Chuck MISSLERs Death | Bill SALUS & Steve Cioccolanti @ END TIME Conference Australia

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Author: Kagar
Learned so much and I recommend the courses to all.
Author: Moogujind
Great points about the changeovers...kinda knew they were dying but didn’t think about the changeovers in the past
Author: Mugar
I loved Chuck, I am so sad. I am glad he is in heaven
Author: Gokree
Author: Akinozuru
Dr. Chuck explained the Bible in a scientifically and academic manner which was truly different and spiritually encouraged me to start thinking about what was taught. He was a true blessing.
Author: Tujar
The Open Secret is The fear of the Lord is beginning of Divine wisdom, divine understanding and Divine Knowledge period
Author: Vile
Thank You, Blessings To All 🌼🇮🇱🇺🇸🌺
Author: Nikorn
Listening to Pastor Chuck brought me back to a deeper walk with the lord, and his scientific insights just set my anchors even more. I am so thankful for his ministry!
Author: Dik
Love ya Chuck!
Author: Sazragore
Steve thank you for such a sweet and gentle tribute to beloved Chuck.M
Author: Tojat
Well done good and faithful servant! God Bless Chuck.
Author: Bagor
I found out today that Dr Missler left us. What a man he was (is). I truly don't think there is anyone else out there with the level of intellect and spirit to be able to do what Chuck managed. He combined, rigorous study, Physics, Metaphysics, Theology and good old common sense. No wonder he was the one and only person who showed me the Bible in the most fascinating manner ever. What a tremendous loss to this planet. Thank you Chuck Missler. You always belonged there not here.
Author: Gardashura
"Well done my good and faithful servant" RIP Chuck Missler. Home at last with Our Savior. He was a blessing to me, I learned so much from him.
Author: Meztijas
The First Persons to be filled with Holy Spirit in the New Covenant are Mother Mary and Elizabeth. Luke 1:35 -41
Author: Nikree
Kat Kerr and Sadhu met Jesus frequently and almost daily
Author: Tok
Valentines Day has pagan origins, not a bibile holiday.
Author: Taukazahn
Others that recently passed were Kim Clement, David Wilkerson, Chuck Smith, and John Paul Jackson. With all these godly men taken from us I feel the loss of them, but rejoice in the fact that they are now with our Lord Jesus in Heaven. Come quickly Lord Jesus for the rest of us.
Author: Yocage
I love Chuck. I hate that he's gone, but I know he's with Our Father and his wife.
Author: Maukazahn
RIP to Chuck Missler. I will miss him and his teachings. God Bless him and his family that have passed away, his wife Nancy, and his two sons, and I also pray for Blessings on his family, his two daughters and his grandkids, that are still here. I can't believe he is gone. Again, RIP!
Author: Yozshukus
Go to and watch the video on Bill Salus for the truth
Author: Maulabar
Grant Jeffrey and John Paul Jackson...two giants of the faith also passed in the last few years.
Author: Yozshugis
Be blessed brother steve!!
Author: Nikozilkree
Thank you and we do love you very much.
Author: Yolar
je part pas trop de prophéties négative collusion avec le god présent
Author: Sazilkree
Author: Tedal
His Death Shall Bring
Author: Dagal
Who's gonna fill their shoes? I especially miss Chuck, he was such an influence on many people and brought them to the cross of Christ.
Author: Milar
it is so important to have a "clean" social media! Keep up the great work, in Jesus' name!
Author: Dozragore
God Bless
Author: Mocage
I saw Chuck speak years ago, Godly man, and brilliant, but I wish people would stop making predictions and misleading people.
Author: Zuluran
Thanks for this vid, honor to who honor deserves, Chuck Misseler is with his Lord... keep your good work Steve!! God bless you bro...
Author: Meztigami
"Well done, good and faithful servant." RIP Chuck Missler. He left a hugh legacy of believers behind. I learned so much from him. Thank you!
Author: Doll
WOW! I will be praying! I certainly wish I could have come! God Bless, Protect and Prosper you in all that concerns you, is my prayer! I am CERTAIN IT WAS A GREAT SUCCESS! You have been on my Daily Prayer List for a long time!
Author: Kigarg
Author: Kilar
I was not a follower of his - I dabbled in his videos, but I always respected his knowledge.
Author: Teran
Shall Come Down
Author: Vugore
Author: Zuzil
Chuck Missler taught me a lot. I loved his online courses.
Author: Zologar
Amen. Shalom my Dearly Beloved.
Author: Nirn
Every time you quoted Chuck Missler, I can hear the words you’ve spoken in Chuck’s voice. He sure is missed.
Author: Kelar
I cant imagine the questions Chuck is asking the Living Word right now. I expect he will be teaching when I get there. Maranatha !
Author: Yokazahn
Please pray for me in terrified and don't want to die. My babies need me and they have nobody else. Please pray for me I'm always sick and having panic attacks my nerves are shot and I'm so alone but this time I'm really sick and I'm scared. Please pray.
Author: Vijar
Steve n kent hovind are one of the last in my book of the
Author: Fenrirn
I will miss him!!! What a man of God! I have listened to hours of endless studies by him! Can’t wait to meet him SOON.......... come Lord Jesus, quickly ❤️
Author: Gardakasa
I have a mentoring system, Christian in basic belief, for the promotion of literacy in English at
Author: Arashura
In your mansion in Heaven❤🙏
Author: Meshura
Another great man that died 2 yes ago was Jack kelly of Grace thru Faith and David Maines of Crossroad Ministries, in Canada.
Author: Dot
So sorry to hear of Chuck Misler's passing - I listened to him quite alot and great respect for what I heard.
Author: Majind
You can't say enough to Honor Dr Chuck Missler, what a great man of God, "grandmaster" Bible scholar. I know he has built a great team of men and women to carry on the work of K-House.
Author: Arashilar
I'm sure the angels are singing through my tears...RIP Chuck and Nancy........Amen
Author: Mashakar
Author: Grojin
Such a great word about people rising up and proclaiming the Truth of the Word
Author: Daikazahn
You teach the false name of Jesus and you worship on sunday??. Thanks but NO THANKS. Chuck Missler taught you the true name is Yahshau and the true worship is seventh day sabbath. So why are you still teaching the false doctrines and traditions of men? Chuck was a mighty man of God and you are undoing his great work to take us back to the false Roman Catholic corruption of jesus and sunday worship. Don't follow this false teacher he is in it for the money. People wake up!!. The awakening needs to happen now no more following of false religion. Chuck has videos all over you-tube he may be gone on to heaven but his great teachings are still here. .
Author: Yokree
....Thanks for your videos
Author: Doubar
My wife and I toured Israel with him and Nancy. God bless them both. Nancy counseled is regarding our young sons passing, shared her son also passed away at young age.
Author: Mura
Kim Clement, John Paul Jones
Author: Maukora
I got a sense of loss when I heard the news of brother Missler's death. My eyes got wet.
Author: Brak
Obama wasn't hoodwinked; he was complicit.
Author: Moogur
Chuck Missler taugt me so much about the bible. I quote him frequently.
Author: Moogukasa
The sheep shall hear Jesus voice opening of Spiritual Ears and opening of Spiritual Eyes to see GOD face to face soonest possible
Author: Goltizilkree
2 great prophets also died in the last 2-3 years.
Author: Arabei
Chuck Missler is my hero, teacher and inspiration. The only learned, informed and intelligent bible teacher with the audacity to tell you not to believe in him but to study and come to your own conclusions. Missler was not interested in swaying people into believing in his thoughts. All he wanted was to stimulate a person to dig deep into the bible and I loved this approach. We have had biblical teachers in the past (some called themselves prophets) who misunderstood the scriptures and interpreted it the way they think and told their followers that their interpretations are from God and whoever will not believe is Anti-Christ and not saved. the end result was dogmatic followers who believe in their interpretation and nothing else. Chuck stimulated me to challenge EVERY BIBLICAL TEACHER, himself included, with the bible. I will continue to do that till I die and follow him to heaven...
Author: Kekree
This Biblical genius will be missed.
Author: Kagis
Psalm 83 war was fulfilled between 1947 and 1967 as there are peace treaties signed between Israel and Egypt; Israel and Jordan right now. The next war appears to be Ezekiel 38-39 as all actors are currently in place in Syria. Isaiah 17:1 can also be completed at any time now. My opinion is based on information from a retired IDF major and current bible prophecy teacher who currently lives in the Galilee area of Israel. Seems he would know better than anyone else. I respect Mr. Salus, but respectfully disagree with his views on Psalm 83 as well as Jeremiah 49 regarding Elam (fulfilled in past history). Hopefully, mature Christians can have differences of opinion without slinging mud at each other. Thanks. ps. Keep up the good work for the Lord, Pastor Steve!!!!
Author: Voodoojora
Pastor Steve, thanks for spreading the truth time & again. I hope one day you'll address the constant chemtrails, GMOs, 5 G towers and a host of other things that's part of the Beast System rising.
Author: Mauramar
I do believe trump is God's pawn currently being moved into a check-mate position for the humans who had corrupted the judicial system. This was an empowering video with regard to the true enemy (it's not human politicians) and how to remain strong in these times:
Author: Mikarn
He preached repentance is to change our mind and believe the gospel to be saved. Repenting of sin saves no one. Chuck had a passion for the truth of Gods word. As we all find out, if we search the scriptures for truth, God reveals Himself to us.
Author: Jujind
It's 5/12/18 and I'm just seeing that Chuck MIssler has passed. I learned so much from Chuck. You'll be greatly missed.
Author: Motaxe
Hal Lindsey next?.....Jack Van Impe
Author: Nesar
Author: Gucage
Blessed memory. I look forward to meeting him again in glory
Author: Zulkile
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED CHUCK MISSLER!! I would search out videos to hear more from him. He will be missed and truly revered for years to come. I am sure he is dancing with his wife in heaven right now.
Author: Gardajinn
Samantha Wood 780-935-9641
Author: Tojam
God will use Mr and Miss Nobody to ensure the wisdom are from God .
Author: Vohn
so sorry to hear this news Chuck Missler was an inspiration to me...his teaching of God's word helped me find my way back to the least he is with the Lord now.
Author: Megrel
I learned so much from Dr. Missler , 🙏🏻♥️😇
Author: Fenrilrajas
You are a wondetful teacher. Thank you! God bless Brother.
Author: Nabar
Author: Kigazilkree
Steve, thank you for acknowledging Chuck Missler, as a wonderful teacher in the word of God, we will truly miss him. Like you said we have had wonderful teachers going to be with the Lord.
Author: Yoshakar
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Author: Meztibar
If Lord Jesus is showing up in our Church services and our R&D labs 24 by 7 our ministries shall never be the same or when we walk in holiness 24/7 365 days per year with the help of holy Spirit like Enoch did and does till today God Bless you richly in Christ Jesus Amen and Amen
Author: Zululkree
Very good points Steve !! Thanks !!
Author: Akill
Yes Pastor Steve Cioccolainti. God will only raise up Mr Nobody like Kat Kerr, Sadhu to name a few when the transition of Church Age to Kingdom Age
Author: Kazrabar
Chuck Missler and his wife are amazing!!!!!
Author: Shaktizilkree
Lord God's riches blessing's to all of you.
Author: Samuzragore
i love you chuck always and 4 ever
Author: Yojar
woops sorry Steve. Yes he was living in New Zealand.
Author: Grolkis
Chuck was such an intellectual bible teacher/researcher. Studying not only the words but the spaces between the letters. We will miss you. ♡
Author: Zusho
Sympathies and Love to his family.
Author: Kazizragore
Chuck was such an inspiration to me over the years...... He will be missed!
Author: Kagaramar
Steve, really found your commentary on Chuck's passing very inciteful. I will miss this great bible teacher. And I have enjoyed your teachings, Steve, immensely. Thank you for commenting on Chuck's death.
Author: Dailrajas
I learnt Quantum Physics and Astro Physics from him and we have converted the theory of Quantum Physics to Practical Technologies briding the gap of Sicence and Technologies with the help of God
Author: Gora
I noticed that you like to learn ,so lets humble ourselves to learn from Mr Nobody like Sadhu Kat Kerr etc and humle scientist and techonlogists Technoprenuers since they have purified their hearts
Author: Megami
I am angry no one said anything till now!
Author: Kazrazuru
What the Father did, Jesus will do the following day
Author: Tucage
Thank you for your message. God bless you.
Author: Menos
"We are being plunged into a time that the Bible says more about than even the days that Jesus walked in the hills and valleys or Judea." We miss you Chuck, you made me discover the bible anew.
Author: Samujora
I was just thinking about him the other day
Author: Kegore
> & Koinonia House.
Author: Meztishakar
When Jesus was on planet earth He will run to the Father God every night without failed
Author: Akikora
Such an intelligent man.
Author: Nikotilar
Author: Yozshujora
How I loved living with the teachings of this most extraoridinary man of God. Has anyone else realized the pun of the date of his passing? "May Day" which is a Spring celebration and "MayDay" which is a distress signal. Even in his exit to join our coming King and all of those he loved who went before him, he left us with a code to ponder over. I am weeping over the loss of one who was such a powerhouse for Jesus in our time, yet I am also determined to follow Chuck's example. I express my total gratittude without any reservation for the superior knowledge and guidance I received from his teachings which always pointed me to our magnificent Lord, Savior and King, Jesus Christ. To God be the Glory forever, Amen!
Author: Dutaur
Chuck was and is my mentor. Earned the Gold Medallion road-marker at the Koinonia Institute. Chuck is the founder of the Institute.
Author: Kazragore
I heard that Calf. is trying to not allow the Holy Bible but haven't said a word about getting rid of the Koran. Does anyone know if their working on getting rid of the Holy Bible in Calf?
Author: Yole
Thanks for the teary memories. Missler truly is one of God's greats!
Author: Kigaran
Chuck and Nancy discovered the Saturday Sabbath... not many Christians will ever know this spiritual oasis in time and space.
Author: Zuzilkree
Thank You, Pastor Steve!
Author: Nekasa
Such a wonderful Brother. RIP
Author: Tem
But I am glad you said something Steve..he lived here in NZ.
Author: Nazragore
Contributing small token toward your upgrade. You are an excellent steward of the things of The Lord. Chuck was one of my earliest influences with regard to the study of the word.
Author: Moogusar
RIP Chuck Missler, you will be missed. You always preached the Truth. We'll see you again in Glory!
Author: Akinozuru
Thank you pastor Steve
Author: Akimi
Chuck Missler was an outstanding man...I love his work
Author: Goltilabar
The Blessed God
Author: Midal
God help those who help themselves is fatally prideful notion while God will help those who are humble and helpless without God since He is creator of All Things.
Author: Arashiktilar
Among a multitude of things, Chuck showed me this in the Genesis 5 genealogy:
Author: Kigaramar
You forgot to put dr.Rc sproul on the list of great Christian who've recently passed...
Author: Kazilrajas
Great video! Thank you, Pastor Steve Cioccolanti for all your hard work, dedication and great ideas. This is the sort of discussion we 21st Century Christians need to be engaging in. We need to be watching AND praying so we know how to move forward. I do believe that we need to be utilizing online platforms but, more importantly, we need to be engaged with our local communities (church and otherwise) offline. That way if, God forbid, something catastrophic does occur -- such as war and/or power outages etc. -- we will all have a support network in "the real world" -- i.e., people we can join and work together with to share resources and make ends meet. God bless you Steve and Discover Ministries, all the key global and local ministries doing the Lord's work in these end times, and any who may be reading this. Do not give up! Be encouraged, be praying, and keep letting the light of Jesus Christ shine brightly everywhere you go!
Author: Galar
One of my favorites was when Dr Chuck was teaching on aliens being from another dimension and when he talked about the Roswell incident he said “ many of you may not know that 9 months after the Roswell incident Al Gore was born now is that a coincidence?” Of course I am paraphrasing as no one said it better than Dr Chuck.. will see you in paradise my friend and teacher
Author: Shaktira
Pastor steve,if u have time , i would appreciate if u could pray for my heart pliz..thank q .. fr india
Author: Melmaran
I love Chuck Missler. I feel like I lost my Dad. He was such a great teacher. I am very thankful to God for Pastor Steve Cioccolanti.
Author: Dosar
Kingdom Age is the precursor of millennium age with change of Pertinent Guards
Author: JoJorr
Thank you, Steve
Author: Kera
I loved listening to Chuck over the years his wisdom and trust in God's word and ability to dissect and explain the word was something I loved. May God provide comfort to his family, he will be missed until we meet together in the Fathers house.
Author: Mishura
Thank you for sharing your ideas for the coming time ....Shalom brother
Author: Mooguramar
Thanks Steve. Bless you
Author: Faer
Also in the book of jasher, it stated that God began to let his followers die out before the flood so that they would not have to endure it
Author: Nikozilkree
Author: Grozshura
And Chuck Smith 💞
Author: Golar
God bless!
Author: Yozshura
Valentines day is not a "loving" day...Look up the true meaning of that day!
Author: Vomi
R.I.P. Chuck Missler. He has taught me soon much. Praise God for Men of God like Pastor Steve and others that will continue teaching like him.
Author: Meztizshura
A fine tribute to a great teacher. Thank you Steve C. for your continuing to teach as he and the others left their work so will you. Thank you and may God bless and exalt your ministry...
Author: Nikojin
I thank God for everyone whom He has raised up, and through whom He has imparted wonderful gifts and truths to His creation. Now I believe that Father will bring us to the point of desperation we need to humble ourselves and to pray and to seek His face and to turn from our wicked ways of reliance on our own understanding and believing that some are called to teach others and everyone else must be learners only. We need to get beyond being disciples of Paul or Peter or some other person, and get back to obeying Jesus, Who told us not to be called teachers, for One is our Teacher, and we are all brothers and sisters. Those who are mighty in the scriptures need to be able to receive clarification from those like Priscilla and Aquila - the tentmakers who apparently only had the B.W.J. degree - they had been with Jesus!!
Author: Daktilar
I just found out about Chuck he was a great man and teacher.
Author: Goltigore
Chuck was a very good friend to Dave hunt and Dave was my mentor and friend
Author: Yotilar
My mentors of The gospel of Salvation and theological study and understanding being a personal responsibility to show oneself approved, now gone to glory - Dr. Graham, Dr. Sproul, and now Dr Missler. There are others left but all are getting along in years. The scripture says that " precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his Godly ones [saints]; and that he rescues their lives from oppression and violence. Ps 72 and 116. There are still a few among us, and we had best be learning from our elders so that the message (the baton) is passed forward to future generations should the Lord be delayed even longer than we all wish. Love and the Lord's Peace now fully engulf this great teacher and sharer of biblical interpretation through the Spirit in him. A servant who showed himself approved and used his gift to multiply it for The Master's glory! See you some bright and glorious day, brother!
Author: Douramar
It's time we go home.
Author: Taur
Pastor Steve is it time for another Mid East update? so much is going on ...
Author: Arakazahn
Pat Robertson is getting there.
Author: Grojind
This is the first I'm hearing of this... Missler's ministry and teaching have blessed my life beyond measure in the past few years. Countless hours I've spent listening to his commentaries, and it hasn't been long since I got ridiculously excited about finding one of his books at a thrift store. He will be missed, but I'm betting he had a pretty sweet spot prepared for him.
Author: Kigazil
He was a Bible academic and opened up the Bible to people in ways hitherto unexplored.
Author: Mirn
The world is a much darker place without Chuck Missler :(((((((
Author: Kajikree
Great men of God hold no popularity with the world! And true great men of God will only ever be exalted by God Himself! These men you list are popular with men preaching what tickles men's ears! Great men of God will only mention that which God commands! Reproof and correction are for His own and not platitudes. Walk in His Way and then will come the things of His promises.
Author: Ferisar
Thank you Steve for taking the time to commemorate such an amazingly gifted bible teacher; he was the best of the best. RIP Chuck.
Author: Faer
Author: Gardalrajas
Pastor Steven ☝️☝️☝️❤️❤️❤️❤️u pastor Steven
Author: Zulusida
Mass Exit
Author: Sarr
God bless and keep you
Author: Kazradal
Valentine's day is of occultic origin though.
Author: Grogal
WHA-A-T??!! Chuck Missler died and no one said anything??!!!
Author: Nikotaur
SUBTITELSThank  you Steve, your Videos are very good and encouraging.  I would like to recommend your vIdeos to those I am in contact with. Is there any posibility to add german subtitels?
Author: Taugor
UPDATE: Our main iMac for video editing is now old and no longer functioning properly. Our video editor's dream replacement is the new iMac Pro. Would you who have been blessed by Pastor Steve's messages sponsor this equipment, so we can keep making great videos quickly?
Author: Fejinn
Why didn't 'Breaking Christian News" say something??
Author: Shazragore
Israel is provoking a war with Iran. I am interested in your view. Graham was a Mason which makes me doubt him. Thank you. Your view is refreshing
Author: Meztizahn
GillywifeofMark.Norfolk UK
Author: Kajik
Sad 😢, but I know he is having a wonderful time in heaven. I appreciate Dr Missler's ministry and teaching he did while on earth.
Author: Samuzil
Author: Gonris
He preached Gods word was always the final authority in all things spiritual. Oh how we had more of him. I believe Chuck was a man after Gods own heart. Not like so many unlearned false teachers. Chuck believed John 6:40 , And this is the will of Him who sent me, that all that seeth the Son, and believeth on Him, may have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day.
Author: Mejinn
A Field General of Christ.
Author: Gall
It's time to live like we are in the book of Acts.
Author: Maukazahn
I agree with you about the internet reach but im afraid evil one has known this for a long time now and i wonder how long the real work of the lord will be here before its becomes censored or twisted into something else. But until then bless the lord and his soon return for us
Author: Ditilar
Author: Shalrajas
Steve forgot the passing of David Wilkerson
Author: Zolobei
What so great about AI Artificial Intelligent versus Divine Intelligent
Author: Feshicage
Dr Chuck Missler was profoundly smart and also very Biblical. I found his work over the last year and his work lives on... weird that in 2018 so many greats are passing.
Author: Dot
RIP 🙏🙏😞😞😞🙏🙏🙏
Author: Kekazahn
and Rose from the Dead for our sins, that whosoever shall believeth in Him
Author: Gagore
......Chuck said one of his favorite scripture was the offering up of Issac by Abraham.....
Author: Voodoolrajas
Chuck missler was so awesome. R. C Sproul recently died as well & what a great person he was as well. There having a great conversation with Jesus
Author: Nebei
Mark Zuckerberg is David Rockerfellers stated on HIS FACEBOOK.
Author: Niran
Author: Kikus
Author: Gujora
Jesus Christ consciousness is being revealed and He will come quickly. Amen.
Author: Arale
Also Pastor Chuck Smith, Founder of Calvary Chapel, passed: 10-3-2013
Author: Tekree
Muito ruim não saber o idioma inglês... Não entendo nada... Não sei se choro ou rio 😥
Author: Zolokazahn
Here! Here! Amen to your points about the church rising up!
Author: Akinolabar
Author: Faugal
RIP Truly Great Man of God. See you in heaven.
Author: Taukus
Thank you Chuck, for everything!
Author: Gakasa
I love Chuck Missler.
Author: Nalmaran
If I am not wrong, I think TO OSBORN remarked his interpreter Steve(?) has a great future a head of him --TL said, during d great Bangkok Crusades in the late 1970s while I was in Brunei If Steve Cioccoolanti is d man referred to, d prophecy has come true 4 Steve! Congratulations Steve! ( BL) .
Author: Zuluran
Our Quantum Computing and brain chip is not AI but DII Divine Intelligent
Author: Kagul
I just found him & loved him when l heard his teaching & how much he loved our Lord! I will miss him so! I too feel a little lost without the great teachers I've come to love & respect in my Christian life. Dr James Dobson also comes to mind...
Author: Douzilkree
Just adding an FYI if you’re give you a tiny perspective on how messed up our society it...I happened to come across probably the most offensive cooking grill available. First look up the pagan god Molloch (brass bull used to sacrifice babies) well now you can buy your own Molloch Grill...advertised as being a big hit at the next BBQ! Look up “Bull Grill” in images for a picture.
Author: Vurisar
Chuck Missler preached the nephilim heresy.
Author: Gogami
Absolutely loved Chuck Missler
Author: Ditaxe
God bless you, Steve!
Author: Douk
Chuck Missler was my mental for 5 talent Quantum Ministries to unleash > 50 Game changing hi tech products
Author: Togis
I wouldn't have added Billy Graham to your list of good and faithful servants..... he was "promoted" by a lot of un-godly men for a specific purpose, and he was witnessed as saying that he believed many from every faith will be in heaven. If he had meant that those from other faiths would recognize that Jesus was the Savior of the world, I would agree.... but that was NOT what he was making those statements about.
Author: Zulkigis
R.I.P. to all who go to Judgment. May the Lord have Mercy on Your Souls.
Author: Shacage
(He once said that during the rapture, he'd explain on the way up to "post-tribers"! But he went on ahead! GOD has blessed us with knowing him, and you!
Author: Akinogor
He will raise up even children, women and the pure in hearts who will meet up with Jesus or Father God daily and we are surrounded by Cloud of Witnesses as in Heb 12:1
Author: Arashilrajas
Author: Jull
God bless and keep you and yours.
Author: Guzuru
I see God pouring out his spirit and sifting the wheat.
Author: Mezill
During the cross over from Church Age to Kingdom age in year 2012,
Author: Araran
Pastor Missler was a very good teacher he will be deeply missed.
Author: Douzahn
Chuck was an incredible teacher
Author: Vuzahn
All of us still need to keep our President, nation and Isreal in our prayers!
Author: Gut
Thank you very much beloved for this encouraging message
Author: Dok
God bless Chuck Missler such an insightful and incredible teacher, but it comforts to know that he is where we all shall be soon. He was surely a amazing man and will be missed for sure... I look forward to speaking to him face to face in the the New Heaven.... God Bless you Steve Ciccolanti and thank you for your ministry and all that you do!
Author: Nem
He will be missed because he was a humble SERVANT of the Most High YAHUWAH.
Author: Zulukazahn
the five fold and Five Talent Ministries must come together
Author: Majar
Shocking, how could you omit our wonderful brother; Pastor Arnold Murray? You lost a great deal of credibility in my eye, what a pity...
Author: Taum
Make peace with GOD. Call out to Jesus for salvation. Time is short.
Author: Zoloshura
This should have been shouted from the roof tops!
Author: Vozuru
Author: Shaktimuro
Steve did you know billy graham was a 33rd degree mason? you should research it. Masons are actually luciferians
Author: Bazuru
I’m on disability. I can’t ever afford to go. But I would love to go to Israel. And stay. I would fight for them in a day
Author: Kajimi
Pastor Steve ... I would like to support your OnLine Church and to start my own OnLine Church that is a small group under your bigger group. I like the small house Churches coming together as the true larger Body of Christ and OnLine that can be done all over the world. ;-)
Author: Mogrel
Obama knew how evil the Iranian Deal was. He still supports the Deal. He is the Deal .
Author: Shasida
Did you know BG died EXACTLY 3 1/2 months after his birthday on 11/7. Symbolic of 3 1/2 years of tribulation. Plus was 99 like the 99th shofar blast.
Author: Fektilar
I actually stopped listening to you when you mentioned Bob Jones he was part of the NAR cult movement which I lived and breathed for 4 years until God delivered me
Author: Shaktikree
So sad, just found out. Now he is in Heaven with the Lord and His lovely wife and son. Praise God. Pity he couldn't be here when the Lord comes to rapture His church, but it seems Chuck will coming with the Lord at His return.
Author: Mikataxe
Yes if he was in the Salvation Army they would say that He was promoted to glory. A great man. Didnt he retire in New Zealand?
Author: Akisida
From the passing of Billy Graham to the passing of Chuck Missler is exactly 70 DAYS (end dates included)! Ark door closing soon!! God bless you!!
Author: Tojagar
May they rest in peace for doing a wonderful job for serving the lord Jesus God bless their souls may the Lord Jesus and the Lord God take care of our brothers and sisters in heaven for all eternity and may we receive more new brothers and sisters in our lifetime as well Hallelujah praise the Lord Jesus now and forever and all eternity and please pray for my dad I really appreciate it may the Lord Jesus be with you all always 🌹💖💝❤️🙏
Author: Milmaran
Author: Vukus
May 11, 2018
Author: Magrel
You taught me so so much Dr. Missler. Cant believe you passed. GOD bless you and your family.
Author: Voodoomuro
Why is Bill Salus at an SDA conference?
Author: JoJolabar
Author: Fenrizuru
R I P Chuck Missler. You thought me most I know about the cosmos, space and time as it relates to the word of God. You will be missed.
Author: Vill
Sadhu Sundar is my five fold ministries mentor with accurate prophesies from Open Heaven
Author: Vozahn
The Despairing
Author: Grozil
You forgot RC Sproul. Ya his doctrine is a bit goofy but he surely loved the Lord.
Author: Kelmaran
RIP Dr. Chuck Missler... I almost wish I could be there in Heaven to see God saying... welcome home my good and faithful servant. Chuck was the first person to set the hook deep inside me to study the Bible in depth. He changed my entire worldview.
Author: Negis
The Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached throughout the earth not the Gospel of Greasy grace, Gospel of prosperity and the I Gospel are preach God Forbids!
Author: Ketaxe
People who preach love get to go on Valentines Day. LOL. Birthdays have meaning. Why not the day of death? God is so good
Author: Vokora
Come to the Lord, Humble thyself and Profess that Yeshua Died on the Cross
Author: Gardabar
Chuck was such a man and always said to search the scriptures for your self, and never believe any thing he said if it did not square with scripture.
Author: Kagagis
.Jesus had daily communion with God the Father
Author: Shar
This is the first I heard of it!
Author: Nill
Revelation type warning preachers
Author: Zoloshura
Daily divine guidance is pertinent because we are purchase with a high price As divine slave we surrender all our freedom of choice or our will to God's will 100% period like Jesus vaporize His will to adopt Father's Will 100%
Author: Mok
shall not perish, but have everlasting Life.
Author: Voodoora
Great point at 6:58 This is exactly what I think as well. It is time for a change from mega tv stars to grassroots individuals to have a maturity in the word and do the works themselves.
Author: Gardatilar
Yahuwah ‘ speed Mr. Missler.
Author: Vizil
Amen......Churchification as a corporate institution comes to an end. The real practice of the Gospel...home meetings, other gatherings, many points of evangelism...people being saved who are perhaps entering the battle late in their lives, (myself included), and I believe, many miracles. Along with this..increased persecution.
Author: Mazulkis
Author: Kazrat
I agree entirely brother Steve, The wickedness and evil is soon to be brought to light in the US. It pains me to see so many people arguing amongst the fellow brethren when this is exactly what the enemy wants, We should remember Acts 7 which is one of the most uplifting passages of scripture. Stephen didn't give in amidst all the evil and even had the spiritual strength to shout with his last dying breath 'Lord, do not hold this sin against them!'
Author: Faukree
"The word of God is like a lion, turn it loose and it will defend itself." -- Chuck Missler
Author: Gubei
2:30 "The step of obedience always precedes revelation" excellent quote Chuck Missler
Author: Zulkim
Chuck Missler was a bible believer. He believed salvation was by faith alone in the risen savior, and had nothing to do with our works. He understood that salvation could only be a free gift of God, and not by anything we do or do not do. Our works. He believed Romans 11:6 with all his heart. He preached against repenting of sin for salvation but to repent and believe the gospel as the only way of salvation by grace. First Corinthians 15:1-4.
Author: Vudogis
Knowledgeable beyond belief
Author: Moogura
I love you steve and your teachings your so easy for my family to watch and relate to ! do you have any thoughts on this upcoming Pentecost / shavout will we us gentiles receive more of the holy spirit like the jews are supposed to get ? what are your thoughts in any direction ? keep up the good work and please PRAY for me and my family dave lewis' dave westberg and Kelly hall that our father will guide us and send us the holy spirit and a special prayer for my niece billy joe kennedy she has fredrics attacksia her sister died from it but as for me I just want guidance and the holy spirit may the father bless you and keep you steve cioccolanti
Author: Faekus
I loved listening to Chuck's teaching over the last few years as he made me look at everything from a point of view I hadn't considered before. I'll be looking forward to Steve's growth in the future. If there is anyone on this Earth that has the capacity to fill Chuck Missler's shoes it's Steve Cioccolanti.
Author: Goltisar
Bernard Leong
Author: Fauzilkree
Thank you for informing us. God bless Chuck Missler.
Author: Vogal
My Mother, passed away this past Monday. Another General in God’s army. Thank you for letting me know about Chuck Missler. I have watched ALL of his YouTube teachings multiple times & have shared them with my family. He has enriched so many that he doesn’t even know ! Well- HE DOES NOW !!!! Also, Steve C- My mother thought so much of YOU - She watched all of your videos & held you in high esteem. Which- btw- SAYS A LOT. Grateful for your ministry & always keeping you in my prayers. Please expound soon on your previous teaching of Jacob’s trouble being longer that 7 yrs. Right now word !!! Love in Him, Cenepk10
Author: Tubar
Yeshua is building His army. Maranatha.
Author: Yozshubar
Author: Molkree
God says love me and love my people. It's understanding that helps us love one another.
Author: Dabei
Author: Aracage
Author: Tagor
For a Christian community you may already be aware but the CBN has an online platform which I've been using for a few weeks, it's good but very basic/limited in its functionality so there may be some ideas for your new project to improve upon here. I noticed you accept cryptocurrency on your website, there are just over 1million people on a relatively new social media platform on the blockchain called Steemit, if your ministry was posting content on there you could earn funds through that avenue also via the youtube of the blockchain, 'Dtube' which is incorporated into the Steem interface. I'm active on there and there are many spirit-filled Christians in fellowship via this social media outlet, albeit a fraction of the numbers on YouTube, would you consider becoming active on there also?
Author: Kazigis
It will be so good to have an alternative to sin based media - it is sickening the immorality drip fed to everyone and the children . Sin is anti to Christ!
Author: Malkis
Just found out Chuck passed away, so sad. We saw him at a prophecy conference in Sydney, he truly was a great prophecy speaker and a great man. RIP brother.
Author: Tygolrajas
Happy for Chuck to be home with his wife and sons. Sad that he didn't make it to the Rapture.
Author: Zulkigore
Dr. Missler has been such a huge influence on me, and I am sure everyone else, too. The wisdom he gave out into the airwaves will continue to bear fruit, and be multiplied many times over!
Author: Tojak
To understand Trump one must follow Qanon. It's anointed and a new level of communication. Praying medic has one of the best analysis on YT.
Author: Tocage
Center of gravity back to the Bible. That is what I am doing now. I realize now ( thanks to your teachings) that all the other *spiritual * experiences without the Bible and without Jesus have no foundation and real well being. Quite the contrary actually.
Author: Vim
Author: Shagrel
Your church has millions and your asking us to buy your video guy a new computer...smh. Yeah don't try and make it on your own give all your support to " Pastor Steve " if you don't have cash he will take smh. Pretty sure Chuck never charged $50.00 to hear him speak.
Author: Kajijinn
I was fortunate about 22 years ago to have breakfast with Mr. Missler in Niagara Falls. Quite the gentlemen, a great teacher, and biblical researcher. David Hunt was also a speaker at that conference.
Author: Zulkigami
what an awesome godly man, loved his manner and teachings...opened up the scriptures so powerfully...gone home to his and our LORD
Author: Karn
I really liked Chuck Missler. May he RIP. Also may the Lord comfort his family and love ones
Author: Kazralrajas
Only way out and only way up is to purify our hearts, we shall see God daily with astounding Seer Anointing.
Author: Mezishakar
I loved Chuck Missler.
Author: Akishakar
Author: Zolorisar
Thank you Steve for sharing with me again. Chuck Missler was my favorite no-nonsense Bible teacher. Always brought things back to the work of the cross. And the validity of God's word. I pray that the same anointing and prophetic teaching will remain with you.
Author: Mikazahn
How do I support ?
Author: Vokora
Social Media and block-chain with divine unhackable Server
Author: Mit
OMG i got saved cause of Chuck misslers way of preaching. What a huge influence in my life and convinced me to connect, creation with the creator. Thank you Chuck and Nancy.
Author: Moogugami
One more M...being Mature....a call to Maturity!
Author: Daktilar
RIP Chuck.
Author: Jushakar
He is a true legend!
Author: Moogusida
I wish I was at Australia. I would go to this conference ASAP. God bless you and thank God for ministers like you.
Author: Kazibei
I am glad he will enter into his rest and his rewards.
Author: Mikakora
In this regard, our ministry and divine calling as per book of destiny Psalm 139:16 divine calling shall never be the same again
Author: Kegrel
there is no time beyond earth
Author: Gut
I noticed Chick Missler’s influence in your teachings the first day I discovered you on youtube. I subscribed to you immediately after that. And this was a couple of years ago.
Author: Mazugrel
RIP Chuck Missler, loved his teaching.
Author: Dit
Did you hear that Elijah has been called and chosen, and present on earth now, Elijah can gather the believers and jews into one flock, but he was rejected when he showed up, so now the curse comes on the earth, rejecting Elijah is not a good thing , which the world has done
Author: Ner
Thank you for being on the line in the battle for the war against evil. Jesus is King and has won the war as we see it, believe it and await it in the age to come.
Author: Tojazuru
I'm so glad that you also have followed Chuck Missler!
Author: Kashura
Thank you Chuck for being such a blessing to me and so many others.
Author: Mazucage
My Favorite Bible Commentator has died. His Business Experience carried over into his Deep, Concise Well Researched Teachings for 60 years. Since '92 my collection of his tapes, books, CD's, DVD's & CD Rom's are Treasured Memorials of the mans Genius & his works are accessible on youtube's, <
Author: Sat
I would love to go see our Savior. I have been in chronic pain for years and it is wearing me out. Death is just an old friend I have not met yet. Love this great truth
Author: Tojahn
Author: Fesida
Love you Steve. Thanks for all your hard work. Next to Chuck your one of my favorite.God bless.
Author: Dousar
Why did I not find out until the 12th of May!


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