Gingrich on McCain: ABC 10-16-08

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Author: Bale
Let's not be fooled... all taxes are a means of spreading the wealth for the common good. Don't like it? Than the alternative is to have to pay for sanitation, roads and water, the police and the fire department all out of your pocket for just a few examples. fall behind on fire payments and they'd ride right by your burning house miss your police payments and who knows what could happen.
Author: Ninris
this nimwit looks at the camera and tells the public - goofballs you are to stupid to interpret what Obama meant by spread the wealth - play the album backwards ans listen for the secret messages - and biden was wrong about a diner ...Palin supported cessession - but DIERES! That is very serious! idiot then idiot now. idiot
Author: Yolabar
Even if every american affected by the tax increase voted in favour of McCain, it's still only 5% of the vote. I don't have any sympathy for billionaires who have their taxes increased.
Author: Moogular
Palin over Biden?! What the hell?
Author: Yozshuk
My God! He had a lot to say, yet he did not answer the question. The fact is that McCain is running the shabbiest campaign that I have seen in my life-time. The fact that people ANYONE is voting for him makes me even more aware that we have got to better educate our people. How did McCain even get to the position he is in now. Was anyone else even running for the republican party?
Author: Targ
I so wish Newt would have ran for President. Him and Huckabee would be an awesome pair.
Author: Grogul
People want certain social services, but don't want to pay for them.
Author: Yolkis
Paying your taxes is one of the HIGHEST forms of patriotism.
Author: Zulujar
tired tired tired... this is just the standard GOP argument that I have been hearing my entire life... trickle down economics do work people, but what no one wants to say is that it trickles right down to China, not the american middle class.
Author: Shaktishicage
More money for the middle/lower class = Increased spending = Stronger economy. Pretty simple.
Author: Yozshugor
3:57 Newt calls her out. How's that 3x the tax relief working out for us, the middle class?
Author: Meztir
Chalk one up for Newt. That was sweet.
Author: Migul
What you mean? Obama vs Mccain lol? Wonder why the media focuses on Palin vs Biden so much? I will tell you why, Obama has no record compared to Mccain...period. Palin has just as much experience or more than Obama.You will not hear the media compare Mccain vs Obama because there is no comparison,Mccain would spank his ass. Obama is a newb and a socialist!Look at the records not talking points. Jesus Christ you guys let others do the thinking for you? You are brain dead!
Author: Tuzuru
Don't forget, it was a close enough election both times that G Bush (the shrub) had two terms. Never under estimate the stupidity of the republican people!!!


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