Footage shows Victorian police pin down and hit pensioner

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Comments "Footage shows Victorian police pin down and hit pensioner":

Author: Bakree
And? Because you’re old?
Author: Grogar
Scum scum scum scum scum scum.
Author: Kajizilkree
The UK has turned on it's own people.
Author: Shashakar
Probably, it was the worst pensioner in this city. If he were a good pensioner, the police would treat him kindly.
Author: Mikagar
Author: Dojas
Australia is still a penal colony.
Author: Kagakazahn
Fire every single one and send the leg-whacker and water-sprayer to the courts for justice. Not an ACAB kinda guy but c’mon! This really is police brutality.
Author: Daijin
charge the police involved remove there badg with a nice big fine
Author: Sharg
Didn't know they wore hi-viz in Victorian era, come to think of it, how they film it back then, and are those cars? Wtf


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