did it to try and draw america in there war. But US servicemen survived and told the real story and the US government tried covering it up so Americans wouldn't hate the Jews. And no one was ever punished
Author: Yosar
I do not give a damn what supporters of these animals think so knock yourself out justifying what we were just shown
Author: Douhn
Sad to say but this prolly happens everyday.
Author: Kezshura
Good job
Author: Malalabar
Schlomo Sand, an Israeli of Ashkenazi lineage, has written a book that explains that the Israelis have less Hebrew blood in them than do the Palestinians. This is because most Israelis are Ashkenazi Jews who are not descendants of the Biblical Hebrews. They are descendants of the Turko-Mongol nation called Khazars.
Author: Meztikazahn
the soldiers shot one of the main instigators of the violent protest [man in the video]
Author: Arajora
What are you complaining about?
Author: Zolokazahn
this is like riding a bike, putting a stick into your wheels and then crying about it, utterly ridicolus
Author: Saran
Murder. Israel has become the very Fascists they once fled... You WILL pay for your crimes Israel, not today, not tomorrow. But you WILL pay. Free Palestine. โœŠโœŒ
Author: Fekasa
Would I be a hero
Author: Malak
they want to shot kid!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Author: Babar
Fake news
Author: Daishicage
Fuck yall yallllllll
Author: Dik
Extremly surprised the BBC uploaded anything critical of Israeli warcrimes. Very disappointing they censored the violence
Author: Donos
So he basically sniped the guy and shot him in the head who was supposed to be a riot organizer(as believed by the military)
Author: Dulkree
Israel: best at shooting unarmed civilians and invading lands that can't militarily match them. I wonder if the Iranians have anything planned.
Author: Zolonris
The one in the blue, no the one in the pink...
Author: Shakticage
this is truely anti simetic...
Author: Meztitilar
Organizing a riot.... RIGHT
Author: Vudoshakar
Well done!
Author: Malakinos
The Palestinians get told and told and told again, "If you approach the border fence you will be shot"
Author: Kagaramar
Author: Voodooshura
You dogs
Author: Meztishicage
A Muslim is never unarmed.
Author: Kigashura
The time is coming when the stones will speak that r jew hiding behind them
Author: Kazibar
W8 till end times where stones & tree say hey muslim theres jew behind me, go kill him
Author: Kagarn
This is disgraceful
Author: Kigall
Good job brother
Author: Meztigal
Thou shalt not kill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Tygozahn
The monsters, the IsraeliNazis, were a creation of Britain after world war 2... and now financed by American tax payers...
Author: Mezirn
Nice shot
Author: JoJogal
Throw rocks at armed soldiers, get shot. It goes hand in hand, only if he chose not to. Shoulda woulda coulda, right?
Author: Zulkijas
Murder plain and simple.
Author: Mikashura
Israel shooting to everyone there, in last year they killed over 180 people, over 30 kids, they injured over 6k people, they shooting to disabled people, journalists, everyone.
Author: Majind
Long live Israel
Author: Nalabar
So after being persecuted in Europe. this is what Israeli army is doing to unarmed protesters. well done this is sickening.
Author: Vukora
And they are suprised the whole world don't like jews
Author: Yoshicage
This video might be more alarming if it portrayed an Israeli soldier NOT shooting a Palestinian
Author: Mogami
How about some British news for a change?
Author: Jujind
Search "Schindler's List Balcony Scene" in YT.
Author: Vudojas
This is so bad they should not have killed the unarmed people... UN should intervene such matters
Author: Moogulrajas
Author: Nikazahn
Those Palestinians have a choice, They fully understand the consequences of their actions. IF the IDF pulled back completely the 'protestors would certainly break through the fencing and run amoke - then what? Rubber bullets are notoriously inaccurate and bound to cause the occasional fatality. The soldiers frustration is bound to boil over at times, and again non of this has to happen. ask any one of those young protestors if they no the history of the troubles. I bet not one can answer correctly...
Author: Moogukazahn
Very sad times for some people sorry.
Author: Doshicage
Criminal it would seem.
Author: Zulkisida
This is the norm for people everyday in palestine but not just this much worse
Author: Kigarn
Fuck ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ”ฏ Israei
Author: Sagal
Kudos to Jews because they knew it.
Author: Dorisar
Ah good old Israel, fascism has found an unlikely new home. Goebbels would be so proud of his Jewish children
Author: Kigam
Author: Arashinris
I donโ€™t know whatโ€™s worse, the video or the comments lmao
Author: Nikohn
That was someoneโ€™s kid, and probably a young boys father. And you shot him in the head because you believed he may have been involved in organizing some sort of a protest? No due process, no trial. Just sniper round to the skull. But oy vei, the Holocaust โ„ข๏ธ you guys!
Author: Tokora
BS video didn't show anything. Typical BBC crap
Author: Voktilar
That's how u deal with rioters in Israel...
Author: Daiktilar
Palestine went to war with Israel in 1948 and lost so stop complaining about what u caused
Author: Akinonris
I don't like Hitler but guys be honest this wants you want him to still be alive
Author: Malagor
Author: Akira
They probably justify it by claiming the unarmed dude is a terrorist lol.
Author: Akinokinos
The voices of a coward playing a game...shooting someone who is not threatening him.
Author: Dalkree
It's like playing duck hunt on the atari.
Author: Nikokus
Really?? So an Israeli troop kills an innocent kid & hands over the video to BBC?
Author: Nanris
Well one day the Arabs will unite as one and destroy Israel and all its people
Author: Kazrajas
It was not a kill, but a leg shot
Author: Zulujinn
The translate is bad but good shot! Well played from Russia!!
Author: Moramar
The fulustini he terrorist good job idf i love you israel god love you
Author: Yocage
Those Palestinians should leave Israel alone. What do you expect to happen once you intimidate and threaten Israel?
Author: Dirisar
Good shot.
Author: Shale
I can only say that Israel will pay the price for what they doing
Author: Talar
Too bad BBC doesnโ€™t show the schools in Israel that are near the Gaza Strip and how the children have to be within seconds of a bomb shelter to protect themselves from terrorist attacks....but that doesnโ€™t fit their agenda.
Author: Shakakus
Israel will soon be defeated. And it is possible to express their joy by killing a Muslim like a movie and killing their humanity. One day the silent murder will be the same.
Author: Yozahn
They are just doing to the palestinians what the naziz's did to them
Author: Moogusho
I do not understand why the BBC are posting this online, itโ€™s despicable, it appears to be filmed on a mobile phone and by whom?
Author: Gardajinn
isreali dogs
Author: Mejinn
well that made me dislike all Israelis... the discussion on who to shoot was sickening... and these are the people America supports, really? nothing but animals.....
Author: Zugor
murderers, and those that support this murder, are just as guilty as the murderer that pulled the trigger! this is racism, terrorism, crimes against humanity and apartheid, all in the furtherance of stealing whats left of PALESTINE!
Author: Jull
Author: Akibar
You can't tell us truth about jews it's antisemitic, instead give them reparations.
Author: Zoloshicage
And they complain about Hitlers crimes.. Heartbreaking
Author: Brak
Why are people making this sound new. This stuff happens all the time in Israel. Smh
Author: Dit
And they're laughing smh
Author: Tenos
It was not nice, but after what germans and their allies did to the Jews we have no right to judge them... I hope they have a nice time in Poland during the march of living.
Author: Tukora
What an evil place.I guarantee most every soldier who shot an unarmed person to death will deal with that scene of death,destruction and the one that hurts the most...Guilt.
Author: Kazikree
the soldiers shot in the air to warn him to get out
Author: Vogul
These People "Do Not Believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God! They have a anti- Christ Spirit! Evil! Pray for them all , because God will Not be mocked! Thou shalt Not Murder. God said he will "Come back and deal with all those with an anti- Christ Spirit!
Author: Dami
What the hell is going on in this world ???? ๐Ÿ˜ก murdering for fun ????
Author: Zutaur
Israelis are running the same show in Palestine that they fled in Germany during IInd world war, and yet they sell themselves as victims.
Author: Turg
Author: Gotaxe
And they think they're God's people...
Author: Kem
How do we know this is not #FakeNews ?
Author: Kashura
I am nothing to do with Arabs or Jews. But this made my blood boiling.. Israel, go down to hell.
Author: Yojind
It's honestly disgusting how one of the israelis says: let's shoot the kid.
Author: Mezizshura
Boom head shot.
Author: Vomi
Waiting all jews gather in israel so that will be easier for us to cleanse holy land from them once and for all..
Author: Nalkree
Is this footage in the hands of the police or what ??? Whereโ€™s the arrests ???
Author: Zulkishicage
so anyone who is suspected of leading a violent riot must be murdered... that's according the the BBC who may not comment on why Tommy Robinson or the Britain First leaders shouldn't also be shot.
Author: Mooguzragore
"Multiple measures were taken to disperse rioters throughout, including using public address to order them to stop, deploying crowd control measures and firing into the air.
Author: Voodoorr
700+ people shot and 15 killed by Israelis for Palestinians protesting while burning tyres and throwing stones and we bomb Syria.This is all the BBC gives a dam .
Author: Dourn
Because they are anti-Semites. They are busy with Israel killing a terrorist instead of the fact that Assad and Putin are killing 500,000 children a year and Israel is the only one that helps poor children who are bombed
Author: Vuramar
"suspected of" so shoot to kill before proven is their motto and laugh about it afterwards.....
Author: Dagul
nation of devil, indeed they are the chosen ones, at least one time they did not lie
Author: JoJolar
what happened in a nutshell:
Author: Mezizilkree
Author: Akijar
Why didn't Allah save him.....Allah is weak in Israel ๐Ÿ˜‚
Author: Tugami
Author: Kisho
They have either stone or gun or bomb.
Author: Kazijind
When I see two kids fighting over a toy long enough I take it from them and smash it. One kid is upset that itโ€™s smashed, the other is upset cause he didnโ€™t want the other kid to have it.
Author: Vozshura
He Get Close To The Border So He Get A Bullet, Israel Has The Rights To Protect Her Border
Author: Kikree
This is sickening and disappointing. Iโ€™ve been on the Israeli side of this debate for years and after that girl attacked an Israeli soldier in THAT viral video I was convinced they were the violent ones. However why does Israel let their own violent peasants handle guns? No matter how bad the Palestinians are to them they donโ€™t deserve to be shot at. They need to crack down on their army discipline
Author: Mojas
translation is... ok? you got most of the important stuff but still a little hasn't been translated, not the full context.
Author: Zoloramar
People please enjoy this video, a display of the power, wealth and might of our great Jewish empire. it took 75 years but we finally got there. F palestine
Author: Voodoorisar
Our future seems so bright...
Author: Nizilkree
Author: Duran
This footage from 1993 could be taken out of context
Author: Zololkis
Looks very bad
Author: Maugul
he ignored
Author: Shakajinn
What a shame. No action are being taken against the Israeli in fact some idiotic world leaders are shaking hands and hugging them instead of warning them against their atrocities. They r trying to imbalance the countries around them but no one sees this
Author: Samukree
Author: Talmaran
Author: Malajar
Wow, thousands of people are shooted a day
Author: Dusida
Look at them laughing and mocking those people as they're freaking out sitting in safety and comfort. No empathy, no sympathy. At the very least they're sociopaths.
Author: Gogrel
Laughing while am unarmed shot
Author: Shalrajas
Sharia Law will be gone soon
Author: Gazragore
This can be in Syria for all i know i don't see anything.
Author: JoJogrel
Very good
Author: Nejin
Author: Mar
O Allah Give him The Harshest Punishment who has recorded the video, The Israelian Force Personnel Who Shotted That Man And Accept That Mans Killing As Shahadat.Ameen
Author: Jugor
so he shot somebody dead ,filmed it and then gave it to media??? really BBC!!! I don't get it.
Author: Nizil
So they got the "riot organizer", the guy in pink because the other guy was bobbing too much? If you think the guy in pink deserved this you haven't been paying attention. And you're only seeing what you want to see.
Author: Felmaran
Author: Kagagore
Author: Fenrijinn
What a cracking shot
Author: Tojanos
โ€”โ€œHe shouldnโ€™t of been standinโ€™ there.โ€
Author: Molrajas
Author: Brall
Author: Kezragore
When it comes to israeli atrocities against palestinians ,I wonder why and where BBC hides.previously I used to see bbc but nowadays I realize it is just a tool to cover up the western crimes and their allies and to expose fake news of theur adversaries.fake news
Author: Zolorisar
Only a blood thirsty maniac psychopath can do something like this. He must answer for his crimes against humanity!
Author: Mule
Author: Tejora
As an American, I would say for the record that they shot and killed an innocent man. If he started up or planned a "violent riot" to happen, he shouldn't have to get shot by a M82.416 (50 Calibre Rifle). They could've dispersed the riot by using tear gas and flashbangs so that way no one would've have to die.
Author: Tukus
The BBC is a complicit part of the problem
Author: Gardalkis
Author: Kalrajas
He deserved it. Bring that crap to the US border and I'd sh00t you too.
Author: Mer
BBC = hizbollah TV
Author: Tygogal
PaIestinian โœŒ
Author: Dunos
Hello.People,do you know that the Arabs are Semites?
Author: Dogul
I find it very frustrating that we're told to be wary of fake news but the media wont be transparent with facts like how the BBC obtained this video, whether or not it has been edited (it was since we do not see the person being shot), why is an event which is over a year old being brought up now, who is this 'leading Israeli rights group', etc.
Author: Dizragore
Israhell you are so brave, shoot that kid, and unarmed girl from behind....
Author: Kahn
This sort of thing has been posted for years. Just not on the biased broadcasting corps. Itโ€™s incremental genocide by Israel on a country they have systematically invaded and appropriated. Sadly Si on ists appear to run govts and are given 38 billion per year by the US ??!! ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Author: Fenrit
This was a individuals action not the idf as a Israeli I find this very disturbing
Author: Grojora
With that being said, I wish the whole area would be leveled. Completely sterilized, not even microbial life. Uninhabitable for centuries. These kids just canโ€™t seem to learn to enjoy the toys.
Author: Tujora
Once these steps proved inefficient, a single bullet was fired at one of the suspects of organizing and spearheading the protest while he was meters away from the fence. As a result, he was struck in the leg and subsequently wounded."
Author: Nahn
Russia will back iran with top notch military equipment ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Author: Kekus
ISRAHELL is An Apartheid Occupation Regime who will fall soon ! Amen
Author: Sakree
Long live israel
Author: Faujin
Good terrorists should get shot.
Author: Daran
And all these muslims & palestinians play the victim card in UN. Shame on Palestine.
Author: Kazrajas
Stay classy Israel
Author: Gardagor
and this ladies and gentlemen are america closest friends
Author: Zolobei
How about you show the moment the Hamas leader called his people to storm the borders and tear the hearts out of the Israelites? Stop inciting Jew hatred BBC! You can't win!
Author: Shakakus
Author: Dorisar
How dark
Author: Grozuru
Well done isreal
Author: Mazuktilar
BOOM, Headshot!
Author: Dora
Dear god
Author: Nidal
he ignored
Author: Faurisar
puki mak anak haram pii jahanam pundek babi musibat cibai siaeerrr isreal penakut anak haram jahanam setan pi mati buang puki anak haram
Author: Tujinn
That is one way to deal with trouble makers. Nice shooting.
Author: Kazizahn
Right in front of a kid, and the shooter screams in jubilant victory. ...This world! ๐Ÿ˜ข
Author: Maugor
The world biggest terrerst country only amerina.
Author: Mazukus
I donโ€™t trust this.
Author: Grogami
India stands with Israel
Author: Tojakree
Why he shoot
Author: Bajora
Israel soldiers think they can do what they want.
Author: Samular
Don't break the law or pay for it
Author: Mikazragore
World Peace
Author: Shaktigami
You have a perfect mind - How to spread #hate on this planet....
Author: Tygokinos
shame on you !!
Author: Vozragore
(Happy Gilmore movie)
Author: Shaktigal
One day the bullet will come back to you, sooner or later. There is no place for zionist colonialist. I condemn that assasination for civilians.
Author: Kekazahn
There is nothing called humanity left in world anymore ..i hope all the humans soon vanish from this planet .
Author: Voodoogar
Rules of engagement??????????????
Author: Moogur
Violence for political or religious reason. There's a word for that...
Author: Meztishicage
Isreal was such a great idea. Let's just hand over the most superstitiously important land to possibly the most hated group of people in the most unstable part of the world. Send me those nukes boii ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฐ
Author: Kazishakar
What is the origin of the Israeli psychopathology? Some clues:
Author: Sajas
Israel army and Satan what's difference??


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