Delphi resources dropping

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Author: Gozragore
At this point you can't let your kids go out to remote areas alone or with friends without adult supervision if you live in Delphi, especially the bridge area.  You never know if this guy is somewhat local and decides to pull an unexpected shocker and do another one.  Naturally tips are going to drop off unless new people hear about the case and see the photo/hear the voice.  We need more info, as much as possible to be able to help.find the right person.  Time is our enemy unless LE already knows who it is and they are building a case.
Author: Vizragore
I just wish they had dialed 911 right after that shot. seems like he forced them down that hill to abuse & kill them.
Author: Mikar
That's it, don't release any additional video or audio, just talk about how you're losing resources. These guys are good.
Author: Mogor
Interesting, the day after LE announce their resources are dwindling, they say that a person or person(s), has lied about an alibi. The more I think about it, the lack of additional photos or audio may mean they no longer need the public's help. Possibly, they never needed it. I think they may have their man.
Author: Kagor
They need to stop holding so much back it is getting them nowhere! It's time to get creative and allow people in mass to analyze some more of the information!


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