Glenn Becks Dollar Bill Conspiracy Theory

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Author: Megor
the 13 stars stand for the thirteen colonies dumbie.
Author: Mazumi
HEY MORONS! Look at a *COLOR IMAGE* of the Great Seal sometime. The "fire" really is yellow. If you're going to bash on Beck, then at least read the god-damn Wikipedia on the subject first.
Author: Kajir
I can't listen to Glenn Beck for more than ten seconds without getting a headache... It's like he's making his argument out of silly string and just vomits it all over his surroundings. None of it holds up, but it sure makes a mess.
Author: Akinojora
Could you get a chalk board and start over?
Author: Douzragore
you shouldnt laugh at people with a mental illness. im not even joking. :(
Author: Tutaxe
I don't know which is worse. Glenn Beck's paranoid ramblings or the dumb twats who failed to realize that the Great Seal of the US is printed on more than just dollar bills.
Author: Vijin
It took you a week to figure out my name is Trailer Trash? A FUCKING WEEK? (please spare me the lie. I know you were on this channel 5 days ago)
Author: Viktilar
Maybe you are too f'ing stupid to get the joke a'hole!!!
Author: Mezikree
WTF is it with freakin conservatives and israel  -they hate jews here but love israel over there???
Author: Kazikree
Well the least you can do for my stupidity is explain where I am going wrong, instead of just childish name calling.
Author: Vudodal
nothing to do with the comment you replied to....
Author: Yolmaran
Though they are right about that stuff on the dollar, but how Mr. Jew, not know of the cloud and fire? The fire was used to lead them with Moses at night, and the cloud during the day time. It was in Genius. But being Jew means nothing as it is also Christianity and Muslim.
Author: Meran
You just come across as an uneducated biased hate filled person that has to have people either agree with them or die.
Author: Tojadal
Author: Mushakar
Maybe you should try to be more respectful and people might listen to you.
Author: Fegal
Author: Vudozilkree
I know that identifying as something doesn't make it a race. But I am identifying without holding any belief in the religion, presumably you believe in Christianity and its teachings because people do not identify as Christian without belief in the same way that many do with Judaism, such as Ben.
Author: Milmaran
What definition are you using for the word "race"? Race used to be used interchangably with species. We are all the same species-- even Glenn Beck.
Author: Zulkim
Oh good grief... @2:25
Author: Akik
I had a word of knowledge that all other Christians need to hear, The initials G.B. stand for the great beast, i.e. Satan, or the Father of lies.
Author: Gror
He sounds like a magician: Take a dollar bill out of your pocket, then fold it, and now it's coming out from your ear.
Author: Kegor
I don't suppose anybody here cares that Beck is right about "The Great Seal".
Author: JoJolmaran
what about the crowd that fucking clapped him.
Author: Gosho
I on the other hand can still be friends with people I don't agree with.
Author: Yozshurr
Er, isn't 13 the number of the original states?


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