Head Start | RBI Governor Urjit Patel to Step Down?

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Comments "Head Start | RBI Governor Urjit Patel to Step Down?":

Author: Virn
BJPee hatao desh ko bachaoo
Author: Mikalrajas
Now one more institution down ......
Author: Masho
Excellent ball by Modi. It is a googly.
Author: Yogrel
After the crisis in supreme court, CBI and now it is the turn of RBI... Excessive government interference and undermining the institutions of the government is not healthy for democracy....
Author: Mikabei
Intelectual dishonesty is like cancer, there is no cure for it as yet. Urjit Patel is no superstar. He was a second class choice in any case after the departure of a flamboyant Raghram Rajan. There are dime a dozen domain experts who could replace Urjit Patel in a hurry. This guy is too political to resign tomorrow. This same character was pilloried by the same media on demonetization. Now he has become Dr Patel of stature. What dishonesty!
Author: Akinokinos
Author: Kak
This is first time when continues two rbi governer have relenquished their seat....becoz of gov..
Author: Daizuru
I imagine if india was govern for 70 year by BJpee we would have died of poverty hunger and communal violence
Author: Garr
I ask this people, do d country is ur modi's property so that people should fear of him without expressing their views & we have seen many such people who had perished in history.
Author: Mazukinos
Do this BJP av any credibility, unfit to rule. Total failure. Should b shown the door, in future this party never to b encouraged.
Author: Shakar
Modi govt proves it inefficiency in governance.Almost all institutions lack passmark.faceless CBI and RBI ... They rely on sabarimala,Ayodhya and Patel statue.
Author: Tura
Modiji like scorpion. According to a rss leader.
Author: Maujinn
Shame on modi
Author: Tadal
Good decision by urjit patel. This inefficient modi government acting like Hitler & all his supporters r acting like goondas.
Author: Necage
All the thieves are sitting in the government. What will this country grow?
Author: Yodal
Great news Modi shd answer in 2014 dollor was 63.40 now 74.20 and answer asked for 70 year
Author: Brakree
Funny thing is according to this bjp goondas those who oppose modi dissection they should go to Pakistan r they called mullas terrorist nexcals ect ect.
Author: Voodoorisar
"Credible names" and "Modi Government" are extremely allergic to each other.


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