Delaware County Sheriff Show K-9 Training 2016

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Author: Mooguramar
Good training officers I'm proud to see it handelers and K9
Author: Dakora
I'm sorry for you all . Get professional help for your training please !!! Your control of these dogs is non existent . Heel is Heel , Down is Down , Sit is Sit , Stay is Stay ,Bite is Bite AND......... OUT is OUT ....... first time DONE. The little cruel looking tug under the neck is called a CHOKE OFF . While it does get the dog off of the bite eventually , your are teaching the dog to do the opposite of what you want ( to let go ) . The choke off is a valuable tool during training in order to encourage the bite , no out command is given and the dog is choked off while he is biting , holding on till the last second until he has to open his mouth for some air thus the prize escaping his grips . This shows the dog through repetition ...... maybe next time I'll bite a little harder , I'll hold on a little longer , I'll bite a little deeper ....... next time you'll see..... GET IT ??????? The minute you say OUT and have to walk up to the dog and choke him off you have LOST the VALUE of the COMMAND , which bleeds over into every other exercise such as your obedience , agility , detection work , article searches , area searches , building searches , tracking , wind scenting and so on.......... What you have are beginner level , future POLICE SERVICE DOGS that know the "Bite Game". I don't mean to sound rude and I apologize if this message is received this way . This is simply lack of Knowledge from the training staff . They obviously have the best intentions but have fallen short . It is time to catch up in a hurry and learn more tools from other trainers and departments which are being Nationally recognized in events such USPCA to name one . That level of control and obedience in all aspects of a K - 9 team are becoming the norm . Don't stay in your comfort zone. Law suits and Lives are at stake here . If I was a lawyer and my client was mauled excessively by your dogs because you couldn't out them all I would have to do is show the jury this video and show them these other Departments dogs . At the end of the day the difference is soo great a blind man can see it . The responsibility falls on the shoulders of the training staff and those in leadership . God bless you all who wear the badge everyday and help keep everyone safe . Good Luck and Happy Training.
Author: Aragis
I found lessens out of the comands
Author: Mezir
I could train these little wolfens with 3 words and a wink
Author: Kazilrajas
great content love the video keep it up !!
Author: Dukora
Thanks for this nices video
Author: Jukree
Author: Goltimuro
Sory samtimes better than my two foot friends
Author: Voodookinos
Author: Jumuro
Love my
Author: Voodoogul
Best friend


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