Dr Subramanian Swamy Speech on Sonia Gandhis Anti Hindu Communal Violence Bill

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Author: Brakinos
and that International respect of Dr Swami became apparent,when he was kicked out of Howard University.with that Kick,the rubbish in his brain also became apparent to the world.
Author: Marg
"That what is mentioned in vedas"
Author: Mujin
Yes,God is one.But concept of veda is totally different.Do u know???
Author: Shakara
with regards to Jaziya I would say that it was imposed on Hindus since Zakat was not applicable 2 them,which the Muslims were already paying.the only difference was the name. In return the government was responsible for the safety of the subjects against invasion.Jaziya as it is demonised was actually a very friendly type of tax which was collected only from able-bodied subjects of military age considering the paying capacity of individuals. It was acceptable to the public
Author: Kizuru
"Then also they say that you can follow any of those 36 crores gods "
Author: Maugar
I fail 2 understand the the audience's mentality, What's the point in clapping on statement like " Sonia Gandhi suffering from cancer will no live for long"
Author: Samugal
wake up all Hindu till it get too late.
Author: Maum
your religion is quite hypocritical and probably false, since as per Hinduism there is only one God. Then also they say that you can follow any of those 36 crores gods and still attain salvation. The population of gods also keeps on changing, some are born and some die also.
Author: Dara
I have read the Quran,and I know the proper meaning of most of the verses.you may have come across some false meaning attributed to verses from Quran.in Quran there are clear-cut rules for protecting minorities and people from other faiths. You have 2 understand that the mercy fullness of God and putting peoples in hell for eternity are in extremely different context.
Author: Shaktidal
Swami ji your words are like magnet !!!!!!
Author: Fektilar
Author: Kitilar
Author: JoJogal
all human beings are created by God, who is one and only and Almighty.that is what is mentioned in Vedas.I cannot understand as to why Hinduism does not follow this aspect of their religious books,And still believing several crores of Gods
Author: Mezigrel
his aim is not to free India from corruption, but by being a good spoon, he's trying to secure a ministerial position in the Cabinet of Mr. Modi if at all he comes to power
Author: Macage
franklin nest is obviously an islamist using a pseudonym. he quotes from the vedas, that god is one without a second, so does he accept the full vedas or only those verses that suit him ????? 
Author: Yotilar
Dos Arabs Respect Pakistani & Indian Muslim NO.......
Author: Fenrigal
Who says this??
Author: Kagale
motivating more people like this.
Author: Juzahn
One would certainly like to see her end  politically . But why pray and rejoice / clap at her death prediction.
Author: Doushicage
it is not possible to have a God of your choice, when you cannot even have parents of your choice.did you choose your parents before you were born.? Also you cannot have God of your choice firstly because there are no 2 Gods and secondly because you have already been created by Almighty God.the God is not merciful for the Zalims(oppressers).and is it not good that before barbecue peoples in hell they have been warned clearly about refraining from sinful acts.
Author: Mubei
Why did ur God curse humans(adam&eve)??
Author: Tygomuro
A pragmatic speech with full of facts .May subrahmanian swamy go on fighting and
Author: Voodoosho
What is the concept of Vedas.
Author: Grotaxe
Wake Up ALL MY HINDU'S Brother & Sister This Time a New Saffron Revaluation In India Vote For Namo...
Author: Gujin
what according to you is the concept of Vedas, where it is stated that God is only one without a 2nd.


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