Elon Musk’s secret hidden on the Tesla Roadster in space | HIDDEN BRITAIN

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Author: Tygocage
smart in space...stupid on earth
Author: Akikazahn
As intelligent as this man is supposed to sound even I can tell him that Everything which has a beginning has an end... therefore his theory of lasting forever is absurd... it may outlast the few years he has left yeh....
Author: Yozshubar
Future human: Hah! What's this? Maybe it's molecule for the British back in 1900(idk). Make it bigger at least?...
Author: Tuzuru
It will be rediscover by ourselfs before aliens discover it
Author: Zulkimi
Author: Vushakar
Prove to me that space is real.
Author: Gakasa
basically a nano CD or DVD
Author: Sar
Yeah right , I believe you ....not
Author: Mooguramar
Don't put the Bible in there. If we're leaving info for aliens please can we have a disclaimer stating that many of us humans were not brainwashed by medieval belief systems.
Author: Kagajar
So how does it work?
Author: Migor
Whilst the disc may last for ever I wonder how long the knowledge they contain information or the ability to access it will last. Mind you, looking at the examples some of that information won't be missed.
Author: Moogugis
300 quintillion years
Author: Faum
This was not a secret
Author: Arazragore
I've been waiting for "memory crystals" for a LONG time... but I'm actually surprised that they're already here in 2018.
Author: Arashitaur
The entire bible compressed is around 3MB.
Author: Arashihn
Author: Dougrel
2:20 pretty eerie demonic eye, if you ask me. The Holy Bible must have truth that they are inbedding this into a 5D chip and interestingly it is held covering the right eye of the entity at 2:20 . It is like a blaspheme against the word of God, seems like saying " we gotcha by the fill in the blank... I cannot get over this symbolism, as it is quite reminiscent of what every hollyood actor and music artist does with the covering of one eye. Same system behind all these sellout entities.
Author: Akilkis
Did the spaceship also include some kind of device so that the little green men could read those 5D discs? Presumably with a Tesla battery that will last a billion years 😂😎🎲
Author: Tegor
We are the "Crystal Age"battling the self-destructive Petrol Power that's shift to the self-destructive A.I. Power. Somehow, we must treasure & protect the Posterity of Humanity to be anything more than just Echos left on Crystalline Storage Devices.
Author: Yobei
amazing achievement my east europian dude
Author: Kajimi
So what you're saying is...space is flat.


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