Ellie Simmonds races to second gold glory

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Author: Malazshura
Wow Ellie is so god at Swimming and I net her in 2013 and she is the best swimmer ever
Author: Maugrel
What an amazing and extraordinary woman, we love her ! She is a lesson of life because alltough she can't do everything she is the best in the disabled swimming competition!
Author: Kigarn
Oh my God she is the best swimmer in the world! She is the fastest swimmer I have ever seen! She is a brave woman because she is disabled and she participated in swimming competitions. Despite her disability she is competitive and determined and I admire her. Although she suffers from a genetic disease she won gold medals. What an amazing swimmer!
Author: Yole
Ellie Simmonds is the best swimmer of the world ! she is really an excellent swimmer !! She won so easily the competition ! she is a very strong woman and she is a very determined athlete ! What an outstanding competition and an extraordinary world record!Despite her disability,we can see she is determined and thanks to this she won the gold medal.


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