Hotel Clerk Arrested Over Arrow Death Of Cat

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Comments "Hotel Clerk Arrested Over Arrow Death Of Cat":

Author: Sagore
execute this MF
Author: Ararn
Just keep the light on this story to keep the public informed...The hope right now is that the judicial system in that jurisdiction rises to answer for the cat and hold this stool sample accountable.....
Author: JoJonos
$3000 bail!! That's ridiculous! He should be tied up against a tree an shot with arrows; an eye for an eye!! He needs to know it feels! He's a horrible person and that beautiful cat did not deserve to die!! 😢 I have a one year old cat that looks just life him.
Author: Shakinos
So when does a crossbow use arrows? Bolts is the word
Author: Daijinn
come on man ...u R so fukkd up 2 shoot a defenseless animal.
Author: Maujind
Poor 🐱 kitty! 😱🤧😢😭
Author: Zolomuro
Cat had swag
Author: Dogar
who cares
Author: Malasho
Wtf is wrong with him?! Why?! He should not have weapons either anymore!
Author: Darn
he was jealous of cat
Author: Samurg
This car has to be a somebody to cause this kind of disturbance...
Author: Maubei
Arrow death of cat?? Who named this video?
Author: Goltilkis
That cat is going to haunt him now. All cat killers should be killed.


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