CHP Investigating Report Of More Fallen Concrete On Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

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Author: Zulugore
So we pay taxes and tolls for what exactly??
Author: Talkree
And California still wants to take in more people
Author: Yomuro
A baseball sized concrete ball hits you windshield at 40+mph and all it did was chip it.... And no pieces found. Sounds like insurance claim to fix a windshield that was already broken. I had a 6 inch bolt come through my window at 50mph so im sure a baseball would too.
Author: Galmaran
God I can see it now- that bridge will collapse w so many people on it. And they’re not doing anything rn. 🙄
Author: Nedal
What’s it gonna take to shut down this decrepit bridge indefinitely? Someone having their brain smashed in from a falling chunk of concrete?
Author: Kigakasa
You could make the toll 20 dollars and they would still be 3rd world quality
Author: Goltinos
$3 billion replacement = $23 billion when all is said and done. Pony up, folks!
Author: Voktilar
Where's all the money for maintenance? Oh I know, propping up CALPERS and back pockets
Author: Voodooktilar
One big quake and goodbye bridge...
Author: Kajirg
That's my favorite bridge to smoke a blunt on while crossing!
Author: Daijind
$6+ isn't enough so grab the ankles here it comes
Author: Zull
You mean to say that after all the taxes and taxes and taxes and more taxes on top of those taxes our Bridges are garbage ? I can't believe it
Author: Tagrel
It's going to collapse in the next quake.
Author: Kagashakar
Hotel California!
Author: Grogar
The worlds 5th largest economy continues to decay. Rotten leadership to blame.
Author: Voshicage
⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️Close Bridge, 3 days, bring in CalTrans + Civil Engineering, Inspects, Inspires Public Confidence, ❌If Goes the other way, Informed u 🐝✅❎
Author: Tygogrel
How many tolls they collect in a day? Find the money where the hell is the toll money!! 63 years u still haven't made a profit hard to believe we definitely need to ask for a audit!!!!💩🤦‍♂️👍🤪
Author: Zulkijinn
So the taxes we pay that should already be used to maintain roads and bridges, now they want to build a new flippin’ bridge? And with how government is running, they will probably want to raise the tolls and taxes to pay for it.......


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