Dog bravely saves baby deer from almost drowning

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Author: Kagall
good boy, storm
Author: JoJoran
I wonder if the mother drowned in the water and the fawn was going back into the water for her. =(
Author: Brajora
Brave dog 🐶
Author: Vorg
I LOVE DOGS!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Author: Zolozil
The feels damn, what a good doggie.
Author: Shakazragore
Oops sorry everybody wrong video
Author: Guzilkree
Good job Storm! If only you could have been there for Bambi's mom :'(
Author: Tahn
Ох как это мило )
Author: Mikajas
I think maybe the mother ran out to save one of her babies, and this one followed?  mother and baby didn't make it? That's why the baby deer ran out the second time. Storm thanks for saving the baby deer, your a good dog!!
Author: Fenririsar
Saw this on the news...made my day.


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