Chicago Police Disrespect Rapper Rhymefest While Trying To Report Being Robbed At Gunpoint

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Comments "Chicago Police Disrespect Rapper Rhymefest While Trying To Report Being Robbed At Gunpoint":

Author: Arashura
Dam! Shame
Author: Shagore
Yes he loves his people but they'll be the same people too kill him too..get out of that place my brother..
Author: Jujind
Cops are now afraid of CAMERAS.
Author: Mektilar
That female office needs to be retrained an learn how to show some respect!!! smh, she was very unprofessional!!!
Author: Fenrirn
Agreed Phil
Author: Moogulkree
That wilderbeast already had an attitude and obviously did not care about him being robbed, neither did she want to write up a report. She was lazy and unprofessional though somehow managed to keep her job so she could be of inconvenience to black people, it's what she is paid to do
Author: Yorisar
I thought it was legal to record a public servant??! smh
Author: Gurr
Zero concern for rhyme fest
Author: Akishakar
is that the same lady from the CVS up the street....the DMV.... the airport... and every front desk in america?
Author: Netaur
old bitter skank went and stood right behind the crakka
Author: Akinosho
These idiots working at police station must have low iq and can't really get a job anywhere else. Another reason why this couuntry needs to raise the educational requirements to be a police officer. Also more required training, cultural and ethnic sensitivity training would be good.
Author: Vok
If he was white she would smile for him.
Author: Nikosar
You too old to be neck rolling LoL
Author: Dokazahn
she kelp playing candy crush laws have mercy Jesus this worldddd💀
Author: Yozshukasa
😂😂😂😂 She too old for that....neck rolling!
Author: Tygonris
Triflin sister
Author: Malajora
Interrupted her candy crush game
Author: Goltikasa
He is a victim of an armed robbery and they are treating him like he did something wrong.
Author: Mazucage
Some black women like her make other black women look bad! She should have just helped the guy and moved on.
Author: Malarr
Author: Nigore
wild hyena get jobs as police -
Author: Volabar
the black woman treated him worst
Author: Diran
Very unprofessional.
Author: Nilkis
If he was White this will never of happen


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