DNA: Will North Korea soon announce Nuclear war?

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Author: Gami
bohut accha laga Analysis
Author: Dajas
Author: Mezishakar
ladai nahi honi chahiya kise bhi desh may gareeb logo ko roti bhi nahi milti
Author: Grodal
chankyA was best in warfare
Author: Zujas
USA AND TRUMP you are on the right track . communism will be collapse if usa defeat north korea .
Author: Goltitilar
kim jong un had drunk real mothers milk
Author: Shakagis
no 1 fan
Author: Zukasa
please start a new channel name it as DNA
Author: Nikor
Great journalist sudhir chaudhry.
Author: Daishakar
sudhar jao korea balo barna sab mare jaoge.
Author: Malak
Trump and Kim Sung enjoy Samsung galaxy 8 and forget war. They should better play pokemon go
Author: Guzuru
north korea plz stoped your missile examine.america finished your map.change y'r dission.
Author: Nagore
I'm a miletry Man here
Author: Taunos
Ha bhai hum samajh gye ki hame America se dar k rahna hoga
Author: Taugis
good analysis... best news show of India...
Author: Zulurn
will ther ever be peace.
Author: Kagam
Sudhir sir you always provide news in brief.. It's my favorite show DNA
Author: Todal
0.000% chance of war. it's a time pass aur kuch nahi hai
Author: Tojagor
aaj isis ka episode nhi dikhaya haha haha
Author: Mazshura
Why we should worry about kim never attack india .


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