Female Soldiers on patrol in Mosul, Iraq

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Author: Bazahn
In America, we can vote. We can walk the streets without being killed by our government. We can do a lot of things other countries can't.
Author: Yozshurr
i must say you're right, the ones who really infiltrate the enemy and get medal of honors are not the media "sodlier" posterboys who talk big in front of a camera. its the humble "rambo's" behind the scenes, enlisted soldiers, quiet professionals, who are stealthy fight hard and ensure their team goes home safely, i.e. special forces, infantry, etc. dude female enlisted don't really juke and jive about officers that much, if at all. but its all good truth is shown in real life not youtube.
Author: Mezihn
What country do you live in? Because I'm sure a lot of people would say the same thing about your country, that you just commented about mine.
Author: Yogul
Author: Dagul
You comment this on a lot of videos... Your probably in an enemy country of the USA, but just because some soldiers killed people that would shooting at them, doesn't mean the whole country sucks.
Author: Gardasar
wtf? that is suicidal and some stupid fantasy. dude when i was in the service MANY FEMALE SOLDIERS told me they would never go on a battlefield themselves without males guarding them. dude their lives are at stake, and seeing women soldiers blown to bits is extremely nerve racking, their life danger is worth more than some stupid idea of a combat barbie fantasy.
Author: Shaktikora
I simply LOVE this video! A typical officer getting some face time acting like they know what the hell is going on. Total BS!
Author: Fauhn
I'll admit, America sticks it's nose in other Countries business a lot, but imagine how things like world war 1 or 2 would have gone if we wouldn't have gotten involved.
Author: Mazubar
I had been working as an interpreter with U.S Army in iraq Especially at the Mosul's Airport for up to 4 years from the year of 2007 _ 2011 ,
Author: Zuluzuru
I normally don’t make it a priority to respond to such ignorance, nor do I make it a habit to talk trash to another brother or sister in arms. I will go ahead and end this response by informing you, regardless if she is a female soldier I can guarantee that she had much more “face time” then you. I don’t think a Pharmacy Tech sees the outside of the wire too often.
Author: Moogumi
thank you for killing us
Author: Yozshuk
Nah, only the French.
Author: Mazukus
Great job ladies
Author: Vosida
Hey Guys ,,
Author: Taugal
@skeeznutsful IN Afghanistan there are some woman attached to Ranger and special forces units. Woman soldiers kick ass too hooah!
Author: Nikogor
دائما ايدهم عل سلاح من الرعب والخوف
Author: Doujas
Same goes to your people. That's what war is.
Author: Gardajora
i wish if i were there i will kill that bitch and her patrol
Author: Mezizilkree
Really I spent a very happy time with U.S troops during my serving with them ,,anyway my prayers and thoughts to all those who sacrificied their lives for providing security and stability to our Country ,,and Finally A hearty greetings from Kurdistan_northern iraq
Author: Kibei
Author: Shanris
It's not like america loves killing people... We're just following orders against Countries that have no order.
Author: Torg
Very Great Job US-Army ,,God bless USA forever.
Author: Dijar
Author: Samubei
I attempted to hold myself back from responding to this pathetic comment. I was a senior medic with Deuce Four Infantry. Being in the medical field as yourself, you should know what it is like to work beside a female. You should also know that there are many females that would probably outwork you! Now the reason I get on this comment is due to the fact that Mary Prophit went on many missions with the Deuce.
Author: Batilar
hahahahaha ;) u right dude!
Author: Dairisar
Americans: They'll be coming to our home towns soon...Fighting 'terrorists', you see.
Author: Grozil
I think we need more U.S female soldier then man. so the guys can go home and see there familys


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