I Didnt Call Don Trump Jr Treasonous, 1968

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Author: Gardanris
to take that meeting with the Russians ?
Author: Mall
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Author: Tagal
Author: Kigrel
Although Sloppy Steve has been sloppy with his response to this controversy I will accept his apology. I'm glad he finally came out and clarified his comments that are quoted in that piece of garbage book.
Author: Mikajas
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Author: Muzil
Author: Vimuro
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Author: Faejar
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Author: Tatilar
Author: Gabei
This was all contrived by Trump and Bannon to troll the MSM....Wavyvthe shiny object and watch them flock. America needs reality show drama to keep their interest in Trump, and he is happy to oblige. Not hating.... He is a master st MSM manipulation.
Author: Dolabar
Don't you see the beauty of it? They just TROLLED the MSM AGAIN! Made them jump in with their pitchforks for 2 days... Play their hand, and be embarrassed... yet again. And as a bonus, used the Bannon statement, which had to be played on every Network, as a promo for their accomplishments and bring attention to the "Clinton Apparatus".
Author: Goltishakar
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Author: Meztizuru
The left will love the hurt feelings of Trump supporters if it means they turn on themselves and attack their own allies. Bill stop being so defensive on Trump's behalf.
Author: Tojazil
Hmmm....not sure about this 🤔
Author: Vorr
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Author: Tegor
Author: Gardarisar
I don't believe Bannon has turned on Trump, I think this writer of this book is lying.
Author: Nara
Some postulated it was a set up to completely discredit the book. They could be right. That probably explains the delay in reponding.
Author: Shakagal
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Author: Fejora
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Author: Goltira
Could Manafort have been the Trojan Horse ?? ..
Author: Gardaran
Let it play out and see what happens. President Trump and Bannon both want to take down the fake MSM.
Author: Mogrel
so it could be possible he egged on Donald Junior
Author: Zolobar
This is nothing more than another left wing ploy to stir up mire upset at the White House and it's working. If the left didn't get a rise out of us,this would go back into their bag of tricks for good, but by conservatives giving them attention, they can see their babyish head game is working perfectly. Stop giving the left their desired results.
Author: Brakinos
Book publisher & author should - I think WILL - BE SUED INTO BANKRUPTCY. What is the penalty for FALSELY ACCUSING a PERSON of TREASON? Should go double when accusing a presidential advisor. The book bugs will be suitably crushed.
Author: Dourn
bannon has always praised trump. im sure they are toying with the media for some reason.
Author: Gardara
and was seen at the DNC in earlier elections,
Author: Branos
Maybe he is working with TRUMP ♥️
Author: Nadal
Author: Vudobei
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Author: Mataxe
Author: Dur
Author: Dit
Michael Wolf should be tried for Treason
Author: Dora
Manaford worked with Podesta at the Ukraine lobby
Author: Mikinos
Trolling liberals is fun.
Author: Akijora
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Author: Mazudal
Hey bill your great ! And I think bannon and trump used this to keep media busy with this story and distract from other things their conjuring up, their MAGA , and perhaps draining the swamp is what I believe
Author: Jusida
Bannen called Don Jr a Patriot before as well.
Author: Vizil
I really wanted to believe Bannon left the White House so he could fight for #MAGA with less restrictions. I kept waiting for evidence of this, but there was nothing but an occasional tweet. Such a disappointment!
Author: Arabei
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Author: Kagara
I feel bad for the guy.
Author: Yozilkree
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Author: Mikree
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